Advice For Your Weekend: DO IT DIFFERENTLY (Mercury trine Uranus)

"venus square neptune"
Hmm. Looking at the landscape for this weekend. A few details. 

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday (which needs its own blog post).
Moon will be in fret and putter Virgo.

Sunday is fascinating to me.

Mercury (retrograde) in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius are busy (of course). Your mind and your heart. They’re in a wee bit of “trouble.”
A wee bit.

Mercury trine Uranus.
Venus square Neptune.
Mercury square Chiron.
All in one day!

AND the Virgo Moon will uncomfortably aspect the planets in Sag AND Uranus in Aries. It’s uneasy. Tricky. Discordant. Sagittarius wants no fences and VIRGO MOON IS A FENCE! Sag says LET’S GO and Virgo says: are you sure about that????

It’s not some terrible gruesome weekend BUT we have a mutable mess.

Gemini fills in the empty leg of the t-square. Are you listening Gemini?

I am not predicting the terrible and the gruesome but I think you will feel pressured to… measure up, to solve problems and put out fires, to be THE ONE they come to and make it all better, Gemini. And, frankly, I don’t think that’s your job — not this weekend anyway.

Mercury Uranus in inspired. GREAT!
But Venus Neptune is blindsided.
And Mercury Chiron is that negative tape loop in your head.
Can we just cruise on that Mercury Uranus vibration? Maybe.

How to navigate all this and turn it into something productive which is what Virgo Moon always wants? 

Putter. Tend to the little things. Straighten up the smaller room. Fold. 

Do it differently.
Do it out of order.
Do it fresh and new and Uranus + Virgo + Mercury retrograde?
That’s the sky. It’s what we have. It’s good!
But do it differently than EVER before.

"venus square neptune"
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Mercury Goes Direct :) May 3rd!!

"moon trine saturn"
I want to talk to you about next week, but before I do that, I want to give you the important links!

Here is a link to my latest blog post on Patheos Pagan. I’m there with my own column every week.

Here is a link to the Facebook Invite about the SAW Tarot Workshop. Who is saw? Sequential Artists Workshop! Please check them out!

I will be doing a LOCAl Workshop this month but then also adapting the in-person workshops into on-line courses. I love working with artists and writers!

And in terms of readings and stuff :) it’s business as usual in MoonPlutoLand with these TWO exceptions:

my reading and teaching bundles are $25 off until midnight tonight AND tomorrow is Mini-Moon Monday – $35 for 15 min Tarot by Facebook Messenger – one or two questions…


I feel intensely that your focus will be better and basically it’s back to work.

Mercury goes direct and even though there is a “shadow period” for Mercury to move out of, in my humble opinion you will FEEL like you are back on track and you know what?


even though Mercury will conjoin Uranus again! Mercury will be direct. Venus is direct. It’s this delayed Aries Season that I think has been, well, difficult for a lot of us. Next week also we have a Virgo Moon. You’re ready to move on from the April energies. Do you feel this? I do — even though I can’t believe May is around the corner (tomorrow, as I write this).

Something else is on my mind – before I tell you more about next week – and it’s about… discovering who YOU are as an astrologer. There are lots of astrologers with lots of ideas and they don’t need to accept you or to agree with you. In fact, they may be downright dismissive of what you do and how you do it. But I want to encourage you to keep doing and finding YOUR thing, astrologically, whether you read charts for others or just for yourself, for fun. 

IN part this is why I have avoided “astrology world” — too much hairsplitting and competition and honestly what I do includes astrology of course but THERE IS MORE.

There will always be haters, even among the topic you love so much! Believe in yourself, in your vision. Community is a double-edged sword. YES I have three personal planets in the 11th house, Sun, Mercury, and Mars — in Cancer — but I also have a first house MoonPluto. I need community yes but my needs run far deeper than buddies or people of “like interest.” Moon Pluto has to go deep, deeper. Always.

Please don’t marry the cookbook. Please don’t fail to develop your system. Please don’t believe everything your teachers taught you, including me. Please don’t make your magick an aesthetic instead of YOUR LIFE.

Yes I am biased but it’s my blog. Of course I’m biased. My spiritual life is not marketing and some things aren’t for sale.

Sermon over :)

It’s an easy going week. Honestly.

Sun sextile Neptune on Wednesday (harmonious aspect) which is good for most spiritual and creative endeavors as long as you do the high side of determined Taurus and become a blockade for the right reason and purpose–

and Sun inconjuct Jupiter on Friday (less harmonious) but the inconjunct is a battle of the VENUS. Taurus and Libra :)

Keyword for the inconjunct is “adjustment” – you may want to check up on the Houses of your chart for more detail about this one but off the top of my  head I’m thinking about the pleasure and comfort of Taurus having to accommodate others! Jupiter in LIBRA (the others). MY FOOD versus OUR LOVE :)

Next week is far more dynamic but “not bad” at all. Saturn is square Chiron today as well (it’s exact, with Saturn retrograde) and that feels kinda sloppy, edgy. Saturn can’t figure out what Chiron needs today (or is too bossy about it) and maybe today you can just “let it go.”

Sometimes we have to tell Saturn: LET IT GO.

I have a Moon Saturn trine in my natal chart and Saturn is the topmost planet in my chart in my 9th and I’m a teacher BUT I am not Saturn. At least I HOPE I do not patronize or silence others (which is low vibration Saturn and all too common).

Okay folks :) please check out the links above. Stay in touch. Let me know if you want a mini reading for Mini-Moon Monday and I’ll see you soon.


So In The New Year + The Stars Tomorrow! End of 2015 BYE

"new year's eve" So in the New Year (news and commercials. Scroll down for the Astrology). 

I will return to more blogging blogging blogging, the writing writing writing  — although still with the videos. I’ll also most likely be back on Beliefnet with the Tarot column! 

There will be a January astrology class and I am running my special on readings throughout January as well – $65 for one hour and then back up to usual rate in February (unless I change my mind!). This rate is for VOICE or CHAT only. Email Readings are regular price. 

Someone just wrote me about life coaching and YES I do this, it’s the way to work with me in-depth. The Reading Bundles are for this purpose. Also am taking Tarot students for 1:1 lessons. All of this CONTINUES. 

Beginning of next week may be a bit slow but then back up to speed. 

No other business at this time to share with you :) New Year on the way. 

Uranus went direct square my Sun and the Sun was square my Uranus and… change is afoot! The Tarot Fives! 

