Tarot Lessons: More Details, More Thoughts

Folks have been asking me for more details so it’s forced me to think about it. I’m intuitive (i.e. silent processes) so it takes me time to put things into the words, but I’m gonna try!!!


So what I envision is at least three months of working with me with Tarot.

Once per week (we actually can do more than once a week but I haven’t had a maniac like that yet – maybe tomorrow?)

And then after three months we talk if we should continue or not. Is it fun? Are you enjoying it? Learning? Is it deep enough? What do you want more of? Less of? Are we a good match?


These are experiences that we’re having. It’s not “product.”

If you want to “learn it all” or want “instant” then I’m not the teacher for you. I can plainly say it’s NOT comprehensive. Because there’s no such thing.

This is an experience of doing/understanding/putting it together/immersion/obsession.

You develop a relationship WITH the cards/your intuition/guides.

The learning can be ongoing if that feels right for us both.

So if this does interest you, think about it with a three month timeframe in mind and if you can commit to that. And then we can do more if it feels right.


Yes it can be just a relaxing thing you do. Yes it’s spiritual. Yes it will push you to be with your cards (i.e. your intuition, your guides) more.

And again, my preference, is not to go “in order” or that the experience with me is like reading a website or ordering a pre-fab class from online (which of course of course have their value! it’s just not what I’m offering).

Once upon a time, I went IN ORDER. I did teach Tarot that way. Not how I do it anymore.

Small groups or zoom classes or a prepaid course might be something I offer in the future just not at this time.

Message me if you are honestly, seriously interested and think you can commit to the time frame and yes I do give homework 🙂

That’s all for now! More details as they develop.