What Happened To You? Pluto Leaves Capricorn March 23rd

I feel it and I know you feel it. Probably the most important month of the year. I just finished lunch and I’ve got class in an hour and THIS WEEK. It’s all I can think about: this month, this week, and how I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve always been doing (“always” meaning for over a decade now). My readings, I think, the ways I help people, have gotten better, deeper in proportion to my lack of technical inexpertise and slackery. Will that part change during Pluto in Aquarius? Probably. When it comes time to get that third book into the world. In the meantime though? I’m right here, on the blog and Patreon and sometimes on Instagram which I don’t think ever was an astrology/tarot stop for me but more cats and selfies and New York City and now my psychoanalysis homework. Real life.

It’s so big that it’s hard to write about. I’m just kinda watching it happen. For now. I look at my clients’ charts and cards and I see things, sure, but Pluto in Aquarius is a twenty year transit. We begin at the beginning. Pluto in Capricorn opposed all three of my Cancer planets so you can believe me when I tell you that I speak from experience about Pluto (and from being a Pluto person myself – a Cancerian with a First House Moon Pluto conjunction).

On the one hand, I’m watching it. And it’s watching me. It’s watching us. On the other hand, it’s Aries Season now and a New Moon in Aries today so the Pluto ingress is on fire. Seriously. I have no words. Or, more accurately, the words haven’t come yet. Instead, I’m feeling. Now of course if we speak you’re gonna get my words, but there’s a river of feeling inside of me that I haven’t been able to translate yet. About Pluto in Aquarius and where this is gonna take us because yes yes yes ramifications for the collective-everyone, but this will spin down to the very personal level of YOU.

You have to look back. Pluto was in Capricorn sixteen years. What House was it in for you? What planets did it cling to? What did you lose? What did you gain/master/discover? Who died? Who lived? Who were you in 2008? Who are you now? What happened to you? The time for the debrief is now.

To be continued…

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"Jupiter retrograde"