There Is Hope Embedded In This Sky (Saturn in Capricorn/Mars In Aries)

"SATURN RETURN"The following post was originally on my Facebook.

A few more thoughts on the astrology this week (week of June 29, 2020):

There is hope embedded in this sky. I know you don’t believe me. You have every right not to. I know you know we’re in eclipse season and Mercury is retrograde and there’s other retrograde planets and if you don’t like Aries energy or the way Aries splits your chart and heart in two, I know you’re not looking forward to the long long Mars in Aries transit of 2020. Too much blood and how much can a person take? Mars rules blood and war and weapons and competition (among other things). Mars rules desire. Mars rules fucking.

I talk to people day in, day out. Half of them wonder if there’s life after covid and the other half are making plans, some of them big, and the big news today is this:

Saturn swings around and heads back to Capricorn.

What does this mean? I’ll tell you what I think it means although of course your chart is your chart and it’s individual, but there are also themes such as bones.

Saturn rules the bones, your bones.

I remember once, a long time ago, so long ago it feels like another lifetime, I got kicked in the shin and what resulted was not a broken leg but a bone bruise that took months and months to heal. It was symbolic. The end of a relationship that wouldn’t truly end for another year or two. It was bruised but not yet broken.

Be patient with Saturn. Be patient with this Saturn transit. You left something behind and you have to go get it. You have to go find it. You’ll find it. You’ll “feel it in your bones.” You’ll know it when you carry it. It’ll be heavy at times, but not unmanageable. You’ll get stronger — not that you want to, not that you need to. Saturn doesn’t care what you need.

In plain English, sort of:

the lessons of Saturn in Capricorn aren’t over yet. We’ve got one more shot. And this is a good thing.

Saturn doesn’t care what we need but WE NEED SATURN and we need this magic, what Saturn back into Capricorn will reveal: a strange, awkward, unexpected thing that saves you, just when you thought you were a hopeless case not even Saint Jude could intercede.

So pay attention – to your personal natal chart, to your life, to the hours, to the big plans, to everything that came before. The astrology of 2020 is separating us from everything we knew. Keep going.

Okay, star lovers. That’s all for now.

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