The Stars This Week: How Much Scorpio Is Too Much Scorpio?

"new moon in scorpio"
I say this because of tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio
. It’s a beautiful aspect (Venus Jupiter) but it’s in, well, Scorpio. Don’t get me wrong. Y’all know I love Scorpio. My mother, whose birthday is/was today, was a mega Scorpio. This energy is MY energy (Moon Pluto conjunction First House here).

But how much is too much? Too determined? Too focused? Too brooding? Too obsessed? Too fearless? Too willing to sting yourself to death, dear Scorpio? 

So I’m gonna ask it – of the Scorpios reading this – my favorite question of all: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

This is your time.

Sun is still in Scorpio. Venus Jupiter in Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Scorpio this week leading to a NEW MOON IN SCORPIO leading to a Mars Pluto square (Mars and Pluto are Scorpio’s ruling planets). This isn’t just your time, this is you, your life, your death, your rebirth, over a week’s time.

The Mars Pluto square gets a warning of course. It’s a notoriously bad aspect. And with Mars in the sign of Libra, it’s your relationship that get heated up — which can be good or not so good. I would avoid dark abandoned places this weekend. Seriously.

But I don’t want to focus on that. Instead I want to think about you, Scorpio Sun or Moon or Rising reading this and how this week is YOUR week. New Moon in your sign? What do you want? Because, realize, you can get it. More than anyone YOU can get it.

And that’s not me blowing smoke up your ass (no clue who taught me that phrase but someone did. My sincere apologies!). Think about it. SET YOUR GODDAMN NEW MOON INTENTIONS AND GO GET THAT THING.

"new moon in scorpio"

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BUILD WHAT: Saturn Trine Uranus Again

"saturn trine uranus"Since 2016 we have been dealing with this AWESOME: Saturn trine Uranus.

The third and final pass is next week, November 11th.  Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries. Fire to fire. Why am I telling you about this when it’s almost over? Does it still matter?

Well, I DO think there’s value in taking stock of the past year, but it’s more than that. This LAST PASS isn’t a last gasp but a…

That’s the question.

And a reminder that Uranus is THE REVOLUTION. In plain English this means it’s okay to take that leap/risk/Fool card/new start ACES ACES ACES!!! BEGIN! Uranus is freedom and enlightenment and liberation and Saturn is STRUCTURE ORDER RULES. This combination is unbeatable wherever it falls in your chart! 

Saturn and Uranus in good harmonious aspect is a sure thing. A risk you can count on. DEPENDABLE reliable freedom.

Wow. Savor that for a moment. What that could look like for you – and then in what HOUSES it’s in for you.

Sagittarius and Aries are the signs.
25 degrees.
Not why build but build what! Because you are building something whether or not you are conscious of that. You are here, alive, and you are building, creating your life — so why not add in some INTENTION?

"saturn trine uranus"

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JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO: Bold Assessments & Possibly Offensive

"jupiter in scorpio"
That there will be an increase in everything that is Scorpio.

Jupiter “expands what it touches” and it entered the sign of Scorpio on October 10th for the next thirteen months so we move from the imagery of Libra to the imagery of Scorpio and this is a significant shift.

So we run through the list of Jupiter keywords and we run through the list of Libra keywords (what’s leaving) and we run through the list of Scorpio keywords (what’s coming in) but if I had to pick ONE.

If I had to pick ONE Scorpio keyword right here right now. What would it be? What IS Scorpio? 

I’ll tell you a story which I may have told before about an evening with a Scorpio friend of mine.

I told him a secret. Well, he pried it out of me. Relentless, he was. He pried it out of me and it was something about my family and he called it like he saw it. He called that person I was talking about a piece of shit.

He made an instant judgement call. And he was right. Still, it shocked me. So at the same time he was honest, totally straightforward, harsh, truthful, and yet also supportive because embedded within his insult of THAT person was support of me. Although you might not see it unless you looked closely. And in that moment, that moment of telling, he understood why I was the way I was. The pieces fit now.

To me that’s the best of Scorpio. They see clearly, they see instantly, they support you. No bullshit.

Now, that’s not all Scorpio is. Every sign has its good and bad and neutral but this memory is a good memory.

Jupiter entering Scorpio means there’s going to be more truth, more unpleasant truth, but also more support. Thing is this though… you won’t get that undying support UNTIL you tell the honest truth, the honest story. UNTIL YOU SHOW YOURSELF.

"jupiter in scorpio"

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You’re So Critical! Mercury & Mars Conjunct In Virgo This Weekend

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"hurricane irma"
three crows

THIS WEEKEND we have a Mercury Mars conjunction in VIRGO.

In very plain English: YOUR MIND WILL BE ON FIRE.

And I mean this in a good way!

I’ll tell you what this weekend is good for.

-working (labor for money or labor of love)
-practical magick
-practical problem solving
-making lists
-making changes to your health or nutrition
-organizing home and/or office
-getting the job done
-making progress
-eating well
-taking about food and health and wellness
-good grammar
-creative inspiration

You *could be* short tempered.

Mercury is your WORDS.

Virgo is critical, analytical.

Mars is energy. Mars gets irritable. Angry.

And a conjunction aspect is when the two energies are FUSED.

So there could be angry words, angry people. Could be you, could be them.

My advice:

do your work, do your thing!
What’s your thing? Do it!!!!

Don’t get up in people’s drama.

Be practical, efficient, effective.

The energy suits the wisdom teachers and writers and ascetics among us the best but you social butterflies may also find some use out of this transit i.e. due to the EXTRA clean concentration you’ll have! FUEL FOR YOUR BRAIN like a good avocado!

This sky energy also suits the ACTIVISTS and public servants. It is VIRGO after all and Virgo SERVES. Virgo HELPS. VIRGO sees the problem and zooms in to fix with alarming amazing clarity and skill. 

We have another interesting aspect this weekend which I’ll just mention briefly:

we have harmony between beautiful charming nice Venus and surprising electrifying URANUS.

