Return Of Desire: Pluto Goes Direct

There comes a point in life — that if you want to stay alive, remain alive — that you have to stop asking God why you didn’t get what you wanted: beauty, love, money, children, whatever it is, or was.

I was thinking about this tonight as I was walking home — about the things I wanted and didn’t get and what to do about that – because as a Virgo Moon – there is always something to DO, right?

Pluto went direct yesterday after many months of being lost in space (so to speak).  This is important. Without Pluto and Pluto transits, we wouldn’t know how bad things could get. And we wouldn’t have desire.

All of you who are reading this: I want you to imagine your life without desire, without wanting a n y t h i n g.  My thought: to want even one thing, one small thing, is a good thing. I talk about this in the new book a bit – about a cup of coffee and a roll with butter and the movement of the stars. My mother was like this. I have some old journal entries of hers. How she loved what she loved at her favorite restaurant. How she was fine to sit alone at the counter, as I am. Comfort in food and restaurants and the life all around her. That’s desire too. Sitting down to ask for your coffee, or whatever you’re having that day. What do you want what do you want?

Pluto goes direct, Pluto comes back to us, wanting us to love him/her/it, and I think what we should do is love him/her/it. Love the destruction, love the madness, love the chaos. Love Pluto as you would, well, what DO you love? Love Pluto like that. Love Pluto like I love that doggie they but a butterfly costume on in the picture I saw on the adoption page at the local shelter. Tenderness, empathy. After all, Pluto has a job to do too. To strip away, to expose, to lay bare. Yeah, I know you wish it were otherwise.

Think of your desire as something that may not get satisfied (in this lifetime) but that it’s good to have it, good to feel it. Stop asking God why you didn’t get what you want. Instead, want it even more. Sounds crazy, right? Who would ask for such punishment. This is what I think, though, that feeling is better than not feeling and wanting is better than not wanting. Maybe you can try it out, just to see. Because Pluto is direct now and if you sync yourself to this energy, you might actually get somewhere. Hmm. Somewhere.

Okay. That’s all for now.