For The Sun Pluto People (And Others Who Never Feel Safe Or Secure)

I promise I will write about this weekend. Probably tomorrow morning after my coffee :) WHAT A WEEKEND IT IS!!!! 

In the meantime I want to tell you to name your path.

This was something I told to a client today. Name the path. The one you are currently on. And it could change. It will change. For the moment, name it.

I told her to surrender. She has a natal Sun Pluto square.

Here’s the thing:

how does a Sun square Pluto person feel safe and secure ever and I do mean EVER when the very basis of her personality (Sun) is destruction (Pluto)?

No matter how much you have, you’ll never feeeeeel safe and secure so it can be freeing to realize this, to realize OH I’ll never feel safe and secure.

So then the questions change. Take THAT question off the table and what else is left??????????????? 


It’s like someone who is “older” and searching for love their whole life and their whole identity is wrapped around being alone and searching for love and not having love and etc etc etc so what happens when she or he meets the Beloved? And marries the Beloved! And the so-called PROBLEM is gone???

Who are you then?
Who are you without your fear, your lack, your trick, your disease, your despair?

Who are you then?

"sun square pluto"

Pluto Goes Direct + This Weekend Two For One *SALE*

"pluto goes direct"
Some thoughts about Pluto going direct in Libra Season can be found HERE at my Tree City Witch column over at Patheos Pagan in which I don’t actually recommend you do blood magick. Do your craft at your own risk, my friends.

Here’s a taste:

Another way this could play out and this scenario is pretty likely actually: you will become obsessed with love. Libra rules love. You will become obsessed with desire, with feeding your desire, gaining power over your desire. You will feel unstoppable, insatiable, hungry. The result of this I’m not so sure. I don’t know your chart. But I guarantee you this: you will feel your desire multiply and you will want to feed.

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And THIS WEEKEND I am doing a MEGA Post Hurricane Irma sale because I missed a lot of work and spent a lot of money due to the storm!

When: purchase Thursday through Sunday midnight
What: my beloved TWO FOR ONE. Get two hours to use at your leisure for $125 (but do use them within a year of purchase).
What else: if you don’t want to spend $125 and just want to talk about Jupiter in Scorpio with me 1:1 (chart and cards) I am doing a $75 special. These are 45 minutes. Topic specific! Jupiter in Scorpio AND YOU :)

That’s all for right now. It may not be Virgo Season anymore but we got Mercury, Venus, and Mars there still. May as well be!!!

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Some Relationships Rob You: Saturn Goes Retrograde on Wednesday

"moon conjunct pluto"
March 1st, 2017

I’m up before dawn and thinking about relationships,
how there are some relationships that rob you.

Here’s just one example, a dramatic example, you have sex with someone and they disappear, discard you.

I’m not talking about an average one-night stand (if there is such a thing) but the kind of situation where you are dating someone, starting to date someone, or friends! You have a connection that is beyond the body.

And you have sex and they disappear. I have clients go thru this over and over. I’ve been through it too – in fact my first sexual experience as an 18 year old was one of these. I was starry eyed and I thought that a man finding me sexually attractive (after losing a lot of weight) meant something. Meant something more. Sex is not a rite of passage in the ways we’d like to think. It doesn’t make you more mature. It doesn’t force wisdom upon you. In fact, I think it forces stupid upon most people.

Some relationships rob you but I think it’s important not to create too many stories around them and instead forgive yourself — you don’t have to forgive them — but forgive you if you can and want to. You likely knew what the outcome would be and that is likely why you were drawn to it: living through a disappointment or trauma again, allowing it to happen, in the hopes to cure or fix it. And, also people suck :)

Saturn going retrograde is a major transit but it’s one of a few planets that will be retrograde in April.

I can hear it now:

but MoonPluto, why are you talking about relationships and Saturn? Isn’t that Venus? Or Jupiter in Libra? 

"venus retrograde in aries"
Honey, EVERY planet is a relationship planet, our relationships with other humans, animals, nature, the Holy Spirit, and not least of all, ourselves.

And Saturn rx calls for such a MASSIVE review of where we are at, in my humble opinion.

Are you passing the tests? Do you need tutoring? What have you learned so far? What kind of homework would be best? What are you learning?

I go back and forth with my Florida situation and I’ve got Saturn through my Fourth House. I’m having a house story and a Florida story and a roots and family and memory story and why am I still here alone (on this earth) story. Because you have standards, MoonPluto? Because you don’t suffer fools, MoonPluto? Because you have PTSD, MoonPluto. It all figure in. Connected disconnected. I don’t lead a double life. This is ME. Astrologer, tarot reader, mystic, contemplative, poet. In small town Florida? Even in small town college town Florida in the Internet Age, I am mostly misunderstood. Truth.

Yesterday talking to a client with Aquarius Rising and her telling me she doesn’t feel that she belongs anywhere AND she is a Libra. I’m a Cancer. These are two signs who crave home and belonging and other people despite whatever the blocks are. I have three PERSONAL planets in the 11th House. PERSONAL. Personal Impersonal.

For Saturn retrograde I want you to recall why you’re here. There are always lessons.

"venus square uranus"
And my Florida lessons lately… I’m thinking I need to go within because I would say, after a year here, despite feeling something for the land and the air and the birds, I am about 95% misunderstood by most people I meet. It’s odd. Odder than usual. So I think I will be more careful, more choosy, say less, make friends sparingly, and remember that I’m in a small town and small town thinking has nothing to do with place.

We all get lonely. We all need help. And maybe my Saturn lesson is about my Pluto transit which is refining my personality, peeling it back. So much critique from others which is bullying really. Silencing. I’m not interested in being robbed. Instead I cut people out. Survival.

