Delayed But Not Deterred! The June Class Is On! Summer Summer Summer With Love & Hope

"saturn goes direct"The class got postponed – the June Group.

I moved and, well, I took on too much!

I decided to delay it so now we are gearing up again to talk SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER with love and hope. 

This blog post here has the basic nuts and bolts, how classes work with me, what it costs, etc.

And