Looking Forward To The Scorpio Moon (Really!!)

"full moon eclipse in libra" I would not be surprised if you still feel the effects of the Full Moon Eclipse, not surprised at all (i.e. crazy emotional or just crazy or just emotional) and keep in mind as well that Libra Moon in general may not be doing your chart any favors. Think about it. We’re all out of balance right now. The struggle is real! So be easy on yourself.

Right now the Moon is heading to oppose my Chiron. Moon Chiron (so painful). I am not crazy about today’s stars nor tomorrow’s. The Moon continues her travels through Libra (bumpy roads, square Pluto, opposing Uranus). I suppose we should be thankful for the Moon Mars sextile and the Mercury Mars trine (we can get in the car, we can rise above) but honestly I just feel…

emotional. Moon Chiron = hurts all the time! (At least I only have this by transit and I do sympathize with those of you who live with this year round. I have Sun square Chiron so I know a bit about hard Chiron aspects but Moon Chiron? Please no.)

And we are heading into Venus in Pisces square Saturn and Saturn going retrograde on the same day. You may feel you have come to a dead stop and you do not like where you are. BUT…

the weekend is way better. Survive until then. Scorpio Moon may not be your favorite but the aspects are good, lots of easy, helpful trines and sextiles and then?

And then it’s another Monday and you’ve entered the Promised Land. You fucking made it.