Time For You To Safely Fall Apart (The Stars This Week)

It’s already Monday so let me catch up a bit.

I wrote this to an Email client this morning who was concerned about the retrogrades and what it meant for her chart.

Wait. Before that let me tell you that I am starting to keep track of my moods – a mood diary – track the hormonal flux as well – and also “what helps.” What causes a rise or even a dip. I recommend it! If you are human.

I like doing this because the moods can be all encompassing. The good ones feel that way. The bad ones feel that way. Now that I am processing December 2015, now that I am processing the last half of 2015, the memories and the feelings rush forward to introduce themselves. Hi! Remember us!?? 

So I drew cards for this client and this is part of what I told her:

I think the retrogrades bring you a fair amount of soul searching.

for many of us this will be the case — reviewing the past, reviewing our actions, making new decisions based on our findings —

May and June in particular have this feeling –

looking back and sometimes with sadness, sometimes with understanding, sometimes with gladness, sometimes with recrimination –

I think you will start to see where you went wrong and where you went right.

But I want to caution you against too much regret. It does us no good…

Last night I was writing on Facebook about being a ghost now. That you can only lose so much before you become a ghost (and giving ghostly counsel if you’re me) and how it wasn’t good for business to talk about such things but maybe it is. I mean, not about business per se, but people can relate. Although I am “Over Here” as a spiritual teacher or guide – I am, still, human. And part of the reason I can help people is because of these experiences. BUT THIS IS ALSO A MOOD. Clouds pass. I am the real deal. I am alive and hurting and kicking. Dare I say it. There are many who are not (says my Ego). They haven’t walked through fire. Is fire a requirement? I’ll tell you what a requirement is – for this work – purity of intent. Ethics. Honesty. Depth. Character. And yes, as much walking the walk as you can manage. You can take an astrology test. You can become a member of an organization. But there is no test for character.

Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday, in Taurus and we have a Moon Pluto conjunction that day as well, in Capricorn of course. The Moon will then square Uranus but trine Mercury in Taurus and sextile Chiron. I feel like this is about as slow as it gets, this day. Slow on the outside. Emotionally volatile on the inside. Handle with care – yourself and others.

Venus enters Taurus on Friday and the Moon is in Aquarius (and thus will square all Taurus planets and people). Sunday is a Sun Neptune sextile and Pisces Moon. The weekend feels pretty good to me, easy-going. Key is that you just can’t rush ahead. You can’t. It will only bring frustration. You have to be here. No escape from being here. Well, you can try but I think you’ll only feel more lost if you rely on wine.
Mercury retrograde for you has much to do with your Taurus house. It’s my 9th which is more complicated than it seems. The 9th follows the 8th of course. It’s where we make meaning following 8th House trauma. So there you go, Virgo Risings. Enjoy. As for the rest of you? You know how to find me.