Saturn goes retrograde tomorrow and there is a lesson. The key is not to let it make you overly cynical or skeptical or sad or hopeless or cut everyone out. And that’s why we have Jupiter and the other planets, so that life isn’t only Saturn. I know it’s hard though, my friends. It is so beautiful on the porch as I write to you.

With the retrograde we get a break. I hope during yours, you can be less hard on yourself.

Let me mention one other thing now – we are under some cardinal planet crazy this week including a Sun Pluto square. Try not to pick at your scabs or anyone else’s. Don’t waste your time with self-loathing. You’ve got better things to do.

Find your tribe. They are out there.


A Love Letter To The Pluto People

I’ve got so much on my mind. I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been all up in my social media the  last few days going on and on and on about PLUTO and power. And I’m thinking about energy work a.ka. MAGICK. And yes I do spell it with a K. Magick is the defense (or the offense) of the powerless. It’s more than that of course but hear me out –

There is a raw power us Pluto people have and this raw power can back up, can turn on itself. I have a moon pluto conjunction in my first house and thus the name of this blog. And honestly I don’t even want to define what I mean by PLUTO PEOPLE because I don’t want to leave anyone out but for sure Pluto conjunct your Sun or Moon and for sure Pluto in the first house and you have this power and it will f**k you up if you don’t know how to work with it, what to do with it. You can’t just let it sit there. It will wither and and stink and rot and people will hate you. You have to give your Pluto a purpose.

If you do not give your Pluto a purpose, a JOB, you WILL feel powerless (despite the power), become depressed FOR DECADES, continue victimhood year after year because you keep attracting and keeping the wrong people and situations as your mental health plummets – NOT that I blame you because maybe nobody ever told you and they don’t teach astrology in school but I want to show you that – YOU HAVE THIS POWER but you can’t just… la la la.. be NEPTUNE about it. You can’t be Neptune with Pluto. You can’t just hope for the best. You have to be aware of it, work with it, shape it. ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE and that people see your Pluto, respond to your Pluto. Be aware. Own it. Figure out how to behave in the world. You may attract sociopaths and even if you have been victimized PLEASE identify with another archetype as well. That’s fine. There is more than one card in the Tarot deck. There is more than one script for you to read. You may have been abused but you are MORE than that.
An idle Pluto is a sick Pluto.

I was talking to a client this morning with a first house Pluto and I swear we WILL SUFFER until we become ruthless. Ruthless with our faith and our magick and our refusal to die and by die I mean to accept less than our power requires. Anger is righteous, Anger is good. Let your Pluto stir you to an angry frenzy when you feel powerless and NOT to hurt anyone but to draw to you people and situations that will help you rise and rebirth like the Phoenix you are.

Does this make sense? Are you nodding your head? Do you know what I’m talking about?

You will feel uncomfortable if you work with this energy. If you decide to access your Pluto. You will get tired and need to take breaks. Believe it or not, Pluto in the first house, or Pluto Sun or Moon can be quite meek. YOU tuning in to your power, becoming your power, it won’t feel yummy good like Venus or spiritual like Neptune. You will feel like you are transgressing and you are (and yet you are supposed to) But honestly, for the Pluto person, I don’t know of any other way.

And I want to reassure you, again, that it’s OKAY to be angry and in fact, anger is a magickal seed here. I think without a seed of that anger your spells will fall flat and again I am NOT talking about curses or revenge or hurting people. I am talking about MANIFESTATION. What you want. And that your emotions are your energy and I think you need to realize how powerful that energy is.

I hope this helps



Dust Off Your Altar (Wee Preview Of Next Week)

"venus square saturn"Even though I just blogged about the weekend, I want to talk about next week, briefly, and next week is amazing. I’ll do my best to blog day by day but let me give you a little list:

VENUS ENTERS ARIES (love it by fire)
MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS (take your time)
SUN SQUARE PLUTO (your obsession is your gift to the world)
NEW MOON IN ARIES (dust off your altar, set intentions by fire, CREATE)
SUN CONJUNCT URANUS (emancipate!!!!)

The Sun will be doing the bulk of the magick. The Sun is you. A New Moon, two ingresses.

My darling, this is *your* weekend. This is what you’ve been waiting for since the Eclipses. THIS WEEK.

What was it you said you wanted? Let it be known once again.


News: the weekend special is ON. Message me. MoonPluto@gmail and for info about the April Group, do click here.

My Sacred Airplane, My Star: Advice for Hard Transits

"sun square pluto" So yesterday I got a beautiful message and today I got a beautiful message (from people who know me some – Facebook messages) and it is beautiful to be SEEN and what they see, saw, was the truth – of me – which in a way was really all I ever wanted. To be seen clearly for who I am but to what end? i.e. what is the point of being so strong and so brave. You only get this strong and this brave because of the continual tests. Everyone has their breaking point. There has to come a time when the tests stop, no? Or is it just constant until the last breath. I wonder. I think of the Four of Swords. A break from battle. I think of the Star. Health. Restoration. Hope.

If Saturn through my 4th House chooses to destroy me then I may allow it. I don’t have much fight left. Unless a compelling reason arises. What I can muster is occasional hope or faith. I aligned myself with that today. The people who have no fight left — that’s what they do. That’s what *you* can do. Look at the Star card.

Also, that reason to live thing, be it person, place, thing, cause. You must have one under hard transits. I think of a client dear soul, survived breast cancer and her friend telling her that she had to LIVE. That was all. Not fret about her hair gone or breast gone but get through chemo and LIVE. The way she told the story was way better than I am telling it here. And she also told me how his words pissed her off. She didn’t want to be told THAT. But when she told me, it felt like a message for me too. I mean, isn’t that WHY she was telling it (too)? If you do this work for any length of time at all then you know that the angels choose your clients perfectly.

