Mind, Money, Mercury, & Mary: The Stars This Week!

"uranus in taurus"

Lies. Manipulation. Subterfuge. What you are being told is not the whole truth. Someone wants something from you and they aren’t being clear what it is. Maybe they don’t even know. A game is being played. Drama. Submission. Sleight of hand. Mercury square Pluto and Venus square Neptune

Squares always make life a little difficult. A little too tight. A little too loose. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT.

Sun opposes Jupiter on Tuesday and it’s like you come to a clearing. Everything opens up. Sunshine. Smiles. You don’t care about those jerks anyway. Who cares?!!!! Kind of weird though because it’s this big great road-opening aspect (Sun Jupiter) in Taurus and Scorpio (with Jupiter retrograde). SO THIS ASPECT IS ABOUT MONEY, power, and possessions. You are spending and earning. Someone makes a killing. I STILL WOULDN’T SIGN A CONTRACT!

Friday is our Sun Pluto trine and you feel back in your power after Monday’s bullies. Stronger. Richer. Not at anyone’s mercy!

And then the weekend is edgy for Mercury. OUR MINDS. We have Mercury conjunct Uranus square Mars! Crazy angry people, fast thinking, fast talking (sleight of hand, rushing you, pushing you) AND THEN Mercury enters Taurus. It ends well. Calm after the storms. We FINALLY leave behind that brutal Mercury in Aries retrograde season BYE.

So you can see this week has its ups and downs but think about it this way. PERCEPTION. PERSPECTIVE. Is yours slanted to the negative or the positive? Are you seeing things for how they are? Are you judging what you see? Are you experiencing what really is happening? Can you tell? How deep is your perception?

"Uranus in Taurus"

Yesterday I was talking to a lovely Capricorn client and we were talking about pain. How pain shows up. We feel it. Experience it. We don’t “think” pain. It is there! Immediate. It shows up! And applying this to spiritual practice, spiritual life. As something to be experienced. Letting the mind go and experiencing the presence of the Holy One. Letting the mind go doesn’t mean NO THOUGHTS. Letting the mind go means creating a vessel. I talk about this ALL The time. In order to receive, open your hands.

"Tom Hart sequential artists workshop"
I can’t help but remind you that the due date is almost here! June 1st! Here is a friend enjoying his signed copy. He’s reading about his Saturn in Taurus for the first time!