END OF THE YEAR! I fucking HATED this year. And I am happy to swear here, on my own blog. I swore in one of my videos and some yahoo chastised me for it ANYWAY fuck you 2015.

As for the STARS tomorrow, the last day of the year:

keep busy. Still under a VIRGO MOON until NIGHT or wee hours depending on your time zone. In fact wow very few exact aspects tomorrow. Moon Jupiter conjunction in the morning feels good. Moon trine Mercury (Virgo/Capricorn) also feels good NOT crazy :) unlike that doozy of a Full Moon. See, I think we end 2015 on a stable no nonsense note. On the West Coast of the U.S. the Moon is in Libra for the midnight tolling but other time zones may still be in VIRGOLAND. Interesting isn’t it? Some of you will say goodbye with Virgo mind and others with Libraland. Which do you prefer?????????

If I’m not back tomorrow, Happy New Year. Blessings to you.



Virgo Moon Says: More Than One Feline Is Best

"full moon eclipse in libra" I feel like I lost track.

Maybe it was tunnel vision.

I was working on my site makeover (which you see here) and my taxes and I had some health issues in February and I want to visit my sister depending on health matters normalizing and… now what?

It was all these big projects. Do I now have the space to decide? Which one to approach? Or more than one?

What is the most important thing NOW? What is the priority, besides what is right in front of me, my clients, home…

Virgo usually sees what is right there and can miss the Big Picture. Saturn in Sagittarius is retrograde. Does that make our vision bigger or smaller?

Nothing settled.
The past is.
The present is.
The future is… ?

In between Eclipses. Jupiter goes direct just a few days after the Full Moon. We are hovering, neither here nor there.

I did a Celtic Cross for myself before taking a nap.

Nine of Wands was my outcome. “You will live to fight another day.”

Discipline. Courage. Strength. Looks like I’m not giving up.

Virgo Moon says:

If you are in the fight zone, you may need some extra rest. I suggest felines for this. And a comfortable mattress. And a good tea. More than one mattress, more than one tea. I’ve been making ginger infusions (although not before bed — ginger is stimulating) but drinking it until around this time (late afternoon). I also like more than one place to sleep. And more than one cat.

The Full Moon Eclipse on Saturday no doubt brings a resolution or ending to some part of your life and yet…? More question marks again.

I like these words from DJ Conway in her Moon Magick book:

In order to open a new door, we must close an old one. Often we know this must be done, but are at a loss of how to do it. This ritual will set the stage. Be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves.

Are you ready to close one door and open another? What will you do? 

"full moon eclipse in libra"

I Am The Routine Bitch: Help For The Distracted

"mercury sextile saturn" I was just telling someone that I am the ROUTINE BITCH.

I love creating structure and framework for people. And I love working with procrastinators and those of messy mind —  although a Routine Bitch (Routine Coach?) can only do so much. I can’t make you do the work — but I can help you make a map and encourage you.

Today the Moon is Void of Course. Many of us will be distracted but tomorrow the MOON IS IN VIRGO ALL DAY and you know what Moon in Virgo wants? Yes, my lovelies, a schedule. ORDER. So plan your worker-bee-work accordingly.

This is how we, the Star Lovers, live our lives. We notice that on Thursday, February 5th the Moon is in Virgo AND Mercury is sextile Saturn. Yes Mercury is retrograde but that doesn’t mean abandonment. Aquarius is a FIXED sign. We hold steady. But we may be tending to items and issues that are rooted in the past.

Mercury (mind) sextile Saturn (work) + Moon (what I need to make me feel okay) in Virgo (work) = NO REST (unless your particular chart/experience/timing indicate otherwise.)

PS WEEKEND PREDICTION: Venus sextile Pluto and conjunct Chiron. Venus is following in Mars’ footsteps here. So a resolution or a new chapter is coming to the issues that Mars Chiron was stoking. It will feel better though, much better. Venus has a lighter touch, a kiss to where it hurt so badly about a week or so ago. 

Surviving Venus Square Saturn *Today*

"moon conjunct pluto"What I wrote on Facebook last night:

Thinking about sex. Need to blog about this. My experience of sexual experience. And the needs of the Moon Pluto person. If we do not tell our stories we will be consumed by them.

And I think this is perfect for the sky we’re under — Venus in Leo is square Mars and Saturn in Scorpio.

If you are trying to have sex under this sky? Reaching for intimacy under this sky. Reaching for his or her hand under this sky. Please don’t expect to get all your needs met or romantic fantasies or all holes (INCLUDING THE HOLE THAT IS THE HEART) filled.

The Moon in Virgo makes wonderful aspects though — so stick to what you know (Mercury) and create ORDER. Not chaos. But order.

Venus in Leo will NOT have a good day. Her needs will NOT be met. So get over it, okay? There will be many more days for chocolate kisses. I PROMISE. Turn the drama down to LOW, real low. 

In the meantime:

Moon sextile Saturn
Moon sextile Mars
Moon conjunct Mercury…

You can see how good this is for work, right? Good for MIND. Even if you slept poorly. Focus, concentration, dedication are ALL GOOD. It’s your heart that hurts.

I remember mentioning in one of the chat rooms to put off tough stuff until mid-week, until Venus had cleared Mars Saturn. But I don’t always take my own advice. THE MOON PLUTO PERSON often cannot wait and cannot stop and thus we suffer. And thus we must learn: 

-that we are grace
-that we give grace
-that we receive grace
-we are grace, patience, and equanimity

I am so sorry — those of you who are struggling in your relationships. There’s a lot of pain going around. There always seems to be enough somehow. I’m so sorry. Let me pull a card…

Who do we see? THE MAGICIAN.

You don’t have to share it all. You don’t have to share… all your tricks, tricks of the trade. Sleight of hand is called for. Where is your magic book? Look in your book — for a spell, an idea. Which means, you must take time out to read. No rushing. Magic tricks get sloppy when you’re in a hurry. I’m not encouraging dishonesty but I am asking for your… expertise.

Venus square Saturn can be cold. Venus square Saturn can be mean. Venus square Saturn rejects before getting rejected. Venus square Saturn can feel ugly, unworthy, and wrong.

Sorry I just can’t whitewash Venus square Saturn and give you the “up” side of this aspect today. It’s a brutal one.

But I just drew the Ace of Cups so I wouldn’t give up just yet.

