Venus Square Uranus (August 2nd): MONSTERS ARE FREE

All the outer planets are monsters to me, huge beasts, often with wings, flying in, flying out of our lives, and loving us. Loving us to pieces. Crushing us. Crushing us to pieces.

I spend my morning loitering as I look for the perfect café on the avenue. There’s a breeze on the wind which means fall is coming. I fall in love with the day and today is the one week anniversary of my leaving Florida. Goodbye swamp goodbye goodbye.

What can we expect tomorrow? What do you need to know? I’m glad you asked because tomorrow is one of those “expect the unexpected” days.

In astrology talk:
we have a Venus Uranus square and a Virgo Moon.

The Virgo Moon assures we’re focused on work and routine and detail and PERFECTION, but that Venus Uranus thing is a beautiful (Venus) monster (Uranus) and monsters have a different kind of grace.

You may feel awkward and a little bit crazy, a little Frankenstein passionate, but if there’s one thing Uranus aspects do is FREE US from ourselves, from situations. Keywords: Liberation. Revolution. Electricity.

Think of the Eight of Swords reversed. Think of the Devil card reversed. Blasting through those hard cards with dynamite. Think of getting in the car and driving away and never looking back. You didn’t need that person, place, thing, idea anyway. Maybe you never needed it. Maybe you did. All I know is you don’t anymore and it’s a beautiful (Venus) goodbye (Uranus). Maybe the journey is the point.

Dear star lover, if you are reading this and under hard transits, I have a love letter for you, the one you’re reading right now, wherever you are, however you are. I’ve got you in my mind’s eye. Expect the unexpected tomorrow. And know that sometimes a miracle is small, so small we cannot see it, but it’s there.