Maybe Painful: New Moon In Pisces – March 17th

"mars conjunct saturn"
from the home office

The New Moon this weekend is at 26 degrees Pisces so it’s time to check your chart and think about what this could mean for you. Something new?

Ordinary New Moons are ordinary New Moons. Sometimes they fit a pattern that’s easy to see and sometimes… who knows? Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to find that New Moon in your chart and see what she’s up to. Yes I can help you with this. 

What I don’t like: 
It’s a Sun Moon CHIRON conjunction. Chiron hurts. Your pain becomes painfully clear to you. It’s not necessarily what you’re in the mood for.

Mars enters Capricorn this same day which wouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself but we all know that SATURN is in Capricorn so Mars jumps head first into a Mars Saturn conjunction (exact April 2nd)

and then Mars will square whatever planets are moving through Aries including Uranus when it gets to the later degrees.

Mars Saturn: driving with the brakes on.

Dear Cardinal Signs:
You may feel a little frustrated.

Yesterday I was trying to explain the concept of the CARDINAL CROSS to a client who doesn’t know any astrology, other than her Sun Sign (and no shame in that, we all start somewhere) and I told her how the Cardinal signs are each aligned with the Equinoxes, the Seasons, and thus they are BEGINNERS i.e. they start stuff! They begin!

These four signs (four points of the cross) are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Spring Fall Summer Winter. When these signs interact in your chart or in the sky, there is tension, frustration AND drive and compulsion (squares and oppositions). I tried to leave out the jargon and just explain the bigger picture and how it feels and I think she got it. She said she did. It’s a Cardinal CROSS folks. We can feel mighty stuck.

This is why I give you the “frustration warning” now. Fast moving planets in Aries, including the SUN soon enough. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Folks with planets in any of the cardinal signs will really feel this I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN”T GET UP feeling.

You may feel stuck or hopeless or hopelessly stuck.

What to do when/if the going gets tough:

Breakthrough energy is here, my friends. Ace of Swords. This is you. Keep your weapon handy.

What do you use to cut through, break through, when you feel you just can’t?

In the words of the great Scorpio Neil Young: don’t let it bring you down. Easier said than done I know, but your Ace is sharp sharp truth.

Wise mind, my friends. Use your wise mind to cut through. Be wiser than your problems. The truth is that you are. No lie.


PS I had an Ace of Swords picture up but I’m having weird tech issues with pictures going sideways even when they seem fine — no matter what I try it’s not working! so I had a pic up but then had to take it down.

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And Then The Letting Go: Mercury Square Chiron (Nov 24th)

"mercury square chiron"
From some experiences we do not recover. Life hands them over like terrible hostages. Or maybe you are the hostage of the bad dream that came to life. I’ll tell you right now what to do about it:

feel the feeling and let it go.

Now what does this mean: feel the feeling. 

I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean it takes a minute. It often takes longer than a minute. It can take years. But you feel. You feel that ten year feeling and then you let it go. I think we hold on because we don’t want to let it go. Because often it’s all we have left. Someone dies and our grief is what’s left. We carry it like we carry their favorite coat. I still have two of my mother’s perfumes (from over 20 years ago).

The blog post I wrote right before this one is here and has a similar theme. Click here to read. 

"mercury square chiron"

This weekend we have an exercise in this letting go because today and tomorrow could make you wince a little.

Mercury in Sagittarius who just wants to say whatever is on their mind comes up against Chiron and painfully so. It’s not just self-doubt. It’s feeling like nothing you ever think or say is okay.

Do you have a Chiron square to a personal planet?

You may feel like you are wrong or mistaken for even existing.

I don’t recommend being born with this aspect but if you have it, you have it and if you have it, you are a teacher. I’m sorry you have to live with this bloody broken heart but the only way to possibly alleviate some of this pain is to accept this fate and not isolate yourself in your pain.

So teach, teacher. You have to teach.

"moon square neptune"

Masochistic Moon: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Pisces September 16th

"full moon eclipse in pisces"Let’s talk a little about the Pisces Eclipse – on Friday –

a Lunar Eclipse.
24 degrees Pisces.
September 16th.


This Full Moon Eclipse aspects Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Chiron, Mars, and of course opposes the Sun.

All these aspects are hard ones. It’s not a “friendly” eclipse.

Let me give you a brief Neptune review because what we’re really doing here is saying GOODBYE SO LONG to the ILLUSIONS and deceptions and useless longing/hoping/masochism that NO LONGER SERVES US.

(And it never really did.)

