Only So Much Volatility: One More For Libra Season

Today I had a fight with a stranger. So what else is new? I live in New York City.

This was one of those dating app things. The Sun is in Libra after all. We’re in Libra Season with Mars in Libra and Mercury retrograde in, you guessed it, Libra!

We want to relate and passionately we try and we do. And a few days ago I had a date with someone (a match from a literal matchmaker, the second of her two suggestions) and… if we aren’t talking love and sex and relationships then it really isn’t Libra Season.

I’m an empathetic person. I can feel someone is hurting (and feel for them) even while knowing I shouldn’t reach back out, that I shouldn’t try to make it better, cleaner, clearer, because it can’t be made any of those. And I’d likely be a casualty in the process. And after so many years as a professional intuitive/psychic astrologer I pretty much KNOW (for myself and for others) what will ultimately send the thing to it’s timely, or untimely, end. And end it did. Let us pay our respects.

But is this all we can hope for from Libra Season? Volatility as planets in Libra begin their teasing of masterclass Pluto? Believe me, Pluto will not have it. Pluto will not be baited. Pluto will detonate. Let us pay our respects.

Tonight I was talking to my own damn tarot reader, talking about my type, describing him. Intelligent, reserved. Ah I can’t remember what else I told her but I said that’s my one type. My other one being Tony Soprano. She said it was okay to have two 🙂 And don’t get me started on what I’m talking about in therapy. Unless you really want to know. (Kathleen the Taurus, if you’re reading this, I know what you’re thinking.)

Yeah I’m keeping this blog post light. No heavy message, no intensity. I’m not gonna tell you that you can’t get what you want from Libra Season or that you will — just that you’re not in sync if you think you can escape matters of the heart this time of year. Will it get uncomfortable at times? YES. As one of my many Virgos said to me this week: grist for the mill. And I was near-insulted. You’re calling my precious thoughts and feelings GRIST? Of course I had to google this idiom and you can too, but if you have precious little online energy I recommend instead you revisit your chart.  Soon enough this Libra Pluto situation is going to get heated, is going to boil over, is going to cook you, and cook you good,  and you’re gonna wanna know exactly where in your chart the flames will rise.

Am I right? I’m right. Okay. Talk to you later.

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