Mercury Retrograde + Eclipse Season: Wholly Unfamiliar Landscape

I feel old school because I am old school, still blogging, writing (and no AI ever) while everyone else is filming (and podcasting) their astrology thoughts and what have you.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m a writer (and a helper). Always been a writer. Although just now I was watching some video on YouTube and I felt so inspired and I thought to myself all I need is a camera (or my phone), but it doesn’t quite work that way. It’s a fact. Some of us are word people. Some of us are more visual. Some need to run. Some need to climb. Some need to walk for miles and miles. Now, I’ve been known to walk for miles and miles but less so this semester.

Which reminds me, I’m starting to think we’re a little crazy: psychoanalysts or those training to be such. Thinking about this tonight as I reflect upon this evening’s session with my analyst, a requirement for “becoming” an analyst myself. I said to him: it’s all consuming. And I said it made me feel safe somehow, the way it covers me. All consuming, all encompassing. And I’m not even seeing patients (yet). And what will happen to my on-line life if/when that happens?! If I get this book contract that I’m trying to get, I might write a little bit about it: how an astrologer-tarot reader-witch re-enters The World (i.e. school, academia, working towards licensure) because for a very long time I walked only the halls of the divine and let me tell you the divine has really interesting taste in wallpaper. But I digress.

This “all encompassing” feeling made me think about April, Eclipse Season, Mercury retrograde, and the other transits of this month. If you feel you’re in a fish tank or a spaceship and/or a wholly unfamiliar landscape that’s slightly or majorly disorienting, you aren’t alone.

My advice, if you can, is to take some time and do nothing. Let your feeling guide you to the next thing. Even if it’s just for an hour, five minutes, one minute. Try to un-trap yourself. We all get trapped in the day’s karma, whatever’s on the table. I’m trying it today and it’s hard. I have work to do, but I have to make myself un-trap and unwind and be led. I have to wait, at least a little bit. I’ll get back to the work. It’ll get done. Work-work, school-work, house-work but for a minute or more I recommend time to wander even if it’s in your own spaces. Why do this? For sanity. For a little slice of sanity. Imagine there’s nothing to fix, not the house, not your soul, not your present, past, future anything. That you can leave it all be. It’s kinda like dying while you’re still alive. You don’t need to adjust the rabbit ears on the television. I know only some of you get that reference 😉 Watch the time go by. Really. And by that I don’t mean mindless scrolling. Be in time.

Today the men continue to build the building across the street from me. I don’t know what phase they’re in except that it’s a new one. Every day a new sound. Is today clanging day? Is today can’t hear myself think day? Is today buzzing and whirring? Is today the hammer of the gods? I drew the blinds. Not in the mood for any unnecessary company.

So I’m feeling this Mercury retrograde might be a fierce one. It’s in Aries after all which is an amped up sign to begin with. And this phrase is coming to mind: misplaced clues. I tend to think of the retrograde as a lost and found so who knows. Maybe you’ll find a lost piece of yourself. It’s right where you left it.

That’s all for now. Keep passing the open windows, dear star lovers