Look! A Good Weekend! Trines, Happy Virgo, and Venus sextile Uranus!

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These first two little updates are from my Facebook then I’ll post something new here about the weekend – 

Volcano Volcano Volcano VOLCANO!
Attention people having MARS TRANSITS:

and it may be YOU and you do not realize it so check your chart or have me do it for you!
That Mercury Mars opposition is EXACT today!

Mercury in persistant (stubborn)Taurus opposing Mars in (secretive) Scorpio RETROGRADE.

And the truth comes out in unattractive fashion 😉

You may have forgotten that your MARS ruled houses (Aries AND Scorpio) are not behaving as they should or as you would prefer. THERE ARE DELAYS in the matters of those houses and it is beyond frustrating for many of you! Especially those Marsy types who want to SEPARATE and PIONEER and PUSH.

Lucky for us it’s almost over. ALMOST. Mars goes direct end of June and we can passionately pursue again with better outcome!

Mercury = your words
Mars = your anger
Mars rx = raging on the INSIDE
The opposition = CONFLICT.

Yesterday was talking-to a client who is feeling VERY VERY ANGRY these days (she is Scorpio Rising) and transiting Mars is square her Pluto.

Well that mystery got solved asap.

YOU’RE HAVING A MARS TRANSIT I told her. This is pure astrology.
Mars square Pluto. You are feeling homicidal, I said.
Yes, she said. (Of course she isn’t literally homicidal but you know – I needed a word to express the extreme irritation and anger she’s been feeling).

Mars transits can feel like this especially if aspecting PLUTO.

AND she’s a sweet (oh how we get attached to who we think we are) Libra Moon.
She is NOT enjoying feeling this much anger.

Thing is this: Libra Moons are JUST AS PISSED OFF as the rest of us. It’s that it’s taboo for them to feel it, admit it…

MORE PREACHING from yours truly about this nasty continuing Mars retrograde and true tales from working with beloved clients…

“Sweet” Libra Moons get just as pissed off as the rest of us –

it’s just that it’s TABOO for them to feel it or admit it —

Thinking about this because of my client NOT enjoying transiting Mars RX in Scorpio squaring her Pluto in Leo. (Not that anyone would enjoy such a tinderbox.)
Also reminds me of when I was having a disagreement with a “friend” — also a LIBRA MOON — and he was saying angry things to me and then said “I’m not mad”
That was funny.
So you are saying nasty things and swearing but you’re not mad. Okay.
Keep up with the force, bro.

Where I come from (MoonPlutoLand that is) it’s okay to feel.
It’s okay to feel it all.
Don’t make feelings taboo.
When you do that? A little part of you dies and then you have to do a soul retrieval 😉 😉 😉 which can be costly


So the Moon enters WORK WORK WORK I LOVE TO WORK I LIVE TO WORK Virgo early-ish Friday morning and thus it’s Virgo Moon all weekend until Moon enters Libra around 8:30 pm Sunday for my Swamp Palace time zone.

In other words VIRGO MOON WEEKEND, my friends. Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING! Rest if you must but keep mind and hands busy. 

Forget about the forest my love! This weekend? Tree, tree, TREE! Look at the skinny details. Forget the robust big picture!

I have my natal moon in VIRGO CONJUNCT PLUTO so I know what I’m talking about. Heal someone. Heal someone specifically. Virgo Moons have the power to heal. And they also have the power to destroy themselves by viscous monkey mind and inferiority complex. CHOOSE WELL.

Moon square Saturn: depressed
Moon conjunct Jupiter: happy!
Moon trine Pluto: proFOUND.

That Moon Saturn square happens a little before 10 am.
After that square the day is clear and simple Tree, tree, tree.

Mars trine Chiron
Venus sextile Uranus
Mercury enters Gemini
Moon enters Libra

I’m in love with this day and I’m almost hesitant to say that because sometimes when I fall in love with a day it often doesn’t deliver or has some hidden wicked nugget in it. THAT SAID, I’m in love with this day.

Mars trine Chiron is INTERESTING. Mars is retrograde so moving ahead is dubious at best. Trines are easy and good and lucky but it’s to CHIRON who represents what we cannot heal so.. here we have this castrated Mars in SCORPIO (sign of sex) making The Good Aspect to our pain. Obvious to say we can help, we can heal from hurts BUT WHAT ELSE?

Let’s see the rest of the day and then come back to that point:

Mercury done with Taurus FINALLY enters Gemini so this is a welcome shift. The mind is faster. May be indecisive. Confused even. Many directions which road to take. My Gemini Rising clients especially know this “problem.” Can be challenging to commit. WELL perhaps Gemini Season is NOT about commitment but about having fun and experimenting. Can you let that be so? We are heading to the Solstice and Cancer Season and you may feel less social soon enough. Enjoy Mercury in Gemini and all the new conversations and friends and buzz.

And your mileage may vary (I hate that phrase, sorry) depending on how Gemini aspects your chart.

About Venus sextile Uranus: YES YES YES YES YES! I love Venus and Uranus in trine or sextile. WHY? Because Uranian energy can be terrifying.

And Uranus (SURPRISE!) in sextile or trine is a LUCKY surprise! Is MAGIC! And yes it may involve love and/or money (Venus).

I recommend a VENUS RITUAL. Light the lights.

Something else I should mention but won’t blog about until tomorrow probably – NEPTUNE goes retrograde on Monday – but about Mars retrograde trine Chiron:

again the RETRIEVAL idea.

And again this idea of healing the old older oldest wounds. You can do it this weekend. Particularly in regards to VIOLENCE. Healing THOSE wounds. Violence from the family. Abuse. Alcoholic parents. Dust off your perfect core. Imagine the soul of you, un-tarred. Because that’s the truth anyway. And then came this incarnation with its attendant woes. That perfect core of you, un-tarred, exists, and when something like a retro Mars trine Chiron comes along, you do not need to open the roads. The roads open FOR YOU.


Class starts Monday! Here is the link. Email me if you have questions! Moonpluto@gmail.com