The Trust: Saturn In Pisces

When Saturn is in Pisces, we keep trying to structure God and then we realize it can’t be done. We keep trying to control God and, no, it can’t be done. He keeps slipping out. He’s near and then far. Far and then near. And yet we need, must learn, structure, routine, to stay close. Fort/Da.

Saturn enters Pisces in March (the same month Pluto enters Aquarius) so of course this is on my mind and in particular all those who will have their Saturn Return. It’s a famous generation (to me). So many of them have been my clients, those Saturn Chiron in Pisces opposing Pluto in Virgo people. Think about it. Saturn in Pisces people have a Pluto ingress with their Saturn Return. It ain’t no side of fries.

And if we recall that Saturn is also our fear and if Pisces is about no boundaries then this is the transit to learn trust and we won’t want to. We will resist. We will hate Neptune and we will hate Jupiter and this is the transit to learn the peace the birds know.

There’s this bird in my new book, my third book, the one I’m agent-seeking for. And today I was running an errand and then killing time and ducked into a toy store while I was waiting and there was a shelf of small plastic animals including a likeness of this bird in my book. I took it as a sign. I mean, I wasn’t looking for this bird among the animals. I was admiring the ram in particular. But then I saw the bird.

Saturn in Pisces can support your spiritual practices, your spiritual life, and Saturn in Pisces can compel you to try to trap the Holy One so part of your job is not to trap or control or even contain but to, well, open up and merge. It’s a very different energy. It’s a very scary energy (for some of us). Combine. Join. Marry. Become one. It’s not about possession. It’s the opposite of possession.

I know I need to explain this more. I’ll try to pick up the thread again soon.

To be continued… 

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