Transit Alert! Pluto Square Jupiter? YES

I don’t know if people are talking about this but I recommend you consider it:

Pluto in Aquarius (beginning 7:50 pm Eastern time tonight) makes a square to Jupiter in Taurus still in the early degrees, early days, after going direct. How I’m interpreting this:

Your Taurus House is about to blow up. With opportunity.

Pluto opportunity. Aquarian opportunity.
Jupiter in Taurus opportunity.

Something out of the blue, unexpected. And not a flash in the pan either. I’m feeling the distance here. What I mean is that there’s a future to it. It’s not a one-off. ¬†It feels big.

Yeah, you can get a reading and have me feel into your chart to get more info (or you can DIY of course). But it’s your Taurus House that’s being acted upon by Pluto (and whatever your Aquarius House symbolizes).

Burn it down. Rise again. Burn it down. Rise again. Burn it down. Rise again. That’s the rhythm here. But ask yourself this: what are you burning down (or what are the fates burning down on your behalf) and why? Is it a repetition or is it… shiny and new like Pluto in Aquarius??????

The other day I was talking to a client and when we got off the phone I realized that he was engaging in these very complicated repetitions year after year after year. I’d never noticed it so clearly before because the repetitions were so complex and took time. And I thought to myself: if he were my patient, I would want to explore this with him, I would try, over time, to point it out so that he could see, so that he could make more conscious choices because oh good lord he was not seeing his own hand, his own doing, in his own life! And I thought to myself: why is he doing it? What is he enacting? If he is aware of it he can choose to keep on keeping on or perhaps… change the channel. And then I associated to this question: what’s the difference between personality and… an intricate latticework of defensive strategies designed to keep the person Unconscious and doing what they’re doing because to realize it would be… shocking. Terrifying. But this is how we live. Absent from our own lives. But I would wonder often since I went back to school: are we merely an accumulation of our caregivers’ selves (conscious and unconscious) and that’s it!

But I’m an astrologer so I know the natal chart exists. Although I love psychoanalysis it can’t explain away THE CHART! That’s a spiritual matter ūüôā The natal chart gets covered over by… LIFE STUFF. ¬†It’s our job to clean if off (says Virgo Moon!).


Pluto comes along and enters a new sign and I see in the sky this transit that probably no one is talking about (because of the orb and Pluto is the slower mover) and thinking how astrology is really just a pile of maps for each of us to sort through. Which map do you have in your hand? Keep your eyes on your Taurus House. Keep your eyes on your Aquarius House. And ask yourself what themes you see repeating over and over and over in your life. What do you notice? What do you keep doing? What do you feel is being done TO you? They are connected. Pluto enters a new sign every 15 to 20 years. Real growth and understanding is available to us all if we’re willing to… be patient (god this is the important part) and see.

It’s funny. I hear this phrase “shadow work” a lot these days. I can promise you this: you hear someone talk about shadow work on instagram it’s probably not shadow work. You think you can just knock on the door of the unconscious and it opens? Ha!

That’s right I said HA!

To be continued

PS The client in this blog post is a composite from memory and imagination and reflects no one in particular except maybe myself. I’m using the time-honored client/case study style to make a point.

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