Homeland: Mercury Enters Cancer

"solar eclipse in cancer"
In astrology, the sign of Cancer is associated with home (among other things).

Mercury enters Cancer today.
Mars is already in Cancer.
The Moon will be in Cancer for a couple days this week, and about a month from now we will experience the first of the summer eclipses, this first one in Cancer! Time to think about home.

Even though the Sun isn’t in Cancer yet, think of this week as (what we used to call in the 1970s) a sneak preview.  And that time is, slowly, speeding up. July will be a life changer for many of us.

Simply now: Mercury is your mind. Mars is your energy. The Moon is your feelings. The Sun is who you are. And the eclipses come to disturb your peace. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Your peace may not be a happy peace. Your peace may need some disturbing. Your peace may not be in your best interest. Your peace may look like peace but is actually stagnation or, worse, sickness. Toxic peace.

An example from my own life: I’m leaving Florida this summer and have been renting a house that has termites. I have learned far more about termite behavior than I ever wanted. Apparently it’s not an unusual problem in these parts. In fact, the friendly pest control guy even said to me: everyone in this neighborhood in these old wooden houses has termites, had termites, or will have them.

I didn’t know the house was infested when I moved in and over the time I’ve lived here, I would look for a new place and stop. Look for a new place and stop.  I would get guidance about it (usually from my regular Tarot reader). I would tell myself: termite season is but once a year and I can handle it and various other self-talk. A beloved cat died and it slowed me down. I was working on my first book and it slowed me down. Everything slowed me down. Life kept getting in the way of moving out and finding a new, most likely temporary, home.

And then there was the Sagittarius gy who told me things could always get worse (and they did) so may as well stay put. And then there was my Tarot gal who told me something surprising and unexpected would arise (she was right). But not before the worsening happened.

Dear Reader, I shall not enumerate for you, at this time, the renter realities I’ve faced in this house and others. There will be time for that later, but I will mention that sometimes I think the only emotions I am capable of feeling anymore are numbness and anxiety. I simply flip between those two like a bad television.

Astrologically though, we are on the verge of a New Moon Eclipse in Cancer. A New Moon (new start) in HOME. I have moved more times in my life than I can count and it’s possible, quite possible, for the first time, that this move back up north may be the last move — either because I’ll die there or because, for once, it’s good enough to stay. Maybe both.

I’ve had moments of peace in the old house. For sure I have. It’s quiet. Then I had a revelation one day. That expansive peace that I felt all around me was my own energy. I take it with me. It’s the same expansive peace my favorite barista notices when she tells me she’s happy I’m sitting at the bar, close enough to chat freely.

Your Eclipse Season may or may not include a big move or new place to live, but a couple things are certain: this eclipse in Cancer will make you question, make you wonder, where is home and where you belong.

Let the searching commence!