Pull It Towards You (Jupiter Uranus Conjunction)

It’s like a crank. It’s like a lever. I don’t know what the F it is. But you’re pulling it back, you’re pulling it towards you, and it’s setting everything in motion even though you don’t even need to pull it. The pulling is an afterthought, a metaphor, a ritual, unnecessary. It’s happening of its own accord. It reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune card. Away we go. More Wheel than Tower. They are different. Learn the difference. At the same time, to each their own. Your personal Tarot-meaning inner dictionary (which I wrote about in my second book) means more for your readings (for self/others) than anything I say or what any book says but let’s get back on track here. (And then in come the downloads telling me it’s both Wheel and Tower and throw in a little Magician for good measure oh yes.)

Get on the Wheel. Don’t delay. Say yes.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is the only track now but also keep in mind Mercury retrograde don’t forget.

Last night it felt like a whale to me, like a ship, like an iceberg, a big thing, a huge thing, coming into view. What about the Mercury retro part? Hmm. There’s a link to the past. It’s not all ironed out. Everything old is knew again. Details incoming. And yes it sets up a new cycle in the Taurus part of your chart but I am STRONGLY feeling you’ll know what this is about this week (if you don’t already)…

I called this Big Turning Point Energy because I was looking for a phrase, looking for something, and as I said on Instagram it’s too mild for… what this is. But it’ll do. FOR NOW. Whatever it is? Pull it towards you.

Keep passing the open windows, dear star lovers. I’ll be back.

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