Love, MP

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The Stars This Week! Moon in Virgo Moon in Virgo Moon in Virgo

"venus square uranus" I want to give you some advice.

But first, I’m going to ignore — for the moment — the obvious, edgy, and interesting transits of the week. I’m going to IGNORE THEM!

But I shall list them :)

-Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus *and* TRINE Saturn and Chiron. Yes that’s right. Venus opposing Pluto. Venus squaring Uranus. Venus trine Saturn. Venus trine Chiron. All this week!

-Mercury entering LEO (July 31st)

-Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo

-Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo (thus Mars in Scorpio is squaring them both)

By the way, it’s brutally hot in this apartment as I type here. Let me know if I get my transits wrong.

I’m giving you this transit landscape so you know, okay? SO YOU KNOW. That your feel-good mechanism Venus is under stress and duress but by week’s end you get a Saturn Chiron shaped cookie. Actually a Venus Saturn Chiron shaped cookie. A Grand Trine in Water. Relationships (Venus) are simultaneously prickly and stable. Oy. Feels like a PROCEDURE to me.

The Mars Jupiter square is cranky or horny, depending.

And Mercury into Leo of course means MORE CATS MORE CATS MORE CATS!!!

Aside: for some reason the Leo/Scorpio squares make me laugh. When these two duke it out, I want a front row seat. Both signs have their moments (ahem) of vanity and pride. I recommend popcorn! Both these signs say LOOK AT ME – but in very different ways. Leo is a STAR (hair fluffing) but Scorpio’s got the GAZE. Know anyone with this combo in their chart? You haven’t lived until you’ve been corned by a Leo/Scorpio combo. The intensity of their attention upon you is an oasis in the desert that has become your life. AN OASIS. A GRAND TRINE WATER. That’s what this week has in store FOR YOU. And for me. The passion of Leo. The passion of Scorpio. WHO WILL LIVE AND WHO WILL PERISH UNDER THESE STARS? And I mean that metaphorically. I want my blog to take you away from current events and tragedies. Not immerse you in them.

So I told you more than I was planning to. What I really want to talk about is THIS WEEK’S VIRGO MOON! 

What is Virgo Moon? Obsessive! Hard-working. Meticulous. Arranging the knickknacks on the gas fireplace mantle with loving care! Double-bagging the garbage to keep the smell from perfuming the room. And details. And service. And time management. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS, BITCHES!

This is how you survive the week. At least until the Moon enters Libra ;) And then you’ll be back to obsessing over the WRONG THINGS (like over that guy, sigh) but at least you’ll get a head start! On your work! Work work work work!

Start your engines busy bees! Moon goes void of course on the East coast tonight and doesn’t enter Virgo until tomorrow night. I know some don’t work as much or as hard during void of course but I tend to keep going — but making room for an extra 12th House moment – a nap, a star gaze, a lull…

Thank you for reading :) Yes I am loopy from the heat.


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My new post is up on Beliefnet! Meditation on Temperance (Tarot Card) 

Tarot For Your Weekend: All Hell Not Breaking Loose

"pluto opposition sun by transit"“Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I got a war in my mind.”
-Lana Del Rey

A home isn’t just the house itself, the frame, or even what goes on inside your door.

It’s also right outside your door. Your neighbors (if you have them). The street. The street across the street. The stores or businesses surrounding. The air. Molten concrete or downy grass. The people who walk up and down your life each day, drunk, stupid, in pain, laughing, perfect, illuminated whatever whoever they are :)

Home is not just the room you sleep in or eat in or mope in (hello Sun in Cancer). Trees or lack of them. Stars at night. Gritty. Serene. Maybe gritty IS your serene!


And now back to our regular scheduled blog post…

This evening I spent a couple hours doing my change of address. Not just the Post Office but credit cards (on-line and phone calls) and then a list of everything else… paperless billing, cell phone, the bank, and more. The details didn’t stop, which is perfect for the Moon being in Virgo. We handle it better. Virgo supports this stuff. Also scheduled moving day, made a list of items to be moved even though it’s not all packed yet. Did I mention the Moon is in Virgo? It’s a lot to manage. See, moving isn’t just an emotional process, upheaval, it’s a deeply practical process. EARTH. Details. Lists. Intricate. Getting shit done. FAITH IS NEEDED. Faith is needed to get up each day to pack up your life. To throw away pieces of your life. To pack up your life. I bought a paper shredder.

Guidance for you now for the rest of the week from the Tarot (keeping in mind the Sun Pluto opposition in orb now but not exact and that you should do no harm do no harm do no harm, NOT make things worse, TRY not to make things worse and if you do, apologize):

Six of Wands! Well hello I just pulled this card for someone, shuffled, and here he is again.

What’s the advice you ask?

Just ride.

The Stars Today: Temperance Alert!

More advice for the rest of the Holiday Season (what will get you through December and the New Moon on January 1st):

the Temperance card from the Tarot. Not in the sense of drinking or not drinking (I’m NOT even going to go there) — but in the sense of mixology.

Combining. Coordinating. Compromise. Mixing. A supersize angel whispering in your ear the instructions for the magic you must make. You aren’t alone in this.

Sometimes I get this card as a marriage card (really!) but the point I want to make right now is about the marriage inside you — balancing mind and emotions, yang and yin, body in balance.

I know I’ve been writing some pretty gloomy posts about the sky-energy we’re all under and the tendency of Cardinal signs to want to push through and take a stand and draw lines in the sand and up and leave and…

but I also feel Sun and Mercury in Capricorn will force us to slow down like Saturn – despite the attending squares and oppositions.

But MoonPluto – you may say – isn’t that the tension? The angst of the Uranus Pluto square stirred up by faster moving planets in Capricorn as well as Mars in Libra?

Yes. Of course. But the Moon is in Virgo today and I felt myself tune-in to the deep earth. That if you can stay low, low to the ground, and listening, you’ll make it out alive ;) and smiling :)

Another topic:

on my Facebook last night I posted about love. I wrote this:

“Only just beginning to understand love. Not sure I really “get it” entirely but grateful for the experience.” And I meant it. I’m in a discovery process here.

An old friend of mine reminded me of a Wendell Berry poem called The Country of Marriage and a few others chimed in with their thoughts.

And what I also want to say is: it’s not what you think. Meaning, I haven’t shared a word yet about this experience. And I don’t even know if it can be described (as I experience it) but I will try! The words of others reflect their experience, not mine. But I hope to share mine more and more, in words, because the topic and the experience fascinates me.

