The Stars This Weekend & Part Three Of The Spiritual Transformation Blog Posts



Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am doing Mini-Moon Readings.
Tarot (not astrology).
$25 Celtic Cross (about 15 – 20 min)
15 minute back and forth (no specific spread)
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New group started today and it’s a Tarot party 🙂 if you want to join up just message me for details but here is the link.

The Stars This Weekend: 
So the Moon enters Cancer in the wee hours. It is Libra Season now. The Sun is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Sun square. Jupiter is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Jupiter square. There is resistance in the air. Indecision. Ultimately though it feels creative to me. Don’t get stuck.

See, you may want to hide away and eat cookies but Libra is requiring your social graces. Feel how you feel without hiding the essential you. Show your face.

AND Venus enters Scorpio.  She’s in a darker dress and more concerned with sex and depth and death. Less intellectual and more guttural.

Venus tends to bless whatever house she is transiting. Which house is your Scorpio house? Blessings that penetrate. What (or who) are you obsessed with? It comes alive while Venus is in Scorpio and no doubt is related to your Scorpio house 🙂 It’s our first planet into Scorpio.

Intensity! Emotional vulnerable crabby Moon in Cancer aspecting Pluto, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus. Talk about the passion. Say it.

Moon in Leo square Venus in Scorpio and then happy sextiles to Sun and Jupiter. This day is *mostly* fun. Evening dates are better than afternoon ones. Venus in Scorpio has little patience for Leo Moon me-me-me. Once that square is done, all is well (on the micro level).

It’s a mellow weekend to me. Unless your chart is ALL AIR. Because it’s an emotional weekend (although less so on Sunday). Your work, the job to get done is at the feeling level. Emotional processing. And then kick back on Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead: Pluto goes direct on Monday. Mars enters Capricorn on Tuesday. New Moon on Friday. BIG WEEK. 


So I posted this on my Facebook timeline yesterday:

So I spend a large portion of each day lately in spiritual ecstasy and i think I haven’t been eating enough so to compensate this evening after taking an Uber home from Publix (cat food emergency) I ordered dinner and ate more than half of it.
I’m still full and probably shouldn’t lay down yet but really have had enough spiritual ecstasy for one week. I’d like a day off so meditation okay but no prayers, no liturgical music, no seeking the face of the Divine, no no no.
Start again tomorrow. First, rest.

I do tend to share details from my daily life on my Facebook page – always have and I am going through a major spiritual transformation at this time –

the Eclipse was on my Vesta which is conjunct my Ascendent AND 12th house South Node — and I am not telling the whole story anywhere – yet

just bits and pieces here and there. There are more transits as well…. I had Jupiter sextile my Neptune. Was funny because some people predicted this as a love transit because Neptune rules my 7th but it wasn’t the human kind of love – it was/is a dip/dive deeper into spiritual.

So I wrote that on my timeline and a gal posted this:

As someone who has the Progressed Moon in the 8th house and will soon have Jupiter through the 12th, I am fascinated by this post and would love to ask a question or 2 if I may. Are you reciting prayers from a book written by someone or creating them from your own heart? And what are some of the methods you are using to seek the face of the Divine?

I am not writing my own prayers, no. They are prayers from prayer books. I am in the process now of establishing a new prayer practice for myself. One of my practices is recitation of the Psalms, sometimes in English only, sometimes English and Hebrew (language of prayer learned in childhood) with the goal being to say the entire book of psalms every week. Different traditions divide it up differently and also there are usually options, like psalms for Thursday or whatever. But I would like to read the whole thing each week. But the saying of Psalms is just one thing I am working with.

As for the face of the Divine – you know what? I may have said that too fast. It was poetry in this instance. Turn of phrase.

Prayer. Meditation. Contemplation. Learning (books, youtube videos). And working on (it’s not perfect yet lol) the ideal daily schedule for myself that I can (most of the time) stick to.

One thing I have noticed is that lack of balance is not a good thing. One should not only pray. One must eat. Sleep. Exercise. Get fresh air. Talk to people. Work. Clean house etc etc and for a few days this week and last week it was like this… extended spiritual state and I really needed to sleep. One needs energy FOR prayer and meditation. So I’m trying to calm down and integrate the spiritual transformations. They have to be integrated into the life.

So that becomes a question really – a question through the ages – how do you get close to the Divine without going crazy. I suppose this is why monks and nuns break up the spiritual stuff with the hands on work stuff 🙂 obvious I know but I’ve been living it lately.

The face of God is many faces. They are everywhere.

To be continued….