Happy Happy Moon In Virgo

"solar eclipse in Capricorn"Hello and Good Morning!

I woke up this morning thinking about VIRGO MOON. The Moon is indeed in Virgo as I type this and my natal moon is in Virgo (conjunct Pluto, First House, hi!) and I was walking to the cafe feeling so happy after not feeling well yesterday and cancelling everything, and I was making Virgo Moon jokes to myself – because that’s what we do – about Virgo Moons feeling a good feeling – happy, for example, and then feeling nervous because they can’t find the reason why and they analyze analyze analyze! It only lasts a minute sometimes, or less, and it doesn’t diminish the feeling but there is no feeling without a thought, or many thoughts, for the MERCURY RULED PEOPLE (Virgo and Gemini). 

What’s On My Mind:
Same topics. 2019 incoming. New Year Resolutions: I like them, yes. THE SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN January 5th and how that day it’s a massive Capricorn party in that part of your chart and how things will start to slowly slowly change for you. Or maybe not so slowly. But we are in so many new cycles. Uranus going direct too. Jupiter in Sagittarius too. And yesterday on my Facebook talking about how that South Node Pluto conjunction in April is at 23 degrees. READY FOR THAT?

No deep stuff today, my darlings. Just enjoying the morning and thinking of you xoxoxo

What you got planned? For the new year?