You COULD get a windfall of love or money or both.

Venus Uranus is freedom. Freedom in the way you look and love and make your money. I like it. NO I LOVE IT. Love this weekend.

This reminds me, this morning I drew THE SUN from Crowley’s Thoth deck and I was posting about it in the class (AND YES YOU CAN STILL JOIN US) and I have his Book of Thoth and this book, this deck, is an entire world, it’s hard to excerpt and yet I liked this phrase of his about the SUN card:


Have a beautiful weekend. Stay safe and dry my friends xoxo

The Stars This Week: RUN


"sequential artists workshop"

This week is bananas so basically I’m here to tell you to be kind to yourself. That’s the entire message of this blog post. 

Mercury is retrograde. The Solar Eclipse is a week from today. AND we have a cardinal t-square this week.

You KEEP trying to take control of the situation. YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE SITUATION IT IS OUT OF YOUR HANDS. But you can run so run.

I’m sitting here in the a/c, trying to cool off. I’ve BEEN sitting in the a/c trying to cool off. And let me tell you what else is on my mind.

Perfection and imperfection. How it never gets finished. It never gets done. We will die undone.

Mercury is retrograde in VIRGO. Virgo keeps fixing fixing fixing or trying to. Thinks it’s making things better when really it needs to just, sometimes, let it go.

The only thing I can think to do for you right now is draw a few cards. How to deal with Mercury. How to deal with eclipse energy. How to deal with the Venus Jupiter Pluto THING. Cardinal monster.

I was writing on Facebook that Venus Pluto IS NOT CLEAN. And y’all with Venus Pluto in your charts KNOW THIS (if you dare be honest) more than anyone and here comes Jupiter gassing it up, inflating it and I was saying that Venus Pluto is seduction but she doesn’t really care. Well, she cares about power more than love.

So what does this say about me? I’m not Venus Pluto but Moon Pluto. The house matters. I just made an astrology joke without realizing it. THE HOUSE MATTERS. Moon = house. The house makes all the difference in the world with this one. Is the Pluto party in the house of self or the other. Who are you trying to subdue? Over whom do you need power? Over WHAT?

Not sure we have the energy for such questions. Let’s just draw a few cards and I apologize I don’t have a photo of this spread for the moment so imagine it okay? Just imagine it.

Ten of Wands 
Seven of Swords 
Knight of Swords

Don’t just walk away fom the burdens, my friend. RUN. 


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Love & Enemas + The Wound That Can’t Be Healed + Empress + Eclipse Portal Just Walk Through

"sequential artists workshop"

I’m not gonna say LOVE AND LIGHT. Eclipses are not LOVE AND LIGHT. You will not find LOVE AND LIGHT here. Apologies to anyone who has the phrase LOVE AND LIGHT in their brain because I’m here to tell you that Eclipses alert us to what needs to be shifted in our lives. And that sounds awfully nice for the enema I’m talking about.


Love and Enemas, y’all.

So today I did a slew (A SLEW) of mini Tarot Readings and I have this to report (and YES the readings continue tomorrow, Sunday, so sign yerself up!):

OVERWHELMINGLY things are slow. Slow. Sluggish. Stuck. Stalemate although interestingly enough I did NOT draw the Two of Swords today for anyone but oh my lord I kid you not: slow. And here comes the first eclipse. Aquarius. Lunar Eclipse. Monday.

One person, one young lady, and I think she is nearing her Saturn Return or had it earlier this Saturn in Sagittarius, SHE got the Death card. SHE got the Tower and NO she is not dying but she is leaving a job mostly likely she’s had for over 6 years which is a lifetime in the life of a pre-Saturn Return Sagittarius Sun. SHE. Got ALL the major arcana cards today pretty much. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch:
EVERYONE else got these subtle moves or contradictions or no moves.

BUT MOON PLUTO, you say: I thought the Eclipse was a PORTAL we could walk through.

Let me tell you a story. I have something that I’m trying to wrap my mind around from my childhood. My CHILDHOOD. I just turned 47. I’m trying to wrap my mind around a childhood memory and I’ve grappled with it for years and forgotten about it kinda for years and now it’s back and I can’t wrap my mind around it.


I draw Empress today. For WHAT TO DO about this. Is there something I can do?? I draw cards for everything, yes.

The other topic is love. SO many clients, mostly female, various ages, all interesting and hard working and deep and beautiful, looking and longing for love. I wish there was something more I could do. More on this as it develops and I’m thinking the ONLY way is energy healing. This cannot be “solved” through mind or chart analysis ONLY energy healing which is part conversation and part body work. I can help clear you and/or at least see HOW BAD THE PROBLEM IS, the accumulation of blockage. 

But about this EMPRESS and this Eclipse EMPRESS: SHE WHO IS NOT BLOCKED and truth is we have to think big picture. We can’t just think this lifetime, and we can’t just think the meaning of life, the meaning of OUR lives, is only about romance, sex, and life partner.

I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. But this is the truth. Some of you have ANOTHER more important path (for you) and adjustments have to be made to INCREASE your chances of life partner-ness. NO LOST CAUSES but adjustments to the energy. Yesterday I was talking to a client about this, instructing her, hoping she will listen and DO so she can increase her chances because CHIRON 7th and SATURN 8th IS NOT WELCOMING TO LOVE especially when other chart matters are not so welcoming in this regard either!!!!!!

There’s a lot of topics here and I just wanted to drop in and say hello because I want to be there for you during these Eclipse days but the truth is I want you to THINK BIGGER. And if you can’t think bigger, go out tonight and look up at the stars. Start there.

"venus oppose pluto 8th house"
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What Did You Fix? North Node Leaves Virgo This May!

"north node in virgo"

News: I am talking a bit more about my spiritual life on Instagram. Follow me there at @moonplutonyc which is also my Twitter handle. Of course I still post astrology and tarot and daily life, but I’ve started to Instagram my spiritual autobiography.

OKAY let’s get started! The North Node is leaving Virgo this year so I have a QUESTION for you!!