AND I’m not saying that Berry describes my experience,  but I wanted to share a few of his words–

“Sometimes our life reminds me
of a forest in which there is a graceful clearing
and in that opening a house,
an orchard and garden,
comfortable shades, and flowers
red and yellow in the sun, a pattern
made in the light for the light to return to.
The forest is mostly dark, its ways
to be made anew day after day, the dark
richer than the light and more blessed,
provided we stay brave
enough to keep on going in.”

You can Google him to find the entire poem.

What thoughts are you thinking? About Christmas. About love.

Love, MP

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$50 by PayPal for a 45 minute Reading. Instant Message or Email or Phone. Order this reading TODAY OR TOMORROW but we don’t have to do the reading then — can do it after Christmas. 

Also, blog post to come announcing the new class Matthew and I will be doing in January. It is going to be AWESOME!

ETA: he just finished a blog post about it CLICK HERE 

Lemon Excursion & The Moon In Virgo!

We’re making fish tonight.

Well, my husband is.

I don’t cook much.

When I do, it’s… not really cooking. More like burning. Yearning! For something good to eat ;)

I was at the store actually, ready to buy MEAT.

My body craves protein and I called him up to ask his advice about different cuts of meat that I was staring at and all he had to say was the word MUSCLE as he began to explain why such and such cut was superior to the one I was eyeing and… I had second thoughts. I’m squeamish like that. VIRGO MOON. One word and I was DONE. I’m NOT as squeamish about fish.

Fish, by the way are associated with fertility, with luck and protection and this reminded me of Jupiter, the original ruler of Pisces.

And then I checked the lemons. The lemons were no longer viable so my husband left on a lemon excursion (and for garlic and butter) and you guessed it, I started thinking about THE STARS TODAY.

Well, actually, the Stars Tomorrow:

the Moon will be in work mode (VIRGO, details, service and cutie pie sourpuss, cleaning up messes, analysis, file folders and list making!).

Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) is retrograde in secretive, persistent Scorpio, and Mercury will conjoin lesson-giver meanie Saturn.

What will this mean for you? Well, we’ve had this conjunction before. On October 8th to be exact. It’s solemn. It’s serious. It’s… bad? Not necessarily.

It was just a few weeks ago. What were you up to that first week of October and what’s happening now?  TIME TO SEAL THE DEAL.

And time for dinner :)

Love, MP


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Scent Mark Your World: MOON IN LEO

Overwhelmed with emotion and can’t untangle them to define them and thus… speak.

And I don’t think I need to.

I’m understood here. By my readers. By my husband too. Pretty much :)

Yes, I’ve been reading Salinger again and really I’ve just started.

Got his Nine Stories the other day and read one story on the train. Couldn’t stop thinking about it for 24 hours. 48 hours.

And then I forgot to take it with me on the train the day after, and I started again today. Another story. And I want to write my own stories. I was a poet. I was a playwright. Once upon a time. Never ever thought I would write… a story. But I see Saturn in my 3rd House. North Node in my 3rd House. Jupiter stationing on my Mercury. We’ll see. Maybe it’s best to read Salinger this way. Although of course it’s different for everyone.

YOUR TRANSITS: WHAT THE HELL? Any clue where you’re going?

This blog post is a bit of a MISH MASH because I’ve got a mish mash in my mind but I’m just going to go with it.

*For the Virgo Moons out there and my Virgo-ish clients: Virgo Moon has a way of making everything smaller. And then making everything bigger. Worries get big. Accomplishments get small.

*For the currently transited by Saturn: add Neptune like adding sugar. In one corner, there’s gloom. In the other corner: escapism, refusal. In between them is faith. Faith in what? Just that. Open the window a crack. Even if you don’t know what for. Between denial and mad fear is faith. Hope. You’re not oblivious. Or in terror. You rest.

*From time to time I write about Chiron and I see astrologers are torn. Some believe IT CANNOT BE HEALED. And others believe IT CAN. “It” meaning the Chiron wound. I now believe healing is possible. Change is possible. Chiron in Pisces is a gift to us who are alive now. Don’t ignore transiting Chiron in your chart. Because there it gets better. Chiron goes direct in November at 9 degrees.

*Pay attention to Mercury retrograde and the people in your life. Mercuries are those people who have saved you who have ferried you from hell, back to life. How many Mercuries do you have. Whatever is good in your life, be with it. Protect it. This is always my warning because in the blink of an eye life changes. Sometimes a retrograde brings people back to us. With Scorpio it could be dead souls. Guides. Power animals. All manner of being. Love ferried me out of hell. And now that I’m out of hell, I’m a little disoriented :) not so bad :)

*Next week is intense. I’m still planning to blog day by day for the play by play. Pluto sextile Chiron, Mars opposing Chiron, Uranus squares Pluto (exact), the New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio…. so do stay tuned here. I’ll help you along. Moon in Leo this weekend so enjoy, purr, play, eat your treats, cuddle, scent mark your world :)

Love, MP


The Stars Today: STRONG, SOLID: Moon Sextile Saturn & Trine Pluto

Two posts from my Facebook and three videos. I know not everyone is hooked up to me on Facebook so figured I better double-post :) To see all my videos go to my YOUTUBE channel!


I felt sad this morning. Not sad. I can’t find the word.

The deeply wistful? Missing family. LONGING.

But wait no, not longing.

More like… a memory imbued with deep feeling but not longing and not nostalgia.

I NEED A NEW WORD. I was remembering myself from a certain age in a certain time and place and the hopes I had then and the illusions I had then, and how much things had changed but NOT wishing I was back there and also trying to situate myself in the present. How much things had changed. Who I was then. Who I am now. THERE MUST BE A GERMAN WORD FOR THIS.

And I did something different with it. Instead of forcing myself to DO something with it, like write a poem. I just felt it. And then made a video for Rosh Hashanah. See, feelings move on their own. We don’t need to wrestle them to the ground. Sometimes we don’t even need to create a monument to them. Sometimes we just acknowledge their presence. Hello, feeling. Thank you.


Doing readings is not easy for me, but I love it.

I am not a jealous person but sometimes I do get jealous of those for whom it is “easy” — the ideas or words just fly out of them. I work slowly, quietly, deeply, sometimes painfully. It is worth it though.

Just now wrapping up with someone who was asking about a couple of key transits. When I talk about a person’s chart it’s never a cookbook interp. Of course keywords may play a part but what I see is particular to that person.

