The Stars This Week: Sun Square Pluto Is Your Exorcism

"uranus in taurus"
So I already wrote about Sun square Pluto here

Could be dark at times BUT Sun Pluto has power AND there are good aspects too. Let’s explore a bit.

What is Sun square Pluto good for? WORKING WITH THE DEAD.

But this isn’t the Rated G version. More like a messy exorcism (aren’t they all?) than a love and light “energy clearing” but it’s ALL energy clearing as I wrote on my Twitter today.

All these magical and spiritual techniques exist to adjust OUR energy. That money spell you did is drawing money to you because you wipe away the schmutz from your own spirit. Easier said than done? Probably. Yes.

But Sun Pluto can help you with this. Because it’s compulsive. You’ll want to look for the monster in the closet. Talk to the monster. Love the monster. Just bring a bib or a broom or something for the clean up crew.

Last night after having a certain spiritual conversation with someone (I’m being vague on purpose) I had to lay down. I got a physical reaction. I was fine but affected. We are being detectives and we have a job to do. But first we are figuring out the way and then we will do it. And then she said to me: first for us and then for others.


Venus trine Mars and both sextile Neptune. Consider this a light touch, a comforting touch. Venus is in croissant-loving Taurus and making good aspects to both Mars and Neptune. This is a good news for our collective mood and appetites. We can take breaks without feeling guilty. We look good, we feel good.

And then on Sunday Mercury goes direct and we have a New Moon at 26 Aries. I’ll address these in a separate blog post.

Until then I wish you good stars and good cards xoxo


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