What did you organize? What did you organize while the North Node has been in Virgo? And shall remain until May of this year. What did you sort and dust and prune and clean up? What did you fix, make better, critique and then edit and then find the solution. WHAT DID YOU MAKE PERFECT?

This weekend’s Full Moon in Virgo can reveal it to you, if you pay attention.

Last night I needed my Palo Santo. I have not purchased my beloved Palo since New York City and Sage is just not my thing and I needed to smudge so bad so I used my breath as my smudge stick and my fire, my flame. I let my breath cleanse me. This is a Virgo Full Moon topic and Virgo North Node topic and it won’t matter so much SOON ENOUGH what you fixed or didn’t fix. You will just BE.

North Node enters Leo and, well, this is a huge shift. From the servant (and you were supposed to serve your Virgo House) to the heart. Leo rules the heart, generosity, pride. I was talking to a Leo lady the other day who suffered a breakup — not that she felt that badly to be honest because her LEO PRIDE took over and she said to me: THE AUDACITY (of that ridiculous person to leave me).

And then the cards revealed MORE. The cards revealed she had skipped steps. She did CHARIOT too soon and needed to do TEN OF SWORDS first. Grieve it, my darlings.

So. As we finish up these weeks of North Node in Virgo, do not skip steps. Meticulously scrub those Virgo steps so you can enter Leo time clean and pristine and perfect.


I am doing Full Moon Mini Moon Tarot by Facebook Messenger Fri/Sat/Sun this week. My schedule fills up with these so contact me asap if you want. $35 for 15 minutes. I am also birthing my MONTH AHEAD readings. You can purchase ONE or a bundle and I mentioned a price on Facebook but I may still adjust it. These are NOT anything goes reading. They will strictly focus on the month ahead for you, the transits and cards.

The Stars This Weekend: WORK

"sun square pluto"
It’s simple to me this weekend
– despite the busyness of Friday.

What happens Friday?

Mercury changes sign — from Virgo to Libra and remember it was a long stay in Virgo due to the retrograde.

Also the Sun in Libra squares Pluto.

Does it feel too much to you? Whatever the change is? And maybe it’s moving too fast and maybe it’s moving too slow but either way Pluto represents the inevitable transformation and possible catapult. The Sun squaring Pluto says to me:

I’m not sure. I’m not ready. I resist. Can I bring a friend? I am who I am and I’d like to maintain that please. Thanks. 

Mercury into Libra shifts our focus even more to collaboration, alliance, beauty, and romance. I got my hair done yesterday. Eyebrows are next.

But about the weekend. It’s simple. Why? Because it’s a CAPRICORN MOON WEEKEND. I won’t sugarcoat it. There is work to be done and you should do it. Capricorn Moon means Saturn and even though it’s the weekend I suggest you focus and work.

Next week will be a little wild and I’ll write more about it as we get closer but know this – the Full Moon in Aries includes Uranus and Mercury.

Forget about orbs for a moment if you will and consider this.

Sun Mercury Jupiter in Libra opposing Ful Moon and Uranus in Aries. With Pluto squaring from Capricorn which of course leaves Cancer as the empty leg. Remain flexible.


The Stars This Weekend & Part Three Of The Spiritual Transformation Blog Posts

"chiron in the 8th house"


Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am doing Mini-Moon Readings.
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The Stars This Weekend: 
So the Moon enters Cancer in the wee hours. It is Libra Season now. The Sun is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Sun square. Jupiter is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Jupiter square. There is resistance in the air. Indecision. Ultimately though it feels creative to me. Don’t get stuck.

See, you may want to hide away and eat cookies but Libra is requiring your social graces. Feel how you feel without hiding the essential you. Show your face.

AND Venus enters Scorpio.  She’s in a darker dress and more concerned with sex and depth and death. Less intellectual and more guttural.

Venus tends to bless whatever house she is transiting. Which house is your Scorpio house? Blessings that penetrate. What (or who) are you obsessed with? It comes alive while Venus is in Scorpio and no doubt is related to your Scorpio house :) It’s our first planet into Scorpio.

Intensity! Emotional vulnerable crabby Moon in Cancer aspecting Pluto, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus. Talk about the passion. Say it.

Moon in Leo square Venus in Scorpio and then happy sextiles to Sun and Jupiter. This day is *mostly* fun. Evening dates are better than afternoon ones. Venus in Scorpio has little patience for Leo Moon me-me-me. Once that square is done, all is well (on the micro level).

It’s a mellow weekend to me. Unless your chart is ALL AIR. Because it’s an emotional weekend (although less so on Sunday). Your work, the job to get done is at the feeling level. Emotional processing. And then kick back on Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead: Pluto goes direct on Monday. Mars enters Capricorn on Tuesday. New Moon on Friday. BIG WEEK. 


So I posted this on my Facebook timeline yesterday:

So I spend a large portion of each day lately in spiritual ecstasy and i think I haven’t been eating enough so to compensate this evening after taking an Uber home from Publix (cat food emergency) I ordered dinner and ate more than half of it.
I’m still full and probably shouldn’t lay down yet but really have had enough spiritual ecstasy for one week. I’d like a day off so meditation okay but no prayers, no liturgical music, no seeking the face of the Divine, no no no.
Start again tomorrow. First, rest.

I do tend to share details from my daily life on my Facebook page – always have and I am going through a major spiritual transformation at this time –

the Eclipse was on my Vesta which is conjunct my Ascendent AND 12th house South Node — and I am not telling the whole story anywhere – yet

just bits and pieces here and there. There are more transits as well…. I had Jupiter sextile my Neptune. Was funny because some people predicted this as a love transit because Neptune rules my 7th but it wasn’t the human kind of love – it was/is a dip/dive deeper into spiritual.

So I wrote that on my timeline and a gal posted this:

As someone who has the Progressed Moon in the 8th house and will soon have Jupiter through the 12th, I am fascinated by this post and would love to ask a question or 2 if I may. Are you reciting prayers from a book written by someone or creating them from your own heart? And what are some of the methods you are using to seek the face of the Divine?

