Sun Square Pluto This One’s For You (April 10th)

"sun square pluto"
Although the weekend is more cheerful
(if you can call *any* Venus Saturn combo cheerful) than the past few days, next week we go dark again.

Why do I say this? Sun square Pluto. Does it even matter what sign? Sun square Pluto is Sun square Pluto is Sun square Pluto. Or is it? Don’t signs matter? OF COURSE THEY DO. Pluto in Capricorn is not Pluto in Libra or Pluto in Virgo. Not concerned with the same stuff of life.

If Pluto is a destroyer (one of her many incarnations) and Capricorn is associated with Saturn the Builder, then what? Then what you are building is constantly dying on you.

And here comes Aries Season, here comes the Sun in Aries, and one esoteric Sun in Aries meaning is the near death experience and walking away from that experience into life. Alive. Redeemed. Let me explain. I grew up Jewish, traditionally so. My family left it in certain key ways and I returned to it intensely in my 20s and 30s and I had a Jewish education so it’s no surprise that I will give you a story from the Torah.

The Aries glyph is the ram and in the book of Genesis, Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his beloved son Issac. In the nick of time, God calls to Abraham and tells him to substitute a ram in place of his son. Scapegoat.

Can you imagine how Issac must have felt? I wrote a poem about it once. But what I want you to take away from this Torah story and astrology story is this:

We are always having a near death experience. We are always on the altar. And we are always being called to by God. It’s just that sometimes the astrology makes it more clear, makes us SEE.

The Sun enters Aries and says to Pluto in Capricorn:

Don’t die that way. Die this way.

Our job is to find out what that means (for each of us individually) and how to do it. How to do it right. How to change right. How to sacrifice right. How to surrender right. How to be a servant of what is holy right (whatever holy means to you).

Think of the Death card in the Tarot. Not always a literal death, right? No. Not always.


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