“You know how I’m reading this? Healing energy. Healing from the inside out. Like inside you is a radiant glowing husk and it… has been covered over for years, centuries… and just now, since this transit began, finally your light is emerging. From way deep down inside you. YEARS from this lifetime but also LIFETIMES. I believe this.

You MUST consult inner guidance (all her transits are 12th House involved) to know what to do next. That’s what I feel this transit is about the most. About trusting yourself and your instincts.

On a mundane level? You know you MUST change but aren’t clear how. That’s the Neptune part. Your work, your health (i.e. sobriety). 6th House involvement here. 12th/6th axis. This transit no doubt matches up with that timeframe, say, when Neptune got closer or perhaps it may even match up with Neptune stationing.

Far as Venus Uranus goes… well Uranus is exciting but also can be erratic. In a trine though… more stable. Or easier to deal with any off/on energy. You go with the fire flow. But Uranus is creativity. I think… with Venus trine Uranus you finally figure out how to make your Venus happy. You become a Genius at Love. It’s about believing you CAN be happy. I think this is a new thought for you. To truly believe it is possible.”

One other thing though–
it is so easy to tell someone TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS but when you see massive 12th House action like this… you know you must tell them, you must make sure they KNOW that the inner guidance comes from Divine guidance.

Trusting ourselves… especially for those who have known trauma… it’s fucking hard. I see this over and over with clients. I see it in myself.


Happy Rosh Hashanah y’all. Have a sweet beautiful New Year to all my supporters and readers here

Love, MP

New Moon In Virgo: ELIMINATE WITH JOY (Sept 5th)

One thing I did not mention in my video: the New Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Virgo opposing CHIRON, the Wounded Healer. I may address this in another video but for the moment, keep this in mind:

No one is out to get you. Really. It’s YOU.

You know how they say we “project our 7th House.” At least that’s the word on the street. The 7th House is other people and we have trouble owning what is OURS. We are cut off from what is OURS i.e. our “less than savory” qualities i.e. the qualities WE find less that savory (or sweet!).

Did you know we do this with ALL the HOUSES? Not just the 7th. My point here is that I want you to find this axis in your chart because you may have forgotten YOU, while you are busy blaming others. Find the Virgo Pisces axis because it is TIME TO HEAL the long-infected wounds :)

Chiron is not necessarily PAIN at this time. Chiron could be a healer come into your life. Chiron could be the healing itself. Chiron could be YOU. Chiron could be the past is gone, welcome to the future. Chiron could be your lover. Chiron is confronting you and what will you do about it? Will you hide? Will you hide in your EGO? In your Sun? In your Virgo-has-to-be-right-all-the-time fisticuffs? Or will you let it go (Pisces). You are the Sun here. You are the Chiron. You are the healer and the dis-ease.

The Stars This Weekend: Hide The Knives!

Moon is in Virgo all day and not ALL Virgos (Sun or Moon) are health obsessed (i.e. health nuts) but I would say that they know their own bodies as well (if not better) than the doctors and healers diagnosing them thus… if you have a Virgo client, TRUST their perceptions. They have done their research. They have scoured every resource for treatment. They are proof-oriented. THEY ARE EARTH REAL WORLD PEOPLES.

Virgo gets nervous I know. Virgo gets very nervous, worried, tied up in worst-case-scenario knots AND YET how you help them is to listen to what they are saying and help them separate the truth from the fear. That is Virgo’s gift: DISCERNMENT. But not every Virgo has their god-given essence down pat. I know this sounds strange, but it’s true.

What is your experience with Virgo? 

Virgo is hard working thus today is a day not for napping but for detail-oriented work. Your mind today is sharp, taking things apart. Do it kindly :) Be a healer not a destroyer.


And speaking of healing, yesterday I found a healer. A physical therapist is who is going to help me with a problem that I’ve been fretting over and suffering with for more than a year. An hour or so after our appointment (she did some in depth work on me) I was talking to my boyfriend and suddenly felt new transparent clarity in a certain chakra (the chakra she was working on -although she didn’t use that word). Someone had wiped off the windows. FINALLY. Released tension. I can feel freedom coming.

Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to focus on your health, your body, your animal friends, fix-it projects around the house or at work. Maintaining what’s already happening but with a side of self-improvement.


Tomorrow, Mars enters Cancer which is thought to be a “bad” placement for Mars and I’m not going to go into the astro lore of that but instead come to Mars in Cancer’s defense :) even though Mars in Cancer may have a hard time defending herself, she will defend others — the small, the meek, the weak, the underdog and undercat!

To me, Mars in Cancer is the superhero placement. Yes yes yes I know Mars in Cancer moves sideways or indirectly and then blows his/her top BUT Mars in Cancer is a fierce Mama Lion (or crab) who yes yes yes cries when she’s angry or scared but still kicks your ass if need be. And then feels guilty. She will take prisoners… and then feed them chicken soup.


Sunday the Moon is in Libra, crashing into Mars and Jupiter and Pluto and Uranus thus a GRAND CROSS. Tension in your relationships. If you need a break, force yourself to take it. People living in close quarters, hide the knives!

Libra is concerned with relationships and getting along and gets accused of being shallow, keeping life on a surface level so that things don’t get too hairy. Now, being a peace-keeper does not automatically mean absence of depth HOWEVER Libras are under stress on Sunday. Cancer gets weepy. Pluto gets controlling. And Uranus is off the rails. What to do? Libra icing will NOT be good enough. Libras you are being compelled by the Universe to go deeper and show the world how tough and real you really are, how VENUS MATTERS and that getting along is underrated. Without Venus, we’d all be dead. Also, and I’m not joking here, stand up for your right to look good this weekend. No matter what, do your hair, your make-up, and for the love of god choose the shirt without holes in it. People are looking and you will need to look good.

Got weekend plans? 

Love, MP


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Help For South Node In Virgo And Other Woeful PerfectionistTypes


Relationships are on my mind. I’m compelled to use all caps again and YES I AM YELLING WHEN I DO THIS.


Relationships bring up issues we didn’t even KNOW were issues because BEFORE we were looking in the mirror and NOW we are looking at another person and they are looking at us and HELLO INTIMACY we’re not alone anymore and we are confronted with all the ways we try to control ourselves and everyone and everything around us (absence of flow, absence of faith) and MAYBE this isn’t your problem but it’s my problem (part of my problem) and I’m realizing I have a limited definition of… what I feel is okay.