I am not writing my own prayers, no. They are prayers from prayer books. I am in the process now of establishing a new prayer practice for myself. One of my practices is recitation of the Psalms, sometimes in English only, sometimes English and Hebrew (language of prayer learned in childhood) with the goal being to say the entire book of psalms every week. Different traditions divide it up differently and also there are usually options, like psalms for Thursday or whatever. But I would like to read the whole thing each week. But the saying of Psalms is just one thing I am working with.

As for the face of the Divine – you know what? I may have said that too fast. It was poetry in this instance. Turn of phrase.

Prayer. Meditation. Contemplation. Learning (books, youtube videos). And working on (it’s not perfect yet lol) the ideal daily schedule for myself that I can (most of the time) stick to.

One thing I have noticed is that lack of balance is not a good thing. One should not only pray. One must eat. Sleep. Exercise. Get fresh air. Talk to people. Work. Clean house etc etc and for a few days this week and last week it was like this… extended spiritual state and I really needed to sleep. One needs energy FOR prayer and meditation. So I’m trying to calm down and integrate the spiritual transformations. They have to be integrated into the life.

So that becomes a question really – a question through the ages – how do you get close to the Divine without going crazy. I suppose this is why monks and nuns break up the spiritual stuff with the hands on work stuff :) obvious I know but I’ve been living it lately.

The face of God is many faces. They are everywhere.

To be continued….


The Stars This Week: You Really Won’t Get Lost

"jupiter in libra"

Thank you for your patience my beautiful friends.
Let us talk about the week ahead even though it’s Monday as I write.

And stay tuned for the blog post after this one which will have more details about the Tarot group that begins on Thursday.

Something I posted on my Facebook: 

So I’m thinking about contraction and expansion.
And I’m thinking about suffering.
How certain acute suffering makes us expand.
The death of a loved one for example because it breaks our heart so profoundly – this is an expansion of the heart and the love nature. We feel the pain of the world then.
But it’s not long after that we then pick up the brick of suffering and put it on our back and we wonder where that tender expansion that tender brokenness went.
I’m telling you this because I want you to hold on to that moment of great pain before it goes. Because it will go.
And what I mean by that is:
be in it.
I remember when my mother died which was before my Saturn return, in my 20s.
This was a long time ago now but I remember feeling her around me in such a unique way, those days right after her death. That it wasn’t going to be this way forever and to savor it.

I wanted to put those sentences here on the blog too because we are heading towards another crossroads, a pivotal moment, my friends. The equinox. Change of seasons. Here we go. The equinox is a BREAK. It is a death and it is the minute after.


The exact Venus Mars sextile (Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius) has come and gone. This energy will still be felt for the next couple days as it separates and what I like about this aspect is its contentment. This is not disgruntled energy. This is peace.

Have you felt this today? That you got along with others? Air and Fire are compatible elements and the Moon was also in Taurus (on Monday) so I think there was much ease to be had.

(I know when I write these things there is always a crowd who will say no the day was awful but I would like you to ponder the idea that there is energy you can tap into pretty much no matter what else is going on -baring tragic circumstances of course but even then a good sky is better than a bad sky. And then there are some people who complain no matter what. So there is that. And if your day is always awful then perhaps you need to explore why that is, above and beyond whatever the immediate issue is. Expand your mind. I know Saturn is in Sagittarius and this means hope is harder to come by but also that we can work at it. Saturn requires our effort.)

I was tired today a bit but I went from one task to the next with Venusian grace. AND I had a good hair day. Venus focuses on her appearance and Venus sextile Mars shall be pleased.

More Moon in Taurus and all the major aspects are good. There is a Yod though and Yods are complex. A Yod between Taurus Moon and that Venus Mars sextile HMMMM.

Now this isn’t a Yod blog post (I should do one, right? It’s something I don’t write about much) but I’ll tell you what this Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius Yod makes me think of:

how we want to get on the road, how we want to expand (Sagittarius), how we want to hear the call of our right journey and how strong a pull is our comfort zone and security (Taurus). Comfort vs expansion. But we are dealing with three signs, three distinct energies. Venus in Libra is what stabilizes the Taurus/Sagittarius inconjunct. The problem with the inconjunct is that it is blind. You don’t know what the other part is doing. It’s dissociative. And then Venus in Libra walks in the room and smiles at you, tells you to fix your dress and hit the road.

WEDNESDAY MERCURY IN VIRGO GOES DIRECT under a Gemini Moon. Life speed up, much? Yeah. Expect that. Mercury goes direct at 14 degrees which is trine Pluto and this trine is exact exact on Friday. Don’t mind the wobble. This is a confident, powerful aspect and you are on task and on target despite a mostly crappy day for the Moon aspect-wise. Just keep going. Stay in the car. DO NOT STOP FOR SNACKS. You can stop for snacks over the weekend for the Cancer Moon.

Thursday is the equinox and the Sun enters Libra and then on Friday Venus enters Scorpio. ALREADY.
I think I’ll do a separate blog post for each of these. I just wanted to alert you to the shifts and to remind you that Jupiter is in Libra so we will have a Sun Jupiter conjunction and we will have a New Moon in Libra next week! OH and Pluto goes direct on Monday and OH Mars enters Capricorn next Tuesday (FINALLY) and are you feeling at all on track? That the slog of the summer season (in my hemisphere) is quite over with. We are MOVING again. I think this is shown in that Yod and shown in Mercury going direct and Pluto going direct and Mars entering CAPRICORN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Here we go again says Pluto. Buckle up. What’s your Pluto story? Got planets at 14 degrees? 14 – 16? This is the Pluto range for the rest of this year.