With a little help from Rex Bills,here are some items associated with Neptune/Pisces/12th House that you may not want to hold onto after this Eclipse runs through town:

feeling confined
being confined

And okay I think I’ll just stop here with the list, but let me say this, just one more thing, that Neptune and the 12th House rule prison and confinement of all kinds, bondage yes, but also rule ESCAPE.

So you really can ESCAPE this crap.

If you want to. Only if you want to. Maybe you don’t want to. Maybe you want to keep singing in your chains like the sea but frankly my transits are changing me not chaining me and I’m into it. I want MORE than Neptune has to offer.

Yes Neptune brings me wine and music and holy solitude and omg the Neptune ecstasy I can feel is immense and intense BUT…

I have a stockpile of Neptune I’m gonna let go this Friday.

Are you? Are you ready?


Looking Forward To The Scorpio Moon (Really!!)

"full moon eclipse in libra" I would not be surprised if you still feel the effects of the Full Moon Eclipse, not surprised at all (i.e. crazy emotional or just crazy or just emotional) and keep in mind as well that Libra Moon in general may not be doing your chart any favors. Think about it. We’re all out of balance right now. The struggle is real! So be easy on yourself.

Right now the Moon is heading to oppose my Chiron. Moon Chiron (so painful). I am not crazy about today’s stars nor tomorrow’s. The Moon continues her travels through Libra (bumpy roads, square Pluto, opposing Uranus). I suppose we should be thankful for the Moon Mars sextile and the Mercury Mars trine (we can get in the car, we can rise above) but honestly I just feel…

emotional. Moon Chiron = hurts all the time! (At least I only have this by transit and I do sympathize with those of you who live with this year round. I have Sun square Chiron so I know a bit about hard Chiron aspects but Moon Chiron? Please no.)

And we are heading into Venus in Pisces square Saturn and Saturn going retrograde on the same day. You may feel you have come to a dead stop and you do not like where you are. BUT…

the weekend is way better. Survive until then. Scorpio Moon may not be your favorite but the aspects are good, lots of easy, helpful trines and sextiles and then?

And then it’s another Monday and you’ve entered the Promised Land. You fucking made it.


Full Moon in Pisces + Homework!

"full moon in pisces" I really really like this Full Moon. In Pisces. 16 degrees! 

I’ll tell you what I like: I like that it makes a trine to Saturn in Scorpio. Folks with planets around 16 degrees Cancer will benefit. It becomes a Grand Trine for them. Full Moon, Saturn, Your Cancer Planet(s).

I like Water trine Saturn because Water needs to be held. Water needs HELP. A trine from Saturn = REINFORCEMENTS — for whatever you are going through, dear watery friend.

But what about everyone else? 

The fact that the Full Moon is conjunct Chiron COULD BE seen as alarming. Or sad. Feelings, memories, pain you don’t want to deal with but hellllllooooooooo in there!!!

Sun in Virgo opposing Moon + Chiron in Pisces: your emotional pain getting Virgo-ized, analyzed. Doesn’t have to be AGONIZED. It’s more than a bright light; it’s a team of good doctors, nurses, healers, voodoo priestesses, spirit guides in the form of dogs and oak trees, and…


gently, tenderly apply subtle pressure and the correct herb and salve. There is an herb. There is a salve. For you. It is gentle and tender and it is for you.

You have to see what is there. There is no point in living if you are not going to take the time to see what is there. Yeah. I hear you. I don’t want to look either.

AND YES mutable folks around 16 degrees are going to have mixed feelings about all this, especially the Gemini and the Sagittarius but for them, it’s a blip, temporary feels. For the water folk though, this Full Moon is YOUR CULMINATION.

And of course if you want to know what is culminating yes you have to examine your PISCES house, where the Full Moon is. It’s quite meaningful really. Revelatory.

Why i also love this Full Moon:
Go ahead and give it a trine to Mars in Scorpio (the orb is wide, but humor me) but just as important — (REDACTED. I was looking at the wrong page in my book and need to fix something here).

This Full Moon is not here to slice and dice, not here to chop you up… the energy actually is gentle and healing and wise so see if you can match it. Imitate it. Despite whatever shitty transits you are having. Despite whatever else is happening in the sky, I want you to mirror this Full Moon. Morph. Lose boundaries. Shape shift. Imitate it. Become it. Healing. Forgiving. Of yourself, first and foremost. And anyone else you feel like bestowing.

I’m serious about this. Be the Moon. That’s your homework. Let me know how it goes.