And that must change. I must make… room.

Are you in a relationship? A new one? An old one? What’s happening? 

VIRGO SOUTH NODE PEOPLE or anyone seeking perfection instead of process, this post is for you. As someone said on my Facebook today, there are days for fitting into your clothes and then there are days for fried bread :) but sometimes I have this TERROR in me and relationships are OPPOSITIONS (Me vs. We) thus WE ARE SEEN including the terror and it feels all quakey until the other person says that thing I was talking about here I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

Those of you who are my Facebook friends and who participate on my page (and in my chat room) know bits and pieces of my story and know that there is food being cooked around here IT IS CANCER SEASON AFTER ALL and we NEED to be fed so PLEASE ALLOW IT GRAND TRINE IN WATER PEOPLE JUPITER SATURN NEPTUNE STOP GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY!

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: MOON IN LEO (Part Two) With A Side of Virgo

The Moon doesn’t enter Virgo until tomorrow, but let’s prepare shall we?

Virgo tends to prefer order, few surprises except for planned ones and even then… (God I remember the one time someone threw me a surprise party. My previous landlady did this. I was horrified.)

I know I know some Virgo or other will chime in here and tell me they are in love with chaos and disorder so I’ll speak for myself as a

1. Virgo South Node 2. Virgo Rising 3. Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto in the 1st House

I am a tyrant in the home. Virgo (order) at home (Moon) in an extreme (Pluto) way. Before my roommate moved in with me, I made sure to put stickies over the cupboards so she knew whose was whose. I did not want to merge. Wanted it known what was mine and not to be trespassed. Keep your stuff over there.

Now I’d read that description of me before (about being a tyrant at home) and it never really rang true until I… admitted it.

Everything in its place.

I am not a clean-freak although I am THE clean one in this current household, putting dirty dishes in the sink, wiping off counters, sweeping the floor, and so on. Practically speaking, we will get bugs if these things are not tended to, but it’s more than that — waking up to, living in, a world of filth brings me down :)

But one gal’s filth is another one’s… freedom.

It’s also a matter of MINE. Moon conjunct Pluto is ALL about the MINE.


TODAY, Wednesday July 10th: Moon in LEO.

Missy in the comments told me that yesterday my Moon in Leo forecast was right on for her so let’s see what the Moon is up to today.

As I type this, the Moon is conjunct Venus (applying) so I think you’ll have a better day, Missy! In fact, it will feel SO much better than yesterday that you may feel a little crazy because of the energy flip.

You will win today by… being yourself: warm, loving, and loyal like the Sun.

The Moon rules that which is is UNCONSCIOUS. Instincts. Habits. Today you will be able to feed and please yourself and others much better. Less angsty. It’s like… what didn’t work yesterday becomes today’s magic answer.

Love, MP


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What Would Make You Happy? Where’s Your Moon?

Tonight my boyfriend asked me what would make me happy and I always have trouble with this question. Let him be the happy one. Let me stick my hands in some other body.

Having him here has changed my life and makes me happy but when he asked me that question I needed time. I eventually came up with two things over dinner at IHOP.

Both items were Virgo Moon related he noted. Both 6th House I noted. Both micro not big picture but necessary picture.

The first: a health condition I want to solve by natural means and physical therapy and 2. I want to do REAL pushups. I do “girl” push ups just fine (even speed push ups) but I want to graduate to military style, full body.

What would make you happy? 

Love, MP


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Eastern Chart People: How Alone Are You?

Having a real (Saturn) functional relationship is probably the most difficult and yet the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.

And I pause for a moment. More difficult than bedbugs? More difficult than my mother dying? Stripping away the layers. Defenses. Shell molting?

Thinking about the chart, in general: 5th House is the early stages of love. 7th House is the marriage, commitment. 8th House is INTIMACY. Between the 5th and 7th is what? 6th House i.e. WORK. It takes WORK.

My first astrologer pointed this out to me once. Told me it wouldn’t be easy. I had my first reading with her when I was in my 20s and looked her up when I was in my 30s and we had this AMAZING reading. She taped it. And then the tape got lost in the mail.

See, those of us with Eastern charts (everything on the left hand side) we NEED you people with your busy 6th, 7th, 8th Houses to teach us how to RELATE and see the other side. And it’s not that I fake it but that… there’s a difference between desire and longing for something and… actually being able to, yes, make it work.

I have an 8th House Chiron: intimacy REAL intimacy (for some of us) is the most difficult thing in the world but imagine this: if Chiron’s wounds could stop crying, if you could get close to just one person, your world would start to open up.

Defenses down, Crab People. We are all Crab People during Cancer Season. Hiding in our shells, emotionally intense. The key to getting through these days is REASSURANCE.

My boyfriend has Moon in Cancer and I have Moon in Virgo. Sure he can interpret my fixation on his eating habits as love but what a Cancer Moon needs most… must come from the heart, not from the mind.

So I salute all of you who are working on this, who have struggled with this, who want this more than anything, even if you don’t know why, even if you keep fucking it up and retreating to your privacy pod and beautiful, terrifying defense mechanisms which you needed THEN. Which you don’t need NOW.

Crabs grow but their exoskeletons don’t. If a crab is going to keep growing, every once in a while it has to ditch the shell.

Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend, June 14th – 16th

It was the summer of her 42nd year. She was about to turn 43. Right there at the edge of it. And life got interesting. Very interesting. It had been that long since it was interesting except for a week in the spring (you know which week that was, faithful readers!).

Are you feeling this too? This turning? This is a Grand Trine in Water summer, Jupiter entering Cancer summer, Saturn going direct summer, but also a retrograde summer and you can take that either way: a backtrack or fate finally catching up to you. Maybe a little of both.

Friday, June 14th: Venus in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces. A little love goes a long way. Moon in Leo sextile Jupiter: your friends are happy to see you :) Relatively short void of course moon and then the Moon enters meticulous Virgo. Moon sextile Saturn and then Moon opposing Neptune. Oh how the Moon in Virgo hates to be fooled and what I’m picturing is you having a lovely night at the pub with your friends… and the phrase “beer goggles” is coming to mind.

Saturday, June 15th: all major exact aspects are Moon in Virgo aspects: details, order, perfection, THE CLEANSE. Scrub scrub scrub my friends. Service. Spirituality. Self-improvement. Keep hands and mind BUSY. Mars is inconjunct Pluto which is another way of saying… it will take some effort to stay focused. The cure for your particular hangover is cleaning house. And possibly trimming body hair.