On a personal note, I have all kinds of transformative stuff going on in my life that I have not been sharing on the blog or on social media publicly,  but eventually I may share some. Not sure yet how or when but suffice to say my beautiful friends that I’m doing well. Weird. I actually have a separation between my public and private life. Eh. Won’t last long I’m sure. I do post about transformation though. How transformation is something that happens to you. You cannot manufacture it. You cannot push for it. You cannot bend it to your will. What you can do is check your transits and see what you’re on time for. Know what I mean? Sometimes I tell people that: you’re right on time.


No specials going on at this time. Best “deal” are the reading or teaching bundles but single sessions (30 or 60 minutes) are also available. New Tarot group starting (details in next post).

The Stars This Week: Beautiful Bullies

"jupiter trine pluto" So I’m thinking about this Jupiter Pluto trine which is exact on Sunday.

Pluto is a bully and you know what? Jupiter is a bully too.
Bossy bullies in earth signs.

They want you to complete something or **add** to it.

Like the Three of Pentacles in the Tarot.

I suggest you pay attention because it’s a TRINE and trines do not require effort-
You with the trine, you are not working as hard as the you with the square.

And not saying this is good or bad – just that it’s happening.

Something could very easily fall into place, LOCK into place.
Make sure it’s what you want…


So What About This Neptune Retrograde? Does It Even Matter? (part 2)

"neptune retrograde" I’m not much of a Neptune fan these days. Or ever.

Usually when I talk to people it’s a Neptune *problem* they are trying to solve or become aware of.

And we use words like “discern” or we tell them to call their Virgo type friends, to help them see clearly.

And all this is true. Neptune sees the potential. Neptune sees the ideal.

I have a Neptune Saturn opposition in my chart. I flip back and forth between Neptunian flying high and Saturn hard cold concrete. He’s amazing! He’s shit! (He’s neither…)

And yet Neptune is art and imagination and the higher octave of Venus and that feeling I feel so strongly for the Divine. That’s Neptune. The longing. The devotion. That’s not Venus and lipstick. I’ve felt it since I was a child. Not Venus and lipstick but Neptunian spiritual (religious) feeling. Take me to a holy place and I’m at home. Neptune isn’t about appearances!!! If you learn ONE THING from me today learn that. Neptune is invisible. Neptune is a response. You feel it.

My North Node is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). I err on the side of Virgo and save the Pisces for special occasions or when my Virgo has run me into the ground in circles.

And you? Share share share please!

So last week I went to this church and I hope to go again and this church – there was a pamphlet of prayers, affirmations, and I read them and they take me to my Neptune just as praying the Jewish prayers takes me to my Neptune or reading the Edgar Cayce material. It makes me connect. Connect to something I can only feel and it feels like… love? Neptune higher octave of Venus. The elevation of the soul. I can’t explain it but I try!

So what about this Neptune retrograde? Does it even matter? As I wrote before it matters most if it aspects something of YOURS but honestly I am finding it hard to stick to a point of view about this one – other than the usual – some person some situation from the past comes back for another turn and it’s happening in your Pisces House. My 7th. Details to come.

And, yes, you may be more psychic for the retrograde.

Thoughts on this? What do you notice about Neptune retrograde? 


Commercials and Announcements! I am opening up my 2 for 1 to EVERYONE. At first I was offering it to just the folks who purchased in May but in June it’s for ALL. $115 gets you two hours to use at your leisure. No Email readings. Only PHONE or Messenger. ONE CHART ONLY. No synastry. Unless you ask me really really nicely and then I’ll consider it. 

I am taking new Tarot and Astrology Weekly Subscribers as well as new Tarot and Astrology students. Write me for updated information 

There is room in the chat room for a couple more. Again, message me for details. 

THE CLASS. Here is the link. Starts Monday. All about the transits, folks! 

And last but not least, I think everyone should get a Solar Return reading :) I’m obsessing about these. OH and the videos. They are up on YouTube although a few of them not up yet. Delayed. I blame Mars retrograde. 

Mars Retrograde: The Courage To Be Still

"mars retrograde in sagittarius" MARS GOES RX THIS WEEKEND

I drew one card for Mars Retrograde and it’s interesting to me because I got myself a reading today and the last card, the “take home” was Judgement, a card I happen to like a lot.

But how can this be, MoonPluto? Mars, our courage, goes missing? Or ambivalent? How can that be good?

See, if we keep going, going, going all the time, we tend to miss things. We need times where we STOP.

Those of you who are always going going going know what it’s like to be forced into stopping. You get sick. You get injured. You forget why you’re here. Years pass.

Mars retrograde is a mini-version of this stop, but I don’t consider it a full stop actually.

Instead, it’s a lost and found. Retrace. Find the breadcrumbs or clues at the crossroads, that decision you made, and the crossroads before that, and before that. Make sense? Somehow you got *here* and now you get to see it all with new and older eyes. I think it’s a perfect retrograde. Not as frequent or dumbed down as Mercury retrograde and not as Big Picture as one of the slow moving outer planets, like Pluto (who retrogrades on Monday, the day after Mars goes rx).

“Renewal,” writes the great Rachel Pollack. “A fresh start.”

“The challenge now is to recognize and believe in this powerful new beginning.”



The Replacements: Advanced Class In Trauma (On Doing A Friday Night Celtic Cross)

"new moon eclipse in pisces" When you keep trying to replace the things that you’ve lost – as though you could replace what really mattered – a home, a person.

I drew the Queen of Swords for that thought, about the replacements. How appropriate. Drew her after doing a Celtic Cross. Ace of Cups crossed by the Tower. Lots of Pentacles in this spread, ending with the Knight of Pentacles as the outcome. And I am the Queen of Pentacles here, card number seven. Always pay close attention to card number seven. That is you.

Some say there are no bad cards in Tarot but for sure there are cards we’d rather not see. In this spread, the Tower puzzles me more than freaks me out. And the Ten of Swords is safely in the past.

But tonight I am tired of this story. “This story” meaning the various ones I’m in. And seeing the Chariot and a Knight (any Knight) in the same spread just makes me tired. I’d like to land and root.

