You’re So Critical! Mercury & Mars Conjunct In Virgo This Weekend

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THIS WEEKEND we have a Mercury Mars conjunction in VIRGO.

In very plain English: YOUR MIND WILL BE ON FIRE.

And I mean this in a good way!

I’ll tell you what this weekend is good for.

-working (labor for money or labor of love)
-practical magick
-practical problem solving
-making lists
-making changes to your health or nutrition
-organizing home and/or office
-getting the job done
-making progress
-eating well
-taking about food and health and wellness
-good grammar
-creative inspiration

You *could be* short tempered.

Mercury is your WORDS.

Virgo is critical, analytical.

Mars is energy. Mars gets irritable. Angry.

And a conjunction aspect is when the two energies are FUSED.

So there could be angry words, angry people. Could be you, could be them.

My advice:

do your work, do your thing!
What’s your thing? Do it!!!!

Don’t get up in people’s drama.

Be practical, efficient, effective.

The energy suits the wisdom teachers and writers and ascetics among us the best but you social butterflies may also find some use out of this transit i.e. due to the EXTRA clean concentration you’ll have! FUEL FOR YOUR BRAIN like a good avocado!

This sky energy also suits the ACTIVISTS and public servants. It is VIRGO after all and Virgo SERVES. Virgo HELPS. VIRGO sees the problem and zooms in to fix with alarming amazing clarity and skill. 

We have another interesting aspect this weekend which I’ll just mention briefly:

we have harmony between beautiful charming nice Venus and surprising electrifying URANUS.

You COULD get a windfall of love or money or both.

Venus Uranus is freedom. Freedom in the way you look and love and make your money. I like it. NO I LOVE IT. Love this weekend.

This reminds me, this morning I drew THE SUN from Crowley’s Thoth deck and I was posting about it in the class (AND YES YOU CAN STILL JOIN US) and I have his Book of Thoth and this book, this deck, is an entire world, it’s hard to excerpt and yet I liked this phrase of his about the SUN card:


Have a beautiful weekend. Stay safe and dry my friends xoxo