The Destroying Eradicating Angel: SUN SQUARE PLUTO

"uranus in taurus"
INTRODUCING THE UGLIES: a new series of writing about difficult aspects/transits.

I woke up this morning, inspired by a client’s email. She quoted to me the blog post I had written that led her to me. It was about Sun square Pluto. IN FACT, I’ve had a number of clients find me because of that piece. I think this is the one right here.  

So what needs to be said about Sun square Pluto, late in 2018? Has anything changed?

For sure the SQUARE aspect in astrology is a blindspot. I’m not sure I wrote about that back then. We don’t fully SEE how it’s moving, what it’s doing, that it’s hurting us until someone can point it out over and over and over because we keep doing that square over and over and over.  FIGHT OR FLIGHT. That’s Sun square Pluto.

I don’t mean to come down so hard on squares but they are hard! Many of us have them. But we can’t just let them sit there, no! We have to go deeper into the square. We have to think: hmmm what am I NOT seeing. I do this THING, this group of things which feels so innate and yet I keep winding up with the same thoughts, in the same situations and…

I notice this with my own chart, my VENUS squares! But about Sun square Pluto: for sure you do not see how you cut yourself off at the root and consider it not only necessary but automatic. It just happens. Feels right. It’s who you are. 

But that’s not all you are. You aren’t “just” the destroying eradicating angel. 

The other day on Twitter I got into a brief conversation about the Angel of Death and I started to remember some bits and pieces of the Passover story and I bring this up because that’s you BUT…

Okay, a story first. 

I remember a few months ago identifying with this role of destroyer and I wish I could trace back exactly what I was thinking but that somehow a BIG part of my purpose this incarnation was to be an agent of… not dark magic exactly but, say, someone who starts the fire. Or adds flame flame flame flame flame to an already existing fire. Okay yes dark magic exactly. And maybe it was just time to accept that. 

And that for some of us, it was just part of our “line” in this lifetime (I do see what I call “life arcs”) and that it wasn’t about morality (good person vs. “bad” person) but what is seen in nature every day and that humans will embody this as well.

So  I thought. This is just ME. I embody THE BAD. Now whether this is true or false for me isn’t the point here.

The point is: YOU ARE A MESSENGER OF GOD. Angels and messengers are one and the same (the same word in Hebrew is used for both).

The Sun is YOU.
Pluto is poison (i.e. has the power to make you and others sick because penetrating insights are so disarming)

So you keep getting this poison pumped into you until you realize that the poison is homeopathy and has come to cure you, fix you, mend you, heal you with its inexhaustible, inextinguishable light.