If this were a play, if this were a monologue, I’d change up the action right about now. After that line about landing and rooting. Shift the mood. Or maybe go deeper in. Truth is my housemate knocked on my door, my Rebbetzin, and it was time for Shabbat dinner so I left my unfinished blog post alone for a couple hours. Best part of the evening besides the homemade apple pie and her telling a story from the Mahabarata, was the very structure of the Shabbat ritual itself. See, I was in a mood. The Moon in Libra was conjoining my Jupiter and squaring my Cancer stellium and I felt afflicted by memories of the recent past. A man I loved. Books I left behind. An entire city. So much water in the sky now. Sun in Pisces. Sun and Neptune conjoining. Mars in Scorpio in the late degrees. Tomorrow the Moon enters Scorpio. We will drown if we do not find land, if we do not root.

And I don’t want to drown. And I don’t want you to drown. Let’s not drown, okay?

The boots can’t replace a person or a hope or a home, but they will keep the feet warm and get us from here to there. I know it doesn’t feel like enough but it’ll have to do for now.


Horoscopes For The Week Of January 17th: Libra – Pisces

"horoscopes for jan 17th"

I wouldn’t be surprised if you make a bold move or two this week, Libra. I’m getting the sense that you’re ready. You remind me of Lady’s Thistle, Firey, Marsy, protective. Employ this herb for your Dark Night of the Soul. He will give you strength. You are the glowing coal. Am I predicting you will succumb to the melancholy mood, Libra? Something like that. Something. But there’s more. Listen: this is one week among many. 2016 has just begun. Let this gnarled wretched piece die out. Put it on the pyre. Let the smoke fill your perfect nostrils. Am I suggesting ritual? Yes, I am. Every night until the Full Moon in Leo finally extinguishes that which no longer serves you. 


Mix these together, in any form: almond, pine, mint. Wash the floors with it. Dab your earlobes with it. Sprinkle it in the corners, on the altar. Money is coming. New job? Bonus? Raise? Your forecast for this week is insanely practical, dear Scorpio, and yet not. Success comes from gathering your herbal allies even MORE than sending out resumes this week, not that you should abandon any paperwork or plans but add THIS in too. Almond. Pine. Mint. A heavily diluted mixture for the bath? At the very least, write down the words. Post where you can daily see them. 


My Full Moon in Leo forecast for you was all about relaxation and enjoying yourself and that’s exactly what I see for you for this week. You NEED this. How good you’ve been since Saturn entered your sign. How sensible! Do your friends even recognize you? Less party and more hardy. Well, the balance is meant to be tipped and tip it you shall. Or should. And for you I recommend Brother Basil. He will help you fly.


What I see is that you do not trust yourself. And I wish I could shake you out of that. My recommendation is two fold.  1) do no altar-work this week. Do not concentrate your energy until the Full Moon but instead 2) disperse it. You can go to the crossroads. You can go to the mall. You can go to the beach. I want you to open sesame. If you find you cannot (and how you know this is another story) then I recommend Angelica. Carry him with you. He will help you. Root of the Holy Ghost. Angelica “self-seeds.” You do too. 


A week of celebration, similar to Gemini’s forecast, but less hard and harsh because victory (mentioned in the Gemini scope) usually implies a battle and there’s no battle here for you, Aquarius, just the dance. Good times. I do not have an herbal or magickal recommendation except to continue. Continue. The current circumstance is exciting but stable and I know you like to play Jenga with your life so listen to me: you are ruled by both Uranus AND Saturn and Saturn rules structure. What you must dismantle is the old bomb, not the new love.


The waves. Green and blue and blue green. The waves. White caps. Daydreams. This week you get to be yourself, Pisces, and I’m relieved to tell you this. Meditation, contemplation, imagination, You are the psychic fish. The poet. Sandalwood. I see (and smell) Sandalwood for your week but ONLY if you want more of this psychic stuff. She will swell your clairvoyance like the waves swell. “She sang beyond the genius of the sea,” wrote Wallace Stevens. “For she was the maker of the song she sang.” Oh Pisces, you know that serve or suffer thing? Don’t do either this week.

Have a great week everyone! For the Aries – Virgo horoscopes click on this link  

More Details On The January Astrology Class

"new moon in capricorn"Here are the first details about the January class. New details are below that. 

The upcoming Astrology class is going to be a Venus & Mars class.

Did one of these years ago. Time for an update!

I will be using a text to assist me (at times) — one of my favorites.

You don’t need to purchase it — I will be bringing information from this book —

The Inner Planets by Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas in addition to, of course, my own ideas!!!

(And your ideas. I know you have amazing ideas!)

We will discuss problems and pitfalls and gifts of your natal Venus and natal Mars AND of your progressed Venus and Mars — also any outer planet “hits” your Venus and Mars are getting by transit and what this could mean for you!

And I will HELP YOU. Because that’s what I do (says Mama MoonPluto).

And your fellow students will HELP YOU appreciate your chart (because I attract smart people) all the more.

**We will also discuss the 2016 Mars in Scorpio/Mars retrograde transit
(this is PRIORITY) as well as touch on some of the upcoming interesting Venus transits of 2016.

Interested? Message me. MoonPluto@gmail.

I’ll let you know start date, how it works (if you are new to my classes) as well as the cost.

This is not a Tarot class but I tend to draw cards for folks anyway.


Cost: $95 

Where: I hold my classes in a “secret” group on Facebook. No one sees what goes on in there but YOU. No one knows you are a member of this group but you and the other folks.

Start date: Wednesday, January 20th (a week from this Wednesday).

Format: discussion based! We talk, we share. We discuss! Lately I’d been adding little videos to the classes but not sure if I will do that this time. Learn as you go. These are not webinars and you don’t need to show up at a particular time. You drop by when you can and when you want. No obligation to talk but I LOVE a busy class :)

Class will run three weeks minimum. If we need more time, will add on a week.

Usually not there 7 days a week but I post new material a few times a week.
This is an astrology class based very much on transit-talk and YOUR charts so it will be very chart heavy, so to speak. YOUR CHARTS. YOUR SOULS.