Maybe you thought this was going to be a bleak blog post or dark depressing blog post but it’s actually not. Root around in the moon pluto mud but it’s not. I have a surprise for you.

That even in the moon pluto mud, a star is born. What your star is or will be, I cannot tell you from this distance, but it is fact. The one gritty reality point I have to make though is your star or my star may only be an airplane shooting across the sky and I do like airplanes a lot — I love to fly — but they aren’t stars.

Hopefully these feelings I’m feeling today (thank you Sun Pluto and Mars Neptune!) will slip into something, blossom into those poems I’m supposed to be writing but aren’t writing. Yet. But even THAT is not my sacred airplane, my star. What is? What is yours? 


Mars Opposition Neptune: The Longing Increaseth (Oct 6th)

"sun square pluto" They don’t know what they want. Maybe they don’t want anything. You know what you want. You are Mars in this configuration. Direct, assertive. And they are Neptune, confused or confusing. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Or maybe it’s inside you, the whole thing — one minute certain, the next uncertain. Like one of those doctor’s office scales. You have to slide the mental piece up down up down to get to the true weight, to get to the truth.

Also tomorrow the Sun is square Pluto which I wrote about here and Mercury (rx) sextile Saturn. I’m not sure which one of these big ones you’ll feel more — the obsession of Pluto or the longing of Neptune (and they do sextile) — but suffice to say there’s no way out. Not tomorrow. And not the day after. And certainly not today.


Sun Square Pluto People: Be Yourself

"sun square pluto" Someone wrote to me this morning asking if I do “simple” Tarot readings.
And I’m paraphrasing here.
Readings that are less spiritual and more practical.
And yes the answer is yes.
My general perspective IS spiritual (you can take the Jew out of the shul but can’t take the shul out of the…)

I can and do readings free from chakra talk and past lives and dead people and meaning of life, etc. I am a practical person with Virgo South Node, Virgo Rising, Virgo Vesta, Virgo Moon Pluto. Yes, I have issues.

Anyway…. :)

I love you all.

Moon in Cancer weekend + the end of Sukkot (for those who observe). Do not fear the Divine presence leaves you. It/he/she never does. Good weekend aspects include Moon sextile Mars and Jupiter. Happy!

Moon trine Neptune too (which you may not consider good). And I’m sure Moon opposing Pluto delights someone out there, some daring freaky soul.

"sun square pluto" Tuesday is a doozy but my friends these aspects are in orb NOW. They are us NOW.
Sun square Pluto. Mars opposition Neptune. And also a Mercury (rx) Saturn sextile.

When talking about Sun square Pluto I try to divorce myself from bias – I know quite a few people with this in their natal. Pluto is a plunger. When your toilet (or your life) is clogged it is helpful to plunge, penetrate the depths – of the bowl/soul.

I know this metaphor is getting ridiculous but bear with me. So Pluto is a plunger (or jackhammer, depending) seeking to tear apart the clog/shit. With Sun square Pluto the clog is a Sun crisis. A crisis of self-expression.

I got pretty good with the plunger in my previous apartment. That toilet was awful. And I grew proud, proud of my skill. I have a Moon Pluto conjunction. It felt good to master it.

Pluto intensifies what it touches. So what happens when Pluto is in square to your Sun, your YOU? Square is a zigzag, not straightforward. Square is not going to take the easy way out. Square is going to make it hard.

Like, if you let your Sun be seen OMG then everyone will SEE, really SEE. How disgusting you are.

I’m being rhetorical here. You aren’t disgusting at all. But Pluto. Pluto is the plunger and Pluto rules shit and elimination. And your pristine Self and Pluto are TOUCHING. EW.

I know this is a gross image but the image I’m getting is of a Sun square Pluto person who fears expressing him/herself (SUN) for fear that shit is what will be expressed, falling out of the mouth. Or that the plunger is what will be expressed, dark power. The plunger is dark power.

AND THEN comes the crucifixion. Because. If you bear Pluto news, it rarely goes over well. And if shit falls out of your mouth instead of words, nobody will love you. They will shun you. They will flush you!!!!

Fear of being destroyed by your OWN power. That they will use it against you!

This aspect is exact October 6th.

How to redeem this difficult aspect? Do not avoid your Pluto nature. You cannot avoid your Pluto nature. Pluto gets lonely pissed when you ignore her and drive her underground. Do not pretend she’s not there. Pluto is POWER. Do not pretend to be sweetness and light and cakes when what you have is the Damned inside you. You are going to have to take the damned into consideration EVERY time you… look in the mirror, every time you walk, talk, breathe, your very existence must take Pluto into consideration. Self-loathing doesn’t have to stay self-loathing – you have to engage Pluto, be Pluto, add Pluto to your presence and know that some people WILL run. And that some people won’t. And this is especially key for Pluto in Libra people. You won’t ever please everyone so there’s no point in pretending. The Great Pretender is one low vibration of Sun square Pluto. You aren’t all bad. You aren’t all good. One great vibration? The healer, magician, shaman, savior. But first you must carry yourself, support your own weight in Pluto.

Do you have a Sun Pluto aspect in your chart? 

The Stars This Week: Boring

"jupiter trine pluto" I can tell you about this week or I can tell you about next week. They are VERY different. I’ll do a little of both.

How are you post-Eclipse?

