What To Wear To A Fire: Sun Square Pluto April 10th

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I didn’t get much sleep last night so I figured may as well write. I’ve got a lot on my mind. Let me explain. 

I decided to go to sleep early last night. Daylight Saving time has been kicking my ass. Up too late and sleeping too late. Napping in the day.

So last night at 10:30 pm sharp I turned off Survivor and went to bed. I was awakened at midnight by a sound – wasn’t sure what it was. Different, louder, more persistent than the usual ambulance or cop or firetruck that make routine visits next door to the two elderly lady roomates. What it was was a fire.

On my block, about four houses down, a house was burning.

Eventually happily we found out that the owner of the old stone house was at work overnight and perfectly fine –

except now his house was badly burned and everything he owned irretrievable. It was devastating to see and I did see — I stayed a while because the immediate neighbor couldn’t go back inside his house.  He was clearly in shock. He thought it was HIS place on fire as the huge hoses had to douse the side of his place so that the fire wouldn’t spread and could have as the paint was bubbling. It took hours to put it out. It was reaching the trees and we have TALL TREES here. He didn’t even have shoes on. He must have run out.

There’s a big used booksale a couple times a year where I live and the last couple times I’ve scooped up as much astrology and tarot as I could and yesterday finally dipped into Celeste Teal who I’ve never read but had one of her books sitting on my porch for over a year.

Astrological keywords and themes are familiar to us all by now, if we read this material, and I don’t mind when the same stuff repeats as it often does. Some say it better than others and Teal is one of those someones. I loved the way she talked about Pluto which of course was the first chapter I turned to (First House Moon conjunct Pluto here). 

Paraphrasing Teal:
Pluto roots out, exposes what is HIDDEN so that it can be cleansed, cleaned, healed.

Okay I am not so tacky as to say this is a metaphor for the man’s house burning.  It’s a major trauma. His experience shouldn’t be reduced to a blog post and it’s not–

but these three things happened at the same time – my thinking about Pluto, collaborating on a spiritual project with my sister, the burning house.

Pluto destroys in order to rebuild. It HAS TO. 

This week (tomorrow, in fact) we have that Sun square Pluto and it’s an opportunity, your opportunity to go deeper, even deeper down than you’re used to and with a holy holy purpose.

Something in your life needs to be dredged up, exposed… so that it can be re-seen and, yes, healed, transmuted.

Reconnecting with my sister over the last few days has been a bandage for me. Staunching the bleeding. Before it happened, I was bleeding out, homeless in spirit. And believe me I have no idea how to “deal with” family. So we reconnect and we are collaborating on an ancestral healing but life with family isn’t all light work. It’s earth work. The other day my editor said working with a publisher is like a family. You won’t bug us when you reach out. I realized I had no idea what she meant. Family? Huh?

I remember from another book about Pluto, how Pluto rules mines, hidden treasure beneath the earth.

How do you know when you’re healing?

When the magick or exorcism or process is working? When you don’t have to TRY to feel better meaning more open or connected LESS IN PAIN or it may be a different word for you. There’s a groundedness to it. Reality. Much more to say but have to go for now…

The Little Book of Saturn
The Little Book of Saturn

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