Escape Hatch: More About The Astrology Of Right Now

I was feeling boxed in. I was feeling Saturn. I was feeling this crazy sky. I was feeling the fixed grand cross 100% and then… I found a way out.

So I just want to tell you that. There are escape hatches available to you at this time. They are EVERYWHERE. They’re in the trees! Look for them! You might think you’re boxed in, dead ended, your dreams up in smoke!! But that’s not quite how things need to go or are gonna go.

Mars, Uranus, North Node in Taurus. It’s Leo Season. South Node in Scorpio. Saturn in Aquarius.

That, my friends, is what we’re dealing with (a fixed grand cross i.e. you think you cannot move i.e. Hanged Man but the Hanged Man has faith!) and I was watching another Bergman movie last night (started it but didn’t finish yet) and there’s a gruesome moment of a nail being hammered into a guy’s palm and I winced and I looked away, and then today after client sessions and…

I just know it’s not over despite the pain and the bleeding palm.

If something is meant to be yours, it’ll get to you, no matter how circuitous the route! Across the miles! Across the world!

A window into my life, very boring, you can skip this part:

So I want to go back to school. And there’s something very particular I wanna do.

This one program said no, and I felt kinda bummed, and then a few days later found another program which could be perfect for me (and my arts/weirdo background and ODDLY ENOUGH I had a conversation with someone who teaches there and he had a lot of helpful information about BOTH programs…)

but NYC has vaccine mandates, and I’m not sure I want any more (much less keeping up with the CDC’s ever changing definitions. I’m really NOT going to get a shot every four months as “recommended” for my age nope and who knows what will be advised in the fall or winter next year. NY loves its mandates) and I don’t even know if I got in yet.

Then I remembered that although Covid brought us vaccine mandates it also brought us tons of on-line learning so I started searching. For some reason I was only thinking in terms of in-person-NYC and just now I found a year-long on-line program just to learn, and in the meantime I can explore all the on-line options and apply next year to the various programs and by then I’ll have my undergrad transcript as well, etc etc etc.

I thought my dream was totally over, done, gone, that’s it, but I didn’t want to give up.

I’m just sayin’. The sky right now is real hard. But you shouldn’t give up. Not yet. Because what’s going on in your Taurus House is WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE and supposed to be heading. I’m also thinking that it’s good to just get on the train. Maybe it’s not going all the way to your stop but it’ll take you part of the way. At least go part of the way.

More to come…

"Jupiter retrograde"