I feel better. It took until TODAY pretty much, for the Moon happily snuggled in… where is the Moon? Still in Taurus? Must check. Maybe we are in Gemini already and THAT is why I feel distracted today (+ head cold clogging up my Third Eye and Crown – which reminds me did you know that Edgar Cayce believed the Third Eye chakra was the topmost? Not the Crown unlike so many other systems and said the “shape” of the chakra system was like shepherd’s crook, but I digress…).

Other than MOON aspects we have only one exact aspect this week which is this morning - a Sun Mercury (retrograde) conjunction and I feel like I’m moving forwards and backwards at the same time. Do you?

And then there’s next week OMG NEXT WEEK. I’m just going to list it now. I’m just going to list it. See for yourself what next week is like…

Sun in Libra square Pluto 
Mars opposing Neptune 
Venus enters Virgo 
Mercury goes direct 
Venus square Saturn 
Jupiter trine Pluto 

Pretty much every damn day we got something major. Not all bad but major. ANOTHER Venus Saturn square I know….

Oh and then a Sun Uranus opposition. And the Monday after is the New Moon in Libra. 

Enjoy your day xo I’ll be back with more, as things develop.

No Cyclone, No Tempest: The Stars This Week (+ Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship W/O Losing Yourself Pt 4)

"full moon eclipse in aries" The more you love, the greater the fear of death.
And maybe yours.
But more theirs!
So you choose not to love.

Is this you? Is this you in love?
And then what happens?

(Yes if you want to read all my blog posts of the continuing series for Libra Season: How to Have a Relationship without Losing Yourself, you must subscribe, but in the meantime please enjoy this post!!)

Tip no. 5:
Go and return.
Leave so you can come back again.
Hide and Seek.

To quote poet Jack Gilbert:
Love is apart from all things.
Desire and excitement are nothing beside it.

Do you agree? 


A few highlights of the week:

Some of us need more Venus. Some of us need less. I could use a bit more smart Venus strategy. I admit it! I am not strategic. I’m emotional. Reactive. Passionate. Angsty. (So I write. And then I write more.)

To quote Jack Gilbert again: Passion is clearly the path but does not bring us to love.

For those of you who want (or need) EVEN MORE VENUS, the Goddess enters Libra tomorrow. She is here to teach you. Follow her lead if you are like me, if you need her. She attracts what she needs. She doesn’t need to bark or bite. Or yell. Oh no. Heaven forfend. Not that. No yelling, please :) But she’s a button pusher nonetheless. Oh yes she is.

"mars trine uranus" The calm before the storm. That’s how this week feels to me. Storm isn’t the word I want though. There may be no storm. It may be sunny skies all the way for you. No cyclone, no tempest.

My point is that… there are a number of juicy aspects this weekend (thus they are building now and we feel that pressure) and next week is a Total Lunar Eclipse (at 15 degrees Aries – which partnerships will die? Which partnerships will live? ) so… we walk across the rooftops this week.

The Moon is in Capricorn mid-week which will conjoin Pluto of course and make a tsquare with Uranus and the transiting planets in Libra. You want tense? You got tense. Sorry Cancers :( You are the “empty leg” here but please do not hide. Instead: observe.

Weekend Fun Ahead ;)
Sun in Libra square Pluto (someone is jealous of your pretty dress)
Mars square Chiron (the bandaid isn’t holding, the bandaid is leaking, you are bleeding)
Mercury goes Retrograde (extra wobbly scheduling, double check everything)
Mars trine Uranus (and Jupiter) YESSSSS!!!!!!

Keep doing your thing. Keep driving. Suddenly that’s the image that came to mind. You in your car. Singing to the radio. Driving along. And you are passing this billboard and that billboard and this landmark and that landmark and this strip mall and that monument to AMERICAN LIFE (I am writing to you from America) and sundry consumer outpost. Keep going. DO NOT STOP TO SHOP. YOU DO NOT WANT WHAT THEY ARE SELLING. They are selling Sun Pluto dramarama. They are selling Mars Chiron salt on a wound and Mercury Retorgrade fuck with your plans. JUST. SAY. NO. Because next week…

What I’m suggesting is not avoidance although Mars square Chiron (and Neptune) could present denial as a good time (Mars in Sag). What I am suggesting is that you GO PAST IT. Observe and go past it. Into the wild. Into next week. Because next week is the game changer (the Eclipse) the start of a run of energy that has change in mind for you.

AND we’ve got the Fire Trine of Faith and Courage and Creativity on our side here.

My only other request is that you look good for Libra Season. Spend some time on your look. Some time, some money. It never hurt anyone to make a little effort. Even I’m wearing some lip color while I type this :) EVEN ME, BITCHES!

Love is one of many great fires, writes Jack Gilbert.

Which fire will you tend to this week? 


Sun Square Pluto Is Like A Walled City

Marriage is about finding someone’s hiding places.

And not letting them hide there anymore.

But also not being so controlling that…  you can’t let them have their solitude.
You have to let them have their solitude.
Rilke wrote about this:
two solitudes protect and greet each other. That is love (paraphrasing here).

So when I’m talking about hiding places I am talking about THE WALLS that we have.

That’s one way to put it. There may be other metaphors to come :)

Very old walls, decades in the making.
They start to crumble fray but they are STRONG and tall resilient and they attempt to defeat those mountain climbers and wall scalers.
But you can’t get close to someone if you are A Walled City.

Pausing for a tune because it came to mind while I was writing this:

“Please put down your hand, because I see you…”

Some options:

You can have your Walled City and he or she can have his/her Walled City and you can have assigned personnel to send messages back and forth by raven :) or other method.
Sex is one of these message-sending methods.
As is television watching :) or other forms of togetherness.
But penetrating walls is no easy task as you know.
Walled cities have guards of course, all kinds of guards and soldiers and thus sometimes the messages get stuck or drowned or otherwise lost.
there is another rung to life, it exists high above “safety” and it feels out of reach when we bother to even realize it exists at all — and that rung is intimacy, closeness, love, acceptance, healing.