Sunday, June 16th: Chiron in Pisces goes retrograde (just like Neptune did days ago). The Moon aspects are edgier and the Moon enters Libra to end the weekend on a more cooperative note.

Friday is best for love (within reason!). Saturday is best for work. Sunday is best for watching the wheels.

One more thought about Chiron retrograde: I am calling this the “you missed a spot” transit. Could be a health matter, a money matter, a problem you thought you solved but there was fine print below the fine print below the fine print. Ew.

But lucky for us, we have not quit, we go higher and higher, and everything that rises must converge :)

Love, MP


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Saturn Lessons From My Virgo Moon, May 26th, 2013

Saturn isn’t just the meanie teacher, the disciplinarian, the oppressor, the Lord of Time (old age wisdom) and Karma (reap what ye sow) who makes us eat our groats ;)

Saturn is also our WORK.

Remember that Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is your BUSINESS i.e. you best make your natal Saturn your business, whether or not there’s money in it. Although there could be!

This is on my mind because Saturn is FEAR and I have Saturn in Taurus. Fear of VENUS. Fear of… beauty, my own beauty, fear of letting the garden grow, fear of planting seeds, fear of rooting, fear of stability EVEN THOUGH I AM A CANCER SUN (and Mercury and Mars) and home is… everything.

But where Saturn is… is where we must go. I must become beautiful. I must not avoid beauty or attempts at beauty. No matter how hard it is for me or how silly I feel. I also must define it for myself. Saturn crystallizes. My vision of beauty may not be yours.

My 12th House (private) Venus in Leo (not private) squares my natal Saturn (shame). It doesn’t feel good. It hurts. I rather not even try. Even though I like to post pictures that I take, I don’t like to be seen. I’m THAT private. So when I post pictures on Facebook it’s not ego. It’s THERAPY. I don’t seek compliments. I seek catharsis.

Saturn in Taurus in the 9th House is also a very FIXED mood. The 9th is perspective. My astrology teacher used to say that I wasn’t just being practical but pessimistic. The 9th is Jupiter’s house. Saturn there is a damper but Saturn there can also PLAN. Plan beauty. Plan joy. Plan Jupiter :)


Flash forward to 2013, yesterday, and I put my own picture on a blog post and a gal on Facebook gave me a lovely compliment and wanted to know what my secret was! This is funny to me because this is EXACTLY what a Saturn (the teacher) in Taurus (of beauty) in the 9th House (publishing, disseminating information) should be doing!

1. Regular exercise (5-6 days a week with a day off, minimum 20 minutes, yes that small an amount because it’s quality and not quantity) and I don’t mean strolling in the park. I don’t mean pure cardio (so ’80s). I mean Jillian Michaels DVDS. I had never seen that reality show (where she’s a trainer). Had no clue who she was. It was fate that I found her while surfing the Amazon website one day. I tried some of her videos that were available on youtube and I was hooked. Interval training and what she calls “peripheral heart action,” when you switch between working the upper and lower body or work both at once, small muscles (like biceps) and bigger muscles (like your quads).

In either case, you must discover what works for you. It’s never one size fits all. A lot of her work-outs have some high impact moves (jogging in place, jumping) so if that’s too harsh for your knees, you can make adjustments. But she pushes me. She makes me laugh. And I come from a heavy family, a diabetes family, and it’s been a lifelong challenge to find what works. I’m definitely not perfect, I’m no hard body (yet? who knows!) but I’m enjoying the process and I love that I get to work all these different muscles. Also, each circuit only lasts for SECONDS (30 seconds I think) so you know it will END. If you are struggling through jumping jacks or push ups or the walking plank, you know you’ll be moving on to something else soon. So you can really push harder for those 30 seconds. And when you push like that, your body adjusts. And then your body changes.

I prefer working-out at home because I work-out harder and longer. The bathroom is right here :) as is the kitchen if my blood sugar drops. I don’t have to worry about how I look. I did just join a cheap gym though because I enjoy a walk/jog on a treadmill. It’s meditative.

If Jillian’s tapes are too easy for you, then you either already an awesome athlete or you aren’t working hard enough. Or your form is wrong. I know I need to master the form on anything for my abs. Small adjustments make a big difference.

And then yoga/deep stretching while the muscles are still warm is THE BEST. That’s where the healing happens.

2. Daily Apple Cider Vinegar: 2 tablespoons in a large mug of ginger tea (or any herbal tea that suits you). I add a small packet of agave for sweetness. I sip it throughout the day. Excellent for digestion (yes, poo therapy)  and I swear it’s making my hair healthier. I haven’t researched this though. But again it’s not one size fits all. There could be some go-to supplement that feels right for your body.

3. Regular doctor’s appointments: this is for the ladies. DO get regular exams. I had an infection (who knows for how long). Not yeast, not an STD. It was something else – bacterial. Now I’m taking a pro-biotic twice a day. Also, I am dealing with another health issue and I was so worried about it. I got one opinion. I got a second opinion. I did youtube research. I would not stop (and not stop worrying) until I was satisfied with the answers I was getting and had a plan of some kind.

4. I quit smoking. I was a light smoker (1 to 4 cigs a day) but it definitely makes a difference! I may smoke again someday. Not saying never.

5. Low sugar/low carb diet. My diet actually is in flux once again because high protein/low carb tends to help me with weight loss but my exercise was so intense and I’ve been feel averse to eating meat lately (and it’s constipating) so… I’m adding more vegetables and gluten-free grains (like quinoa). I do cheat on occasion but even when I “cheat” I try to do so based on a craving (chocolate for PMS). The less sugar I eat, the less I crave it. I can walk into Starbucks, for example, and NOT get a sweet treat. I’m there for my decaf double espresso with one splenda (yes I do splenda) and some half and half. That’s my treat.

I do get sugar from fruit (berries and citrus) and vegetables (I’m in a zucchini and yellow squash phase these days).

Food-wise I’m not sure where I’ll wind up. I’m not even an everything-in-moderation person. I avoid gluten. I do eat dairy. But I also eat Daiya cheese. I eat fish but so strange that I am losing my taste for other meat. Not sure what that’s about…

Anyway, to that reader, thank you for the compliment :)

Oh I forgot one thing

6. Love. I have a sweet person in my life. I don’t want to make any predictions :) but I am trying to be Venus about it all, receptive, open.

