Growing From The Dark Gifts + The Transits of RIGHT NOW

Sometimes the gifts are dark. That’s how it goes. But those are often the gifts that change your life FOR THE BETTER.

I had a great conversation the other day (with a potential mentor?) and he was kinda applauding my ability (is that the right word? Not quite but I want to finish this blog post today lol) to take something deeply excruciatingly painful and use it to…. LIVE.

This isn’t lipstick on a pig. It’s not rationalization. It’s real. And it’s magic.

I will eat it. Give me pain and I will EAT IT. I will digest it. It will nourish me. It will feed me. It will fuel me. I will grow another heart, another brain, more balls. Stronger better stronger better stronger better. I will grow and grow and grow from the dark gifts. This isn’t manifestation I’m describing. It’s a different vibe. Regeneration. Pluto time, folks.

Yeah I think it’s a Moon Pluto thing, but it’s not limited to me or to Moon Pluto conjunction people (we all have our talents/abilities/purposes) but maybe, yeah, it’s “easier” for us to transmute the horror of the day.

Not that any of it is easy. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a dark gift. And I remember going through those hard times and thinking: soak it up. Be in it. Be with it. Understand it. Understand it completely. Unflinching. Gaze at it. Because it will fade. Get everything you can out of it. Grief is like that. When someone dies and you are in pain, the best thing to do is grieve. Who are you without the dark corridor?

I don’t think the transits of RIGHT NOW are about grief and dark gifts, but it’s on my mind anyway because I think what the transits of RIGHT NOW are doing is leading us out of the dark. It’s like the Hermit card from the Tarot, it’s the lamp, the lantern, the light. Follow it. And F anyone and everyone who tries to, well, push you off path, and oh they do try. And they fail. Seriously. Don’t let anyone’s insecurities or small-mindedness or… whatever it is, whatever it is, whatever it is. Don’t let it bring you down. If it’s meant to be, you will find a way.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. To be continued.