(None of these words does justice to the process I am attempting to describe which must be experienced and not just thought about or imagined.)

What I am describing here (the Walls) could apply to any number of astrological natal aspects.
Sun square Pluto comes to mind first.
As does Venus square Saturn.
Outer Planet square Personal Planet.

The personal planet IS the self (be it Sun, Moon, Venus etc) and the outer planet energy is the brick by brick by brick, trapping you inside with its humongous gale force power and pattern.
See, Pluto energy (for example) is a PATTERN.
Secretiveness, for example. Needing to have the upper hand.

If you have a Sun Pluto person in your life, your job is to help them get under the wall through the wall. If you have a Venus square Saturn person in your life, your job is to help get them over the wall through the wall.

No lost causes here, but the only way out is through LETTING YOUR SOUL BE SEEN.

Are you a Walled City? What goes on in there? 

Love, MP


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How April’s Cardinal Grand Cross Is Actually A Good Thing

So I pulled a card this morning from one of my Doreen Virtue decks (as I’m in the habit of doing lately) and I didn’t read what it said right away.
Didn’t have my glasses on.
Put it on my desk and decided what to blog about.
And I thought about my own life, changes in my own life.

Notable for April 2nd and 3rd:

Sun conjunct Uranus
Sun square Pluto
(Sun still in orb of squaring Jupiter)

Mercury inconjunct Mars
Mercury trine Saturn

And I started thinking about power (Pluto).
Thinking about how we can’t always predict (Uranus = unpredictable) when/how/why a person will take back power that has gone missing.

And I started thinking about (once again) how the Sun in Aries is about YOU.
Your vitality.
Where you are vitally alive now.
Where you are SEARCHING now.
Where you are living from now, life-force.
You cannot avert your eyes.
That house in your chart is ALIVE.

Now of course we are dealing with a “cross,” we are dealing with four corners, the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), but the faster moving planets are in Aries:
the Sun (and eventually) Mercury.
The third fastest is Mars in Libra (retrograde) currently out of orb of the *current* square.

So it’s THIS axis. Aries/Libra.
THOSE houses.
For right now.
The most pressing issues (although you will notice the four corners “work” together. It’s ONE story.)
This will shift in a matter of days, dig?
Because Mars will catch up.
And Pluto will go retrograde (Pluto moves slowly but still important to note this).

It reminds me of a dance. A wild jerky dance. You move here. And then I’ll go there. And then back over here. And a little to the right. And then the bombs start falling. But they aren’t really bombs.

The Mercury aspects don’t cause more problems, not even the inconjunct. True, you may not have time for everything. True, diplomacy may be needed. And true this is some serious shit you are entangled in TRUE you may have some regrets and TRUE you may have lost something along the way and TRUE you are finding your way back out of it and TRUE Sun conjunct Uranus square Pluto is…


I don’t read the other astrology blogs but I do watch some astro videos, here and there.

IS ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? ABOUT THESE ASPECTS BEING YOUR… POWER? To make decisions. What is your life but a bouquet of decisions. This and not that, this and not that. And some of them stank. And some of them sweeten your days.

I haven’t checked the weather report in the big city but it looks like rain to me, overcast, with more than  chance of Moon in Taurus. Maybe you feel so solid despite your lack of hope because of this Moon and you FEAR the feelings-avoidant switch to Moon in Gemini because you KNOW it will put you out of touch with what you NEED to know.

Lucky for all of us, it’s a Cancer Moon weekend :) Yes I said LUCKY. Lucky because we cannot avoid FINALLY THIS MONTH how our life makes us feel. And we cannot avoid the consequences of our actions. And this is GOOD. This is really really really really really good.

Love, MP

P.S. What it said on my Doreen Virtue card (from her Archangel Michael deck)

The Stars This Week: Sun Conjunct Uranus

I’ve been pretty sick which is why I haven’t blogged for a few days. I had a massage and according to everyone “it’s the toxins.”

Well, I guess I had/have a lot of toxins streaming out of me. Pretty bad flu symptoms. But here I am, sitting up :)

My goal is to stick with you this month, day by day, because I know it’s pretty intense.

The week, the Sun in Aries enters the Cardinal Cross. Life gets a little bit hotter.

The Sun will square Jupiter, conjoin Uranus, square Pluto. The Moon moves through Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Venus enters dreamy Pisces over the weekend.

The Sun, in an individual horoscope, is YOU.  So what I see is you taking action.

Is it easy?

Well, it’s not easy but I wouldn’t say it’s back-breaking either. The back-breaking has ALREADY HAPPENED.

Still, it’s intense. It’s necessary. It’s FAST. Sun conjunct Uranus is a bullet train. And square Pluto is… everything you see from the train window, the abandoned buildings and isolated trees, train tracks, and a lone dog. Memories. Rushing by. But move forward you must into the unknown future.

Jupiter in this equation is the belief that you are doing the right thing. And I believe you are. You’ve waited long enough.

Love, MP

Sun Enters Aries: Headbangers

This is what I do:  I remind people.

I remind people to (re)visit the house where the SUN is transiting.  The Sun enters ARIES tomorrow. So this is new. This is a big deal. IT’S BEEN A YEAR. How has your life changed? I recommend printing out your chart. PAPER. Hold it in your hands.

