Dust Off Your Altar (Wee Preview Of Next Week)

"venus square saturn"Even though I just blogged about the weekend, I want to talk about next week, briefly, and next week is amazing. I’ll do my best to blog day by day but let me give you a little list:

VENUS ENTERS ARIES (love it by fire)
MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS (take your time)
SUN SQUARE PLUTO (your obsession is your gift to the world)
NEW MOON IN ARIES (dust off your altar, set intentions by fire, CREATE)
SUN CONJUNCT URANUS (emancipate!!!!)

The Sun will be doing the bulk of the magick. The Sun is you. A New Moon, two ingresses.

My darling, this is *your* weekend. This is what you’ve been waiting for since the Eclipses. THIS WEEK.

What was it you said you wanted? Let it be known once again.


News: the weekend special is ON. Message me. MoonPluto@gmail and for info about the April Group, do click here.

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