Stories For Mercury & Jupiter (Bye Bye Retrograde)

Hello and happy Sunday. I’m thinking about therapy again and I’m thinking about writing.

See, I’m working on a new book (which doesn’t have a home yet and thus seeking an agent/publisher) and the book has a therapist in it and I started this book last summer, a year before I re-entered therapy. Oh the irony!

And I said to my (new) therapist, probably about a month ago, you’re nothing like him, nothing like the man in the book. It was funny, but true. And I can’t, won’t, say more about the book because it’s in progress and I alternate between loving it and hating it (oh this mirrors how I feel about him too) but I really just need to finish it, and I made good progress yesterday. And so it goes. .

Why am I telling you this? Because I write about what obsesses me and I think a lot about therapy and I think a lot about writing. Probably 75% of my brain are these two topics these days and as I type to you we are in the moments before MERCURY GOES DIRECT AND JUPITER GOES DIRECT and both Mercury and Jupiter are the stories we tell. I’m telling you a story about my book. My book has stories in it, memories. I keep asking folks on Instagram to tell me about their Mercury retrograde and I should probably be asking about Jupiter too.

We’re all gonna die so make the most of it. One of the characters in my book says something to that effect. She’s a lot like me – never not conscious of here today/gone tomorrow. And it’s not morbid or romantic, just a fact. That’s a story I tell.

I got no wisdom today, just working and listening to music and I might tend to some writing in the later afternoon and I have to finish this book before I die. That’s the one thing I know.

What’s the one thing you know? What’s a story you tell? Tell me on Instagram or Twitter.

Okay. That’s it. Talk to you later.