This Aries house of yours is a double triple big deal because of the Grand Cross in Cardinal signs next month. And the Libra Eclipse. You won’t be able to AVOID your Aries house. Even if you want to.

I remember last year. At this time. Everything changed for me.

In the Tarot, the Emperor card is often associated with Aries. Ambition. Power. Leadership. Fathers. Fathering. Men. Lords, kings, bosses. INITIATION. Aries/Mars/the 1st House. BEGIN. The self. ME. Do these keywords fit with your Aries house?

A few random Aries keywords to keep in mind:
accidents, courage, inflammation, your energy, fevers, fire, force, invaders, iron, metals, operations, ovens, roofs, soldiers, tools, trances, vertigo, welders, wolves…

First week of April the Sun will square Jupiter, conjoin Uranus, and square Pluto. Interesting that Venus will enter Pisces in the midst of all this headbanging. That’s what these transits are: HEADBANGERS.

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. This is just a taste. I’ll try to blog more often to keep you up to date on transits but suffice to say, at the very least, keep your eyes on THOSE FOUR HOUSES, the cardinal ones in your chart. And it could be good. Really. It could be good.

Another reminder: where you have Aries in your chart is where you will be… bossy and ballsy and none too delicate and maybe just maybe… you have some trouble there? Because of your mega mega aggro ways? Or maybe you didn’t live up to or truly own your Aries vroom vroom vroom and when you try to make up for that, it comes out all extreme and awkward and kinda cray.

Where you have Aries in your chart is where you may need a little more Venus, a little less penis ;)

A quick video I made today, saying goodbye to Pisces Season. Transition!

Love, MP

Two Stories & Libra This Week (A Day Late)

I do things that scare me all the time. Life requires bravery on a daily basis.

Do you feel this way too?

Recently my ability to handle myself in an emergency was questioned and I got pissed off. (Hello Mars!)

Hyper-vigilance. My life IS an emergency. I’ve been handling emergency for 43 years. I am the fire station; I am the national guard; I am however I feel at any given moment (Cancer stellium thank you very much) but beneath that is SOLID.


And now a story about the Chiron Dog woman (she knows who she is) who takes in survivors of various species (often they show up unannounced) and rescue dogs in particular and is wondering how to dissolve (Neptune) their trauma.

I noticed Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will conjoin her 2nd House Neptune in Scorpio (rebirth) and how this isn’t about income for her, not about earning, but increasing HER (quite literally) increasing her wealth i.e. her light in the world and isn’t that what we are anyway.

The 2nd House = what is meaningful to you as well as what you WANT TO INCREASE, get more of, hoard. Sometimes even IN A GOOD WAY.

Whose lives do you save? What do you value? 


This week the Sun in Libra is competing with Pluto and Uranus (and include the Jupiter opposition too if you want). And then on Friday the Libra New Moon drops a cherry on this bomb of a cake. UNSETTLING is the word we keep using in MoonPlutoLand.

You want advice right? Keep the peace. Wait it out. No Devil’s Advocate needed. Don’t force it.

With this much stressed out Libra energy, appearances matter. Comb your hair. Fix your face. The mask matters. The last video I put up on youtube was a quick one about masks and how masks are revelations. We can become more ourselves when behind one.

And another thought: Libra over the next two weeks is in three parts.

Part One is this week. Sun square Pluto. Sun opposing Uranus. Crisis or no crisis: you may feel scared shitless anyway. Moon’s in Virgo today. Details bring you peace. And a Libran question: what’s love got to do with it?

And then Part Two: New Moon in Libra doing what the Sun did. Tattletale or beautiful echo. MAKE A FUCKING WISH says Sun in Libra caught in the crosshairs smiling sweetly.

And then Part Three: Sun in Libra squaring Jupiter in Cancer. This is confirmation. That New Moon wish of yours has great legs.

What’s happening in your world? 

Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend: Pluto Guts

I like Sunday.

Damn it, I REALLY like Sunday. March 31st.

See, tomorrow is… the Sun and Venus in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

What you want to do versus your fear about doing it, about getting what you want. Finally.  And oh yes you are DRIVEN. And pissed off ;)

And the Moon is void of course in Scorpio. Get nothing done and feel crappy about it. THIS SKY CANNOT GET IT UP.

But on Sunday:

1. the Moon is in Sagittarius (buoyant! free!) AND

2. Venus is sextile Jupiter (love + money + beauty + good times + lots of it) AND

3. the Sun and Venus are square Pluto (squares are tension, friction)

(The Sun will also sextile Jupiter but it isn’t exact until Monday morning.)

And you may be asking yourself: but MoonPluto, WHY would you be praising a Pluto square? 

Well, my friends, we need the eggs ;)

It’s a very VERY “he loves me, he hates my gut” type of sky.

Jupiter feels good. Pluto feels like… I am trying to find an image. Here’s a story:

Pluto feels like… a late night of chain smoking and Scorpio interrogations (yes this is a story from my trip Way Out West) and shortly before bed what is revealed are the ugly secrets that you never tell ANYONE EVER and this person has pried them out of you and upon hearing your secrets, utters graphic yet simple, concise words of support so extreme that you flinch, move away, and he thinks he’s offended you but no. You’re just moved and grateful. In fact, he gets it more than you do. He goes to places you NEVER could with YOUR LIFE, your experience. He says what needs to be said. He says what has never been said. He offers to take revenge on your behalf. You thank him kindly. That is Pluto. Pluto guts.

So if you fall into the “faint of heart” category or you are worried about your love life or even if you simply don’t want any Pluto power butting into your current romantic fantasy daydream, you may want to skip this day :)

Love, MP


Got questions about Aries Season? 

