Scorchers vs. Keepers: Do You Burn Bridges?

  1. "Moon conjunct pluto"I’m thinking about bridges. I asked on my Facebook: do you burn them?

    First person to respond was basically a HELL YES and I called him a scorcher.

    I can relate.

    Next person to chime in was the opposite, very rational. I accused her of air-sign-ness lol. She wasn’t offended (Aries with a lot of Gemini). I like people who don’t offend easily.

    My chart is low in air (in terms of planets in signs) but as a Virgo Moon, I strive to do better. I sometimes fail.

    Every scorcher, no matter their chart, has a set of invisible boundaries, rules. It’s a list. They don’t realize it’s a list but it’s a very organized list and you touch anything on this list, there will be an eruption. Doesn’t have to be a full walk-away. Could be silence. Could be your name gets written on the adjacent list: “well, now I know who that person really is.”

    Now, I’m not judging. I’m not saying the scorcher is better or worse than the keeper. The keeper wants everything nice, forever and ever amen. And I’m not saying Air Sign Girl is a Keeper just that her language made me think.

    She said: “I prefer.”

    She would prefer not to burn. I also would prefer to never have to cut anyone off. I would prefer to not get unfairly angry. I would prefer to not get fairly angry. I would prefer all kinds of things. I would prefer really good potatoes with my breakfast but that’s not gonna happen today. And actually honestly truly my preference would be… to feel all my feelings fully and thoroughly from start to finish with no interference from shame or guilt or correction or analysis.

    I was digging through old blog posts yesterday and search term Moon Pluto People was pretty fun and I found something I wrote a million years ago about us Moon Pluto people, how as soon as we feel (MOON), we feel PLUTO (death and rebirth, transformation, power). With every feeling comes all that depth and intensity.

    Unless you have this aspect in your natal, you cannot know what it’s like. Just like I can’t really get a grip on Moon Uranus. I can guess or theorize but I can’t KNOW. Even my dearest friends might say to me: oh THOSE FEELINGS. Oh that’s intense.

    Me: really? Huh. Hmm.

    Good thing I like who I am, for the most part and I hope YOU like YOU too, whether it’s air or water or earth or fire, Moon Pluto aspect or not. This part is key. And, good for me, and maybe you too, there are folks out there who’ve got a soft spot for angry control freaks. Us scorchers though… we don’t want to control you (unlike the Keepers). What we want is…

    What do we want? 

    I can’t find the words. I’ll get back to you.

    Today’s question:
    Are you a scorcher? A keeper? Somewhere between the two? Tell me on Twitter @moonplutonyc or Facebook.

    Alright, friends. Talk to you later