Love, MP

PS Ceres, Vesta AND Juno are trine this Full Moon. Will blog about this tomorrow…

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New Moon In Cancer: CRABBY (or Good Mom/Bad Mom)

We were talking about Moon Chiron contacts in the chat room and I decided to start a separate thread about mothers in general.

It is Cancer Season after all. Cancer is THE mother. I asked them to describe their mother in 3 or 4 key phrases or keywords, whatever came to mind. These are the conversations I like to start :)

Loved me was the first phrase that came to mind for mine. The second was totally in denial.

My beloved Scorpio mother made some decisions in my early teen years that are/were unfixable. Things you can’t take back. My mother was so far in denial (from my point of view) that she didn’t realize/didn’t know that the decisions she made were WRONG. And when I told some of my story to my Scorpio friend a few months ago he went on to refer to her as my “piece of shit mother.” It was black and white for him.

Truth is though… I’m not a black and white thinker when it comes to love, parental or otherwise. And I’m also a Cancer. I CAN love and hate at the same time. Don’t insult my family even if what you say has a grain or more of truth. No matter what my mother did or didn’t do, I wouldn’t, didn’t, stop loving her.

I am having a moody day. Can you tell? Typical Cancer bullshit. Moon’s in Cancer. Actually NEW MOON in Cancer and Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and I’m not feeling the way I want to feel. Good thing about Cancer though is that a new MOOD is around the corner. This moment’s tzuris is five-minute-from-now’s dance party.

How would you describe your mother? 

Love, MP


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Tarot Fail: Moon Conjunct Chiron By Transit

Despite the Moon in pow yang Aries today, I was feeling some despair.

And I’d like to say that I don’t mind feeling despair. I’m all about the feelings, feeling the feelings. But despair is a place, a pit, right?  It doesn’t move like tears move.

So I decided to pull a few Tarot cards about a particular situation, partly to get my mind off of my big picture despair and the “action” card of my 3-card spread was the Fool. Good wisdom, Tarot. Thanks for the reminder.

Some notes I took in one of my Tarot books which I recently got out of storage: “anything goes, spontaneity, complete faith, total spirituality, change of direction, trust natural responses, believe in yourself, follow your heart.” The Fool is the flip side  of despair.

I decided to check my transits and oh yes the Moon in Aries is conjunct my natal Chiron. Likely this transit will hurt no matter what else is going on. The good news though is that the Moon travels fast. (Transiting Pluto is square my natal Chiron as well so today it’s Pluto square Moon *and* Chiron.)

Now, the Fool seems like a bigger leap than I want to take this morning so I will draw a card for the medium action because I think my Fool activity will happen tomorrow and not today.

Punchline: I drew the Tower. And then the 10 of Swords. And then the 8 of Swords. And then the 8 of Cups.

And then the High Priestess. Hmm. Angel.

These are Moon conjunct Chiron cards. Chiron is the wound that keeps on wounding and having the Moon there by transit makes you FEEL it. Usually you can repress it. You have to repress it. Because you have to live. Can’t walk around wounded all the time. But then the Moon in Aries (in my deep dark hidden 8th House) comes along to remind: I’M STILL HERE. The grimiest part of self we wish… didn’t need us anymore. The grimy part we try to starve who gets hungrier and hungrier and then a quick fire transit like the Moon in Aries lights up the dark and the cards show… not some dire prediction but what’s been there all along. She pokes her head out of the 8th House (or wherever your transit is) and you can either push her back down deep into that house, or love her all the more. Honor her.

Taking my chances here. One more: Two of Wands. Just by writing this blog post, I shifted the energy and I believe that’s how these things work and I think this is the sister card to the Fool that I was searching for earlier.

The medium action to take. Courage, says this card. Fearless says this card. You can think about what your next move should be says this card. And then do it.

Chiron In Synastry

"chiron in synastry"Okay, in the Creativity class going on now, I told the gals this:

“Your life is the frame and the painting. You really do have a say. About both of them. You can work together with fate. That is magic.”

And I believe it. Do you?

I want them to feel a little more empowered. Have a little more insight than when we started the class. That’s my hope. Because I feel more empowered. I have more insight :)

In other news :) I was on the train tonight thinking about Chiron. About Chiron in synastry.

And realizing that Venus entering Virgo opposes Neptune and then Chiron. Souls who chose to be born these days are in for an interesting love journey wouldn’t you say? Especially with the Sun and Mercury in Libra. Will these souls partner with ghosts? (Venus opposing Neptune can love the fantasy more than the real.)

And I don’t have any fresh Chiron insights in this blog post. Wounded Healer is good enough for me. It’s that part of the chart where we feel fragile, vulnerable. Where we… don’t want to be teased.