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Thoughts On Saturn In Scorpio & Do You Wish You Were A Scorpio? (Or Any Other Sign)

"saturn in scorpio"

I used to read the Horoscopes in the daily paper when I was a kid and already was picking up on some kind of mystery vibe around Scorpio. My mother was a Scorpio. I’m a Cancer Sun.

Once I finally learned that there was more to the chart besides the Sun, I was disappointed to discover that I only had Neptune in Scorpio, which is generational.

BUT THEN when I found out I had a prominent, 1st House Pluto (conjunct my Virgo Moon) I was, for a moment, relieved.

And eventually I began to understand that a Scorpio Sun presented differently than a Scorpio Moon or someone with a 1st House Pluto or  a Sun Pluto aspect or a Moon Pluto aspect.

(Side issue: I do find that people with a packed 8th House remind me of either 1. Moon square Pluto or 2. Moon in Scorpio.)


I was talking to a Sun square Pluto friend on the phone yesterday and sharing with him my thoughts on the generation of Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio people. How Neptune had Neptuned, had mystical-ed, mystified some of the killing/thriving edge of Scorpio nature. That they seem more confused to me than Scorpios from other generations. This is also the Uranus Pluto conjunct generation. There’s something about us…. I think we stay lost longer than others. Maybe that’s a better word for it “lost” more than “confused” although it can be both.

Not saying these folks don’t achieve but… my generation really does seem to wander longer, eternal students (not that I judge that at all), or toiling away at crappy jobs for way too long and seething with anger on the inside for decades.

I think Sun conjunct Neptune in the natal can really leave a person feeling rudderless. It’s like… how much inner work can one man do? You go inside and inside and inside and inside and inside and then what? It can be hard to move forward when your head is permanently in the clouds and Neptune can do that to a person.


And ya know, side issue but not really, when I think about Saturn in Scorpio I think about loyalty, how collectively we will be questioning what is and isn’t worth it, what we are willing to let go, what we are willing to let die.

Saturn is the work we must do, lessons to be learned, Saturn is time, timing, Karma, but also fear. We will come face to face with what we fear about getting close, closer than Libra and its emphasis on making nice.

Scorpio wants it real or not at all (that’s the ideal anyway). And Saturn sets a limit so imagine Saturn in Scorpio conjunct the generation of Sun-conjunct-Neptune-in-Scorpio people. Feels like a cosmic WAKE UP.

With Saturn in Scorpio we will be compelled to REALLY make it real ;) especially in the house of our chart where he transits. AND YET we will feel limited in how far we can go. Like, every which way we try to penetrate? Nope. Not here. Not now. Not yet. Hold on. Gimme a minute…

Talk about the big squeeze… Scorpio can be very all or nothing and Saturn says STOP.

But, says Saturn in Scorpio, if you can get clear about what your inner Pluto needs and you do the work? Then you’ll be reborn. Reborn as you. You, free.


Questions? Comments? Thoughts? A wonderful holiday weekend to those who celebrate such!


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Sun Square Pluto Strikes Again: In The Body

"moon in cancer"

Here is Cookie Monster for the Moon in Cancer today squaring the Aries Sun and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Have a cookie! 

When the transiting Sun squares transiting Pluto, I feel it in my body. I get sick. I am thinking that this partly has to do with my natal Pluto which is in my 1st House and conjunct my Virgo Moon. The 1st House is “of the body.” Appearance too.

And I remember my astrology class and a student telling us that she too felt certain transits in her body rather than as outside events or people.

Yesterday it felt like I was taken over – extreme exhaustion. My mind felt okay though. And I figured it was just too many days in a row at the gym.

A facebook pal wondered if it was a psychic attack but I didn’t think so. For me that would feel more like mental distress. I was pretty sure this was just a case of “over-doing it.” And I had a low fever in the morning and cancelled everything that involved leaving the house.

But then I remembered Sun square Pluto.

Anyone who does readings, who does any kind of psychic work must learn to distinguish between their body, their emotions and… everyone and everything else. It is subtle and necessary work and it takes time but eventually to begin to figure it out and trust what is yours and not yours.

And in the meantime? Have a cookie for the Moon in Cancer :) The Moon rules food and Cancer has a sweet tooth.

Pssst…. Next Full Moon is in Libra… 


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The Stars Today: Sweetness And The Edge

"sun square pluto"

Now, right now, are the aspects that I was talking about this morning. Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

How are you feeling? The Moon’s in Gemini. Where is Gemini in your chart?

Social? Restless? Busy? Of two or more minds? Those are common Gem keywords.

And are you living either of those aspects up top?

If Sun square Pluto is power struggle and if it’s true that aspects are stronger when they are applying (this is true for me) then I got my Sun square Pluto dose a day ago. Not that we are limited to one manifestation.

As for sweet Mercury sextile pretty Venus, that’s the undercurrent. That everything actually IS fine… despite the fear at times. Despite the… “I can’t!”

Sun square Pluto likes to look for something wrong so the higher vibration of this energy is the deep looking itself, the Pluto part. But not to assault the Sun or to steal the light but to… bake a cake together.

I know I know fucked up metaphor but hear me out. We’re not dealing with Cancer planets here but we ARE dealing with Aries who squares Cancer and we are dealing with Capricorn who opposes Cancer.

So it’s up to Cancer to nurture you out of this mess – to dry your tears and bring you sweets.

How are you feeling?


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The Stars Today! Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus

"sun square pluto"

According to my handy dandy Celestial Calendar, there are no “exact aspects” today but consider tomorrow’s aspects as building today! And why put off today what you can do tomorrow ;) Or something like that.

The two stand-outs to me are Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

Sun square Pluto you say? Yep!