This class is for you if you want to talk about you :) along with the SKY and Venus and Mars :)

Message me if you have questions! I’m happy to answer them.


Today’s Tarot: On The Road!

Included here is Today’s Tarot video for January 4th. Continuing with our theme of the JOURNEY from the last week or so.

Also a reminder of my special going on all of January $65 for hour-long Tarot and Astrology readings. Plus the Reading Bundles and Teaching bundles are available. Yes you can get more than one of the special and save for later or give as gifts!

So In The New Year + The Stars Tomorrow! End of 2015 BYE

"new year's eve" So in the New Year (news and commercials. Scroll down for the Astrology). 

I will return to more blogging blogging blogging, the writing writing writing  — although still with the videos. I’ll also most likely be back on Beliefnet with the Tarot column! 

There will be a January astrology class and I am running my special on readings throughout January as well – $65 for one hour and then back up to usual rate in February (unless I change my mind!). This rate is for VOICE or CHAT only. Email Readings are regular price. 

Someone just wrote me about life coaching and YES I do this, it’s the way to work with me in-depth. The Reading Bundles are for this purpose. Also am taking Tarot students for 1:1 lessons. All of this CONTINUES. 

Beginning of next week may be a bit slow but then back up to speed. 

No other business at this time to share with you :) New Year on the way. 

Uranus went direct square my Sun and the Sun was square my Uranus and… change is afoot! The Tarot Fives! 

END OF THE YEAR! I fucking HATED this year. And I am happy to swear here, on my own blog. I swore in one of my videos and some yahoo chastised me for it ANYWAY fuck you 2015.

As for the STARS tomorrow, the last day of the year:

keep busy. Still under a VIRGO MOON until NIGHT or wee hours depending on your time zone. In fact wow very few exact aspects tomorrow. Moon Jupiter conjunction in the morning feels good. Moon trine Mercury (Virgo/Capricorn) also feels good NOT crazy :) unlike that doozy of a Full Moon. See, I think we end 2015 on a stable no nonsense note. On the West Coast of the U.S. the Moon is in Libra for the midnight tolling but other time zones may still be in VIRGOLAND. Interesting isn’t it? Some of you will say goodbye with Virgo mind and others with Libraland. Which do you prefer?????????

If I’m not back tomorrow, Happy New Year. Blessings to you.



Monday Star: Winter Solstice, Yule, Sun Enters Capricorn

"full moon in cancer"
(from Pinterest)

News and commercials:
I am doing 1:1 teaching again after a hiatus and focus on groups/classes.
$340 gets you 6 hours of time with me – learning Tarot or a Tarot/Astrology combination.
Skype or Phone.

Example, I am working with a gal tomorrow who wasn’t able to take my most recent Tarot class and I let her know that this was available! Over the weeks, we’ll be talking about the numbers, the elements, layouts, intuition, and more.

I’ve also started my January special EARLY. I am planning on moving late winter, early spring and thus this is my own personal fundraiser. All hour long readings are $65.

Monday is the Winter Solstice (where I live!).

My calendar is friendly. It lists these in this order:
Winter Solstice. Yule. Sun Enters Capricorn.

The Sun entering Capricorn means your Capricorn House gets LIT UP.
What does this mean for you? You tell me :) SUN WILL SHINE THERE. For me, the Sun is not malefic. It is LIGHT.

It’s my FIFTH – which is a fun house, creative, romantic. And yet for me it’s ruled by Serious Saturn.

Taurus Moon this day. Taurus energy is associated with Venus (she who waits) and the 2nd House (“moveable possessions”). It is a materialistic sign, concerned with the things of this world, the MATERIAL of this world. Sure thing a Taurus can be quite spiritual as well — there’s no contradiction there — but I’ve witnessed Taurus with a knowledge of and concern with the BEST of the material world. Even if they can’t afford it they know what it is when when they touch it (see it, taste it, smell it). Taurus rather have one amazing high quality pair of shoes than three cheap ones.

Moon sextile Neptune – psychic
Moon inconjunct Saturn – contradictory
Moon trine Pluto – deep
Moon sextile Chiron – soothing
Moon trine Mercury – head and heart agree

Mercury sextile Chiron – healing words

A harmonious day for the most part. The Moon Saturn inconjunct is work calling when you rather rest but it is the shortest day of the year so… go home early. Wait for the light of the Sun entering Capricorn or get your Saturnalia on ;)

Will you do special for the Solstice? 

Tarot for the Full Moon in Cancer!

Today’s Tarot 
2016 Capricorn Tarot-scope 
Stars This Weekend

ull Moon in Cancer is on December 25th, Xmas day. Uranus goes direct same day! Mercury Jupiter trine same day! VERY helpful aspect on a Cancer Full Moon! Capricorn trine Virgo is super grounded, solid, practical, and possibly busy. Four of Pentacles style. Solid in your seat. Sit tall. Lift the chin a little. Back arrow straight. And breathe.

Full Moon trine Neptune and inconjunct Saturn. Not a bad moon considering it’s CANCER the Emotional One. The orb to Saturn may be wide for some. Moon Saturn restricts the emotions but THEY ARE THERE, they do not get cancelled out, oh yes they are there, especially on a Full Moon. IN CANCER. Tears and beers. Nog? I don’t do Christmas (I’m just your friendly neighborhood Edgar Cayce loving Jewish Witch) although I love the lights. LOVE THE LIGHTS. And one Savior is as good as another. I’m open.

The Full Moon in Cancer asks:

Where is home? Are you at home? Who waits for you there?

All else is commentary.

Drawing from my new deck for you, ONE card for this heavenly event:

"full moon in cancer"
Eight of Wands
. You ready? Better be. Full Moons are FIRE whether or not they are in fire signs. The fire of KNOWLEDGE, revelation, culmination, news, TRUTH. I suspect you’ll know quite a bit more by December 26th. What to do and how to do it. And where to do it. And why. Uranus going direct is about as bright a light as it gets sky-wise at this time. No need to reflect. The answers come fast, furious, instant – over the course of this day. I predict! Watch for it. Listen for it. Open your eyes.

