Love & Enemas + The Wound That Can’t Be Healed + Empress + Eclipse Portal Just Walk Through

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I’m not gonna say LOVE AND LIGHT. Eclipses are not LOVE AND LIGHT. You will not find LOVE AND LIGHT here. Apologies to anyone who has the phrase LOVE AND LIGHT in their brain because I’m here to tell you that Eclipses alert us to what needs to be shifted in our lives. And that sounds awfully nice for the enema I’m talking about.


Love and Enemas, y’all.

So today I did a slew (A SLEW) of mini Tarot Readings and I have this to report (and YES the readings continue tomorrow, Sunday, so sign yerself up!):

OVERWHELMINGLY things are slow. Slow. Sluggish. Stuck. Stalemate although interestingly enough I did NOT draw the Two of Swords today for anyone but oh my lord I kid you not: slow. And here comes the first eclipse. Aquarius. Lunar Eclipse. Monday.

One person, one young lady, and I think she is nearing her Saturn Return or had it earlier this Saturn in Sagittarius, SHE got the Death card. SHE got the Tower and NO she is not dying but she is leaving a job mostly likely she’s had for over 6 years which is a lifetime in the life of a pre-Saturn Return Sagittarius Sun. SHE. Got ALL the major arcana cards today pretty much. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch:
EVERYONE else got these subtle moves or contradictions or no moves.

BUT MOON PLUTO, you say: I thought the Eclipse was a PORTAL we could walk through.

Let me tell you a story. I have something that I’m trying to wrap my mind around from my childhood. My CHILDHOOD. I just turned 47. I’m trying to wrap my mind around a childhood memory and I’ve grappled with it for years and forgotten about it kinda for years and now it’s back and I can’t wrap my mind around it.


I draw Empress today. For WHAT TO DO about this. Is there something I can do?? I draw cards for everything, yes.

The other topic is love. SO many clients, mostly female, various ages, all interesting and hard working and deep and beautiful, looking and longing for love. I wish there was something more I could do. More on this as it develops and I’m thinking the ONLY way is energy healing. This cannot be “solved” through mind or chart analysis ONLY energy healing which is part conversation and part body work. I can help clear you and/or at least see HOW BAD THE PROBLEM IS, the accumulation of blockage. 

But about this EMPRESS and this Eclipse EMPRESS: SHE WHO IS NOT BLOCKED and truth is we have to think big picture. We can’t just think this lifetime, and we can’t just think the meaning of life, the meaning of OUR lives, is only about romance, sex, and life partner.

I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. But this is the truth. Some of you have ANOTHER more important path (for you) and adjustments have to be made to INCREASE your chances of life partner-ness. NO LOST CAUSES but adjustments to the energy. Yesterday I was talking to a client about this, instructing her, hoping she will listen and DO so she can increase her chances because CHIRON 7th and SATURN 8th IS NOT WELCOMING TO LOVE especially when other chart matters are not so welcoming in this regard either!!!!!!

There’s a lot of topics here and I just wanted to drop in and say hello because I want to be there for you during these Eclipse days but the truth is I want you to THINK BIGGER. And if you can’t think bigger, go out tonight and look up at the stars. Start there.

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Mini Moons this weekend PLUS new Tarot Class (and Free Trial! Download the PDF! It’s FREEEEEEEEE)

I AM doing the Mini Moon Tarot this weekend.
15 minutes by Facebook messenger. $35 to my PayPal at moonpluto@gmail and we’ll find a time. I’m here for you. Just please note I don’t go overtime with these Mini readings. If you want more time, then purchase a 30 or 45 or 60 min reading or one of the bundles for deeper work. 

My new class beginning Sept 5th:

Here are two blog posts. Please take a look.

The first is from Tom Hart, director of the Sequential Artists Workshop. My new Tarot class is in collaboration with SAW

and the second blog post is from me.

Both are about Tarot deck creation and the creative process.

This link here is to the class information itself and there is a FREE TRIAL you can sign up for. I have been planning to upload another video to the Free Trial but haven’t yet. HOWEVER there is a free lovely PDF download you can print out, read, meditate on. I would love for you to join us. A couple videos too that talk about the method to the Tarot madness.

Most of all, for me, this class is Tarot YES but it’s “applied Tarot” — using the Tarot to access **ourselves** deeply through the act of pondering, writing, drawing, conceptualizing our own Tarot decks.

Please note that every week will include a new video, new material to read, and new discussions in the private Facebook group!