JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO: Bold Assessments & Possibly Offensive

"jupiter in scorpio"
That there will be an increase in everything that is Scorpio.

Jupiter “expands what it touches” and it entered the sign of Scorpio on October 10th for the next thirteen months so we move from the imagery of Libra to the imagery of Scorpio and this is a significant shift.

So we run through the list of Jupiter keywords and we run through the list of Libra keywords (what’s leaving) and we run through the list of Scorpio keywords (what’s coming in) but if I had to pick ONE.

If I had to pick ONE Scorpio keyword right here right now. What would it be? What IS Scorpio? 

I’ll tell you a story which I may have told before about an evening with a Scorpio friend of mine.

I told him a secret. Well, he pried it out of me. Relentless, he was. He pried it out of me and it was something about my family and he called it like he saw it. He called that person I was talking about a piece of shit.

He made an instant judgement call. And he was right. Still, it shocked me. So at the same time he was honest, totally straightforward, harsh, truthful, and yet also supportive because embedded within his insult of THAT person was support of me. Although you might not see it unless you looked closely. And in that moment, that moment of telling, he understood why I was the way I was. The pieces fit now.

To me that’s the best of Scorpio. They see clearly, they see instantly, they support you. No bullshit.

Now, that’s not all Scorpio is. Every sign has its good and bad and neutral but this memory is a good memory.

Jupiter entering Scorpio means there’s going to be more truth, more unpleasant truth, but also more support. Thing is this though… you won’t get that undying support UNTIL you tell the honest truth, the honest story. UNTIL YOU SHOW YOURSELF.

"jupiter in scorpio"

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