Today’s Tarot + 2016 Specials + Tarot Coaching

In January 2016 and possibly February I am doing a big sale because I am hoping, planning to move and this is my fundraiser :) thus it’s a great time to get a reading from me or to purchase in bulk for my frequent flyers.

Hour long readings will be $65 and I will also be offering Tarot Lesson bundles (and/or astrology – we can do both!) – $340 for 6 hours of time with me. These are not readings. These are lessons. Teaching and learning. Tarot Coaching. I want you to come to me with QUESTIONS.

The Stars This Weekend: It’s Enough

"mars square pluto" Tomorrow Venus enters Scorpio but what I want to talk about is Saturday and Sunday and how ENOUGH it is, which is my euphemism for crazy.

We are under a Cardinal sign storm watch. And it’s not just the exact Mars Pluto square on Sunday (with Uranus opposing Mars as well, exact next week).

The Moon will also be in LIBRA so we have Moon Mars square Pluto and opposing Uranus and you may have planets or points at these hot degrees of 14, 15, 16, give or take one or two in either direction.

Eruptions, blow-outs, tempter tantrums, outages, manipulations, subterfuge, but also TRUTH. Their truth. Your truth. And the two may not be the same thing. Each one feels certain, righteous. Righteous rage. Mars Pluto. This kind of truth is dangerous.

Now some of you may already have had your outage and outrage and eruption for the week because aspects tend to growl in power as they grow, apply. Maybe you’ll experience nothing more than watching fireworks on the television. That’s what I’m hoping for!

The eye of the storm is your interpersonals. Your relationships. Mars in Libra pretends to be nice but really isn’t. The Pluto square will expose the sham. The Uranus opposition will hit and run. And the Moon will make you cry.

Let’s draw a card since I’ve painted this gruesome picture for y’all. THE EMPRESS.

I drew this earlier today for someone. I want to tell you to stand your ground but the Empress, she sits. She is strong in her seat. She has no worries, really. Everything’s gonna work out fine. Venus in Scorpio is her.

Don’t ask me why I’m giving you this simpleton message. Just a feeling I guess. That if you follow Empress ways you’ll sail through the hard aspects this weekend, you’ll sail through that t-square just fine to the inlet, which is the Cancer house in your chart, chicken soup with dumplings.


Live or Die But Don’t Poison Everything: Chiron Goes Direct (Part Two)

"saturn square neptune" I have to write what I want to read.

I am not satisfied with what I read on blogs or in passing on Facebook about astrology. It feels false to me or shallow. I’m a tough audience, tough critic. Move me. Inspire me. Make me not want to die. I write from my own life. I write from pain and from suffering and from confusion and from joy, rebirth, and redemption.

So maybe that is my job. To make you not want to die. To make you want to live another minute.

Too much to expect from a blog post? Maybe. Maybe not. 

I just finished a reading for a client. She said to me: I FEEL BETTER. She was in crisis a couple days ago but I couldn’t do the reading until this morning. I FEEL BETTER she said. Thus I’ve done my job. She’s in a heart crisis, a fear crisis. But she’s okay. She will be okay. I have so much more empathy for these matters of the heart these days because I have my own matter of the heart.

SO Chiron goes direct. What goes direct for you depends on your PISCES House and the aspects it makes to your chart.

You cannot lose faith. You cannot lose hope. I mean: you should not. I hope not. Even if that hope is small. One more dollar. A dollar of hope. And I know sometimes that hope can feel like too much and you need to go into the dark place. Put your dark sunglasses on. Wear black. Wail. Eat spaghetti followed by a mountainous ice cream sundae.

Yesterday I was talking to a client who finished her chemotherapy treatments. She is crying all the time. Life feels bleak. I was trying to encourage her to cry until exhaustion. I said to her, you now what they say at the gym, to lift that weight UNTIL FAILURE. Cry until failure. Until you are too tired to cry anymore and you fall asleep. She has a Libra Moon. So I asked her: do you get distracted? Do you stop the cry? Do you decide whether or not to cry? Are you trying to balance your cry? And I said to her: I AM A GOAL ORIENTED CRYER which she loved and told me to write it down so here I am writing it down.

Dear Libra Moon lady, I love you and I feel sick that you have had to suffer so and if I could take your suffering away, I would. If I had that power. It’s too much. IT IS too much for one person to bear. I know that feeling myself.

But you are STILL HERE. Chiron goes direct in her 5th House. She’s a writer. And she wants a boyfriend. Pluto is trine her 7th House Venus. Hmm.

No matter how broken she feels, no matter how broken she IS, I encouraged her anyway, according to her transits, I encouraged her TO LIVE. I didn’t use those words exactly. Maybe I should have. But that was the gist.

“Live or die but don’t poison everything,” wrote Anne Sexton.

We are all deformed. We are all love. What choice are you going to make?


Moon In Virgo All Day: Help Is On The Way

"mercury square saturn"How bad does it have to get — before you ask for help? I was asking this on my Facebook and in the chat room.

Maybe you never ask for help. Maybe rarely. Or inadvertently. Maybe you HINT and hope for the best. And who do you ask when you ask? Family? Friend? God(dess)?

I asked for help earlier today and a couple months ago I also asked for help and obviously it’s such an intense process to me that I can tell you: I ASKED FOR HELP THIS DAY and I ASKED FOR HELP ON THAT DAY. And I do this for a living. People write me or call me and in essence that’s what they are saying: HELP.

And I do. I help. (Lately on my Facebook I’ve been preaching this! Jupiter is transiting my First House so I find myself preaching a lot these days.)

Today’s Moon in Virgo is helpful, practical, anxious at times, yes, VERY anxious at times :) but if you need help and you need to ask for help, BE SPECIFIC.

That’s the Virgo Moon way: she seeks, and finds, coherence, clearness, solutions!

Do you need help today?