So what happens if someone’s Moon is on your Chiron. Or their Venus. Or their Mars! Or their Sun, warming up your pain.

Is it an opportunity for healing? Or does it just hurt. A little of both? Mars may speed it up. Venus may soothe your wound. And the Moon may actually heal it. Wow. Imagine that. I keep thinking of that Velvet Underground song “I’ll Be Your Mirror.”

Oh. One other thought, not related to Chiron but it seems to be the case, in my life, that when I stop needing something (or someone), that that is when it shows up.

Don’t let Chiron overpower your love. I mean, I loved someone but his Chiron was stronger. I had to leave. Some people don’t want to be loved. Pain can keep others out. But it doesn’t have to.

What’s your Chiron news? 



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Thirsty Virgo In Search Of Truth Finds Water Instead

"moon pluto conjunction"

I’m obsessed with clarity. Needing to be understood. Wanting to understand.

That’s one way my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo manifests. Moon Pluto obsesses and Virgo idealizes (!) clarity.

And how with a little distance we can get some.

I was writing yesterday and lately that clarity is hard to find these days. Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and now Neptune are retrograde. (Clarity sounds like a girl’s name. A nice girl. A Virgo girl. She waits her turn.)

What’s happening in your life? Are you clear? Are you High Priestessing your days through the retrograde soup? Or are you fighting the energy, trying to fix.

Okay. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. But when in doubt… wait.

That Louise Hay quote that I posted yesterday: “Give the Universe a chance to find the solution to your so-called problem.”


In other news, the Moon in Aquarius is done trining Saturn (support for your feelings) and and moves into super psychic Pisces this afternoon, Big City time. Yes, you will feel more sensitive. You will absorb like Bounty, the quicker-picker-upper.

Mercury in Cancer (the current collective mind) will trine the Moon in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts Neptune and then Chiron (today/tomorrow).

You may have no choice but to High Priestess your way through the weekend. Dreams, intuitions, impressions, empathy, mystery, trust.

As Olivia Newton-John sang, “Feel your way”

Or go to a museum and look at soup cans ;)

Weekend plans? 

Love, MP

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Moon Saturn, Moon Chiron, And One More Use For Venus Retrograde In Gemini

"moon conjunct chiron"

With Saturn conjunct the Moon, Saturn will depress the feelings, squash them, but also what’s happening is that Saturn is hiding the sensitivity of the Moon, vulnerability. Hiding it from the person him/herself. And from everyone else.  Self-protection through Saturn. Creating a limit around how safe it is (or isn’t) to feel.

Saturn is wisdom from others or inner wisdom and with Saturn Moon, the inner wisdom is probably hard to bear because any aspect to our Moon is… baby-knowledge, what we learned when we were barely alive.

Find Saturn in your natal chart. You are wise there. Whether you realize it or not. Find Saturn in your transit chart. You are becoming wise there.


Any hard aspect to our Moon is a hard aspect to mother, to mothering, to childhood, to feeling safe, to feeling in general.

Pluto on my Moon makes my feelings intense, makes me hook into others and them into me (both Moon and Pluto represent the masses, or the public) but also includes a promise, an injunction: to transform (Pluto) my emotional nature (Moon).


I’ve lost count how many Chiron Moon people I’ve come into contact with lately. If Moon is mother and Chiron is what cannot be healed, then… what the hell? What does one do with such an aspect? The ideal (or my ideal anyway) is that eventually Chiron Moon people can stop the bleeding long enough so that they can learn to help others. Not in self-depleting ways but measured. Chiron Moon has so much pain though, it may or may not be possible. Don’t use your inability to rise above it all to berate yourself. It only drives the nail further in.

But ultimately, at some point, you must stop crying, (or at least take breaks) and the tears may not even be visible, noticeable, to you. But they’re there. Stop crying so you can *do* something else with your Chiron. You can’t replace the past. You can’t grow back a limb that is gone. But you can light the way for others. Your Moon is always a light for others — because it contains the nurturing seed which you must do for yourself always, whether your mother is alive, dead, missing, uncaring, crazy, self-involved, whatever the situation is.

Small consolation maybe but… what are your options?


Venus is in Gemini, retrograde. Options. Too many? Apply this to your healing, to your lifelong process of getting well. It hurts to hurt others but we do it anyway. Let Venus in Gemini show you new and interesting and CURIOUS ways to get better and to stop hurting others and ourselves. Not perfectly (Gemini squares Virgo) but better.

And don’t forget the LOVE part. We’re talking Venus, remember?

Love, MP

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