Now in the native this aspect can bring, you guessed it! Lots of internal tension of the Pluto variety — power struggle, crisis, your unconscious shit kinda gets in the way of your life ALL THE TIME and it’s like you need to pare it back, peel it, peel it, peel back the layers. In my mind I’m picturing peeling a pear.

And it’s the EGO, the very SELF that feels in danger, at risk, under siege, so the “solution” to this “problem” is spiritual. The solution to Scorpio problems in general is spiritual and Sun square Pluto IS a Scorpio problem. Sun square Pluto people can feel like others are trying to kill them. And.. sometimes others are.

I have a friend with this aspect and he’s of the generation that his Sun also squares Uranus and he has more than a bit of that “cut off your nose to spite your face” thing. You simple can’t wrestle Sun square Pluto to the ground. Stubborn with a cause, stubborn without a cause — it can be one and the same with this aspect.

Sun square Pluto has tremendous power, willpower, and that power needs to be unpacked, understood, and knowing when your ego and your unconscious habits/patterns are getting the best of you.

Pluto people can conquer the world. They DO conquer the world routinely. Just let it be for the good, for the light. Because when this energy backs up on a person… they get slimed and I don’t mean pink slime.

When this aspect occurs “in the sky” you want to avoid people who push your buttons.

And as for Mercury sextile Venus? It may be the sweet ones who push your buttons. Or that you should BE VENUS when you encounter a Pluto person who wants to push your buttons. Err on the sweet side.

Or you could stay home in bed and hide under the blankets!

Do you struggle? With who? 


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Are You Having a Saturn-Pluto Transit? Read This Post!

"sun square pluto"

Damn this winter.

Just couldn’t get it up for the gym today. Felt like my limbs were filled with cement. I plodded along for 45 minutes, trying to unearth my energy.

Walking home I called up a friend and somehow got on the topic of massage, getting massages, and how he doesn’t like them and he even mentioned, admitted that it had to do with massage (or bodywork in general) bringing up your stuff, bringing your stuff to the surface. My friend has a lot of stuff.  I do too BUT I like massage for that very reason.

And I said to him: see? That’s exactly WHY. You get the massage to bring the stuff up so you can then heal… and move on.

I related this massage-aversion to a particular aspect in his chart: Sun square Pluto because Pluto rules mines and mining and the Sun is who you are (including your body!) and he’s got the Sun in an earthy house and hells bells just let those memories and traumas stay tucked away in that box among the stack of dusty boxes! This man (Sun) don’t wanna dig (Pluto).

But the thing is this, my friends: the memories and traumas DON’T stay tucked away and that is part of Pluto’s function. This shit will come out sooner or later. Why not have a say in it. Why not empower the body and allow it to begin to heal itself.

With the right support and structure (Saturn) I believe it is possible. When you have people in your life that won’t leave you no matter how ugly (Saturn) you think you are… almost anything becomes possible. Even getting a massage.

I don’t judge my friend. He can only do what makes him comfortable. AND YET (says my Virgo Moon) there is sometimes a price to pay for comfort. I want to see him free and happy… not always running. 

Pluto rules regeneration. Pluto rules restoration. Pluto rules reincarnation. I believe it will happen for my friend. I believe it is happening now. But as my teacher used to say, will you go kicking and screaming, or…

In other news: I just did a Mini-Reading for someone and thought to myself: my readings are like fortune cookies. Tasty, a little sweet, and ya never know what you’re gonna get ;)


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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today

"moon pluto"
Kate Moennig has Mars in Leo!

I’ve got a lot on my mind that I don’t want to talk about so I thought I’d come here and… not talk about it.

Libra still rules the sky of course: Sun and Mercury conjunct at 5, Venus at 17, Saturn at 18, Moon at 27.

Venus Saturn seems the most um interesting thing about the sky today. I have Saturn ruling my 5th House of LUV, as well as Venus square Saturn so I’m used to this energy which is so much about rejecting before you get rejected… which is usually a fear not based on reality (Saturn). Squares to Saturn often function like this: the truth/reality goes missing.  And when the transiting planets are mirroring our charts? We feel it.

Mars still gives support to Sun and Mercury by sextile: energy, enthusiasm, force but, well, kinda fun cuz it’s Leo.  Also, this Mars in Leo can shine a light on the Pluto square to Sun and Mercury.

What’s the answer? Know that you’ll be able to get it done, whatever it is. However you’ve been battered by the pretty Libra planets, Mars will make you strong.

Does your chart get along with the Libra Stellium? 

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A Little Night Blogging (Sun square Pluto)

"sun square pluto"

So I was talking to a friend who has Sun square Pluto in his natal chart. I remember when I first looked up his chart and saw this aspect and thought to myself: self-loathing. And that’s what he said to me last night, that that was what he was feeling.  “I despise my life,” he said. He had recently re-potted a plant which I saw as a good sign and I wrote to him this, “I love you. Please don’t hate your life. You don’t have to love it, but please don’t hate it. You have a plant to take care of now.”

This morning it was still on my mind, how he was feeling, and I texted him early, even before I knew he’d be awake. I wanted to put these thoughts here because I thought maybe others could relate. I wrote to him, “You will always feel self-loathing to some degree. That’s your chart. Question becomes how to rebuild what you tear down. But you won’t ever not feel the whip (Sun square Pluto). Good days and bad days. Solution? Pluto itself: healing, regeneration of the self. Metaphor: the burn ward i.e. a reconstructed man. Into the fire, out of the fire.”

When I love someone, this is how my mind works first thing in the morning :)

Do you have Sun square Pluto in your chart? What’s your metaphor? 

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