Horses Are Elegant (Moon Chiron People)

"uranus in taurus"I like the spontaneous conversation with Katie (who has a Moon Chiron conjunction) that developed on my Burning Bridges post on Facebook. It is by no means the last word on any of this. Here’s part of the conversation:

Her: Now I’m wondering how much Moon Pluto is like Moon Chiron.

Me: Moon Chiron feels super sad to me. More internalized. Harder to get power. Harder to transform the trauma maybe. Softer, gentler person possibly. Might be a doormat on a bad day.

Her: Not always sad but I can definitely spiral really quickly. The rest pretty much nailed the differences. Still, a lot of feelings to process. Maybe Pluto can move on once it’s conquered better. Chiron doesn’t know conquer without mixed emotions.

Me: As you know, there’s an entire chart to consider too, other aspects to the moon, house placement… lots involved but overwhelmingly when I think on Moon Chiron I feel sad. The mother wound. It has its own expression and perimeters. Moon Pluto: mother tried to kill you. Moon Chiron: well… maybe both mothers are killers but their methodology differed. Yeah. Speaking just for myself, I get a lot of pleasure out of being a Pluto person and a Moon Pluto person. Despite any (Moon Pluto) difficulty. I enjoy it. But my MP is well aspected all around my chart AND in my first house (so I identify with it). Not sure Pluto ever moves on, but it’s fire to me whereas Chiron is… not sure the words yet. It’s a feeling of sogginess.

Her: Especially in the 12th I’ll tell you!

Aliza: OKAY HERE IT IS. Moon Pluto abandons the house. Burns it to the ground. Moon Chiron fixes it up. Heals it. Moon Chiron has way more potential for continuity. Moon Pluto has to retrace steps.

Her: That’s actually a really perfect metaphor. That’s why I’m not a burner right there.

Me: That gemini moon (of yours) makes choices rather than ruled by compulsion. Pluto is compulsive. You know what? There’s an elegance to Chiron.

Her: Well that makes it feel a little better to have it be called elegant.

Me: Horses are elegant. (Chiron is a centaur, half human, half horse)

Katie: Emotional horses.

To be continued…