Mercury Retrograde Through The Eighth House

"mercury retrograde 8th house"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

I feel in the post-Eclipse eye of the storm and this morning returning to the charts in my current class and just posted this so if you will be having MERCURY backing into your 8th House for the retrograde, this may apply to you.

Did you know Mercury goes retrograde this weekend?

For Miss X:

Mercury retrograde is an 8th House transit for you.

It touches your 9th House cusp but that’s it. Runs right back to your 8th House.

And this feels like dredging. You have to go back to this house, to the underworld, to dredge and to examine SOMETHING. Review SOMETHING that you may not want to review. I say this because the 8th House is not comfortable AT ALL. The 8th House is spooky on a good day. And is the reservoir of pain on a bad day. So you return to that 8th House to FACE something – old, possibly uncomfortable – about your needs, their needs, family legacy, the dead, dead parts of you…

How can this be good? Much to be learned. It’s a depth transit. It’s not time wasted. But you could feel lost in the dark for a bit. You could feel: why am I in here? Do I have to be here? Good news is that Mercury doesn’t stay retro forever but I get the sense of –

slinging and swinging in the deep blue dark. And if you want, just whistle. You can pass the time that way. Just whistle in the dark and ask the ghosts what they want to tell you

so yeah it’s not lighthearted fun Mercury here. It’s mediumship. It’s walking between worlds. It’s asking the dark questions and maybe being afraid of what the answer will be. It’s questions that you probably don’t even want to explore.

but think of Mercury as a light. Mercury ferrying you to the land of the dead and then back again. Virgo is the Hermit in the Tarot and the Hermit always has a lamp, a lantern, a torch. He/She always has a light.

I hope to post more chart thoughts today in blog posts

"mercury retrograde 8th house virgo"

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