If you too want a sweet person in your life (not everyone does) then do something about it. I was on the phone with a client yesterday and I wanted her to give the universe a nudge. Just a wee nudge to get things rolling. With Chiron in her 7th and Saturn in her 8th… you astrology students know that is karma she cannot avoid. The challenge is built in but *not* insurmountable. But as Libra Rising (her, not me) I was trying to convince her :) to COOPERATE with universe. That that would be a wonderful way to BE Libra. 

I gave her homework that matched up with her Saturn transit. Know thyself, Client X! Saturn wants us to take responsibility. Easier said than done, I know. Saturn is in my 3rd House and I’m not getting all my writing done. Still, set the intention, put it out there.

7. One other thing: I have struggled most of my life with depression and anxiety and PTSD from childhood. Years ago, if I had found a medication whose side effects I could have tolerated, I would have stayed on one. I tried a few. But I cannot bear anything messing with my mind. And I am talking about CHRONIC depression and anxiety, life-long. But I am as all-natural as I can be. Mind training. Fear training. Because I had no other option. I didn’t drink or do drugs. Cigarettes were my drug. Depression was my drug. I’m an emotionally intense person so I was forced into… learning how to regulate it all, sometimes with help, sometimes without. Again, not perfect but exercise and meditation and talk therapy and ASTROLOGY and my spiritual life. I don’t take sedatives. I may take homeopathic stuff from Boiron, but mostly I sit with whatever arises. I learned in my 20s what a panic attack is, how mind and body work together to freak you out and how your breath and your thinking can CALM YOU DOWN.

Cancer tends to get better as they get older. I think this is true.

So that’s my own personal recipe for wellness. I’d love to hear about what keeps you well.

8. I can’t stop adding numbers to this list. MEANING. Living a meaningful life. This is still something I struggle with. It’s always in the background. At times I tune-in and at times I tune-it out. Any sensitive person also has this problem so you aren’t alone in this — but it is ESSENTIAL that you feel “driven” by something. Or more than one thing (for Gemini Season). Or why the hell are you here?

Yes, I’m that girl. The girl who searches for reasons to stay alive. See, in my Readings, I definitely do my best to predict when asked (sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m not, clients can weigh in if they want lol) but most of all I’m searching for meaning with you. I can’t help it. Saturn in the 9th House. Teaching (Saturn) meaning (9th House).

Whew. That was a lot. Happy Sunday!

Love, MP

P.S. Also, a good eyebrow wax and a little make-up go a long way :)


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New Moon (Eclipse) In Taurus: Until Failure

I’m in the middle of a Facebook conversation with my buddy Anita about exercise and crying :)

This topic came up because she’s a dancer (among other cool things) and I’m on a crusade to prevent diabetes, and somehow we got to talking about fitness and health one day. I have a Virgo Moon (and other Virgo placements). Health is one of my topics.

This morning I mentioned how sometimes my work-outs make me cry. I don’t mean from beginning to end, but sometimes, at some point, I reach my limit (or not even a limit – wasn’t sure how to explain it) and… something happens. I have no set noun or verb or adjective yet for what it is. But I have a theory.

Right away she said this was something that dancers seek out! This type of experience. And I made a promise to myself that the next time it happened, I would slow down, go deeper, and investigate.

What I know now is that it’s about the chakras centers opening.  And even if you don’t believe in the chakra system perhaps you believe in memory or experience getting stored in the body. And once you start moving the body, many many parts of the body, in new ways… things happen.

And yes it is about stored pain, wounds, trauma, from this lifetime, from previous lifetimes, from the shut down places in our bodies that are finally starting to move again. Open up again. Here’s an indelicate analogy. Like plugging in a fan. It’s dusty, rusty, been in the closet all winter. Come spring, getting warmer, you take it out, you plug it in. It’s spinning. Breathing. Pulsating. Alive.

I am working with my root and sacral chakras these days and no surprise when I was cooling down after my work-out and was it a bridge pose (or was it a table? Maybe it’s a variation of a table) made me feel… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s not joy. It’s not exactly sorrow. I guess it’s release. Letting go. Letting the fear and the horror go. Letting it go.


There’s this phrase that personal trainers use. “Until failure.” Work a muscle until failure. Until you can’t anymore.

Taurus is an earth sign, a physical sign, a sign of the senses. Now is a good time to notice your Taurus body: what does it look like, how do you take care of it, how do you feel inside of it. What do you understand about your surroundings, your things, what you own, your fear of lack, your money, what you refuse to share, the ways in which you’ve become so solid, so fixed in your ways that… you’re frozen now.

What does your body crave? What does your body say? What does your body need? And what needs to change?

Those are my eclipse questions for you :)

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Stay Busy!

Someone, somewhere, is wrestling his coat to the ground.

It is springtime in the city. The city wakes up. Block after block of blooming. Do you feel new?

I already posted about the juicy week ahead in general so let’s talk about right now, this evening, and tomorrow.

The Moon is in analytical Virgo. But no big picture windows please. Just the details.

The Moon will trine Pluto, inconjunct Mercury, oppose Chiron, and square Jupiter before going void of course tonight.

So many different aspects happening here but my advice is to… not be a slacker! Even though it’s Sunday afternoon (as I write this), get done as much as you can.

Moon trine Pluto is emotional strength. The inconjunct to Mercury in Aries is an “I don’t feel like it.” Details you rather not deal with. The opposition to Chiron is this theme repeated but more emotional. A minor nervous breakdown around 8pm EST ;) And then comes the square to Jupiter. It only gets bigger.

Jeez. I’m sorry. This doesn’t sound like an evening to take charge, does it? Take charge LIKE A VIRGO. I’m recommending you stay BUSY even if that Moon Chiron aspect is a shitty phone call or a sad song or dust motes, too many goddamn dust motes.

Tomorrow we’re under Venus Saturn all day (an opposition). Actually we’re under this now, we’re in orb. It’s not pretty. Well, maybe it is (it’s Taurus(, but it’s cruel (Saturn) too. And cold. And when you want a hug from Venus, a stinging remark from Saturn in Scorpio is gruel instead of your Lucky Charms.

You may feel oppressed, thwarted, hopeless, victimized, frozen… but feel the fear and do it anyway. Get close anyway. To what scares you. Not to banish it but to get to know it better (paraphrasing Pema Chodron).

Love, MP


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