To Honor Her Shell Grace: Hello Cancer Season (Part One)

Let’s talk about Cancer Season.

I have my Sun, Mercury, and Mars there. And that stellium squares my Jupiter. That’s a lot of moon. Jupiter EXPANDS what it touches. I’m far from unbiased. I have a blind spot. Unlikely I can see Cancer Season clearly and what we need to do to honor Her Shell Grace but I have an idea or two.


There is always something to do, including the Nothing.

But Cancer WANTS to do. Cardinal sign. Aggressive. Powerful. THE MOTHER.

You may want to eat more. You may want to nest or nestle more. Home. Family matters. Going through boxes. Rhythm of the body. The kids (human or animal or spirit). Moods and habits. Nourishment and nurturing. Feeding. Womb and breast. Psychic. Cancers are very psychic.

I recommend slowing down. Do you like where you are? Are you at home? Does it fluctuate?
I recommend paying attention to the moon phases.
I recommend you follow your mood and desire and not anyone else’s.
I recommend heart chakra meditations.
I recommend a lake.
I recommend a milkman.

The Sun in Cancer will inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (rx) this weekend:
Saturn wants to teach you how to cook but you (the Sun) rather order in.
So you don’t have to go out 🙂


Details are here about the (late) June Group: the Summer Transits (& Tarot!) 

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