Jupiter in Gemini: Super Words

Time to write. It’s the most important thing I do. Someone told me yesterday that they love my blog and it made me feel good. I hope you get a message that makes you feel good today. Oh and for those of you who love the writing, please know I am working on a new book proposal and if the Powers That Be say yes then there will be a new book, Gd willing, in 2025? (Also if you don’t have this book, please scoop it up because it’s going out of print. I may publish it in the future elsewhere but this version will be gone forever, including those delicate illustrations of my Cleo.)

But about today: part of me wants to write about Mercury going direct. Part of me wants to write about the Full Moon in Scorpio. Part of me wants to write about the f**ked up state of the world which consumes my every waking minute just about. I said to someone the other day: things will get better, believe it or not, when Uranus enters Gemini. I don’t need perfection (said no Virgo Moon ever), but… we need Uranus out of Taurus. Don’t quote me on that though. We’ll just have to see but it will put Uranus and Pluto in harmony once again. (Uranus and Pluto are currently in a SQUARE by sign. Makes sense, right?)

Ultimately I’m a hopeful person. Or a stupid person. I always pin my hopes on the next “looks good” transit. For me the Jupiter Uranus conjunction was shocking but it’s not done yet. It really did set up a thirteen year cycle. We’ve only just begun.

But here’s the next big Jupiter news.

On May 25th, Jupiter enters Gemini, and believe me I’m well aware that astrologers dislike Jupiter in Gemini. Every client I’ve ever had with this natal aspect also dislikes it, even hates it! Sure you feel might feel scattered, nervous, frazzled. Too much information, too much communication. Too much in our heads. Not enough deep focus. Not enough quiet. Too much flitting and fizzing and gabbing. These are just surface level thoughts though and Gemini, for better or worse, as a pure energy, isn’t known for the long range view and perspective (that’s Sagittarius seeing the big picture) but does it matter? Nah. We have a new gift coming.

Gemini sees up close and personal. None of this is bad. It’s just energy. When I picture Gemini energy in my head, right now, as I type here, I see a stream of light flying from one thing to the next, like a bee to a flower. It will be a busy time for sure, not that Jupiter in Taurus was slow. Jupiter is always busy because Jupiter is “a lot.” Jupiter makes things big. Jupiter expands what it touches. And Jupiter in Taurus was a Jupiter Uranus story: expected the HUGE unexpected. To be continued.

Keep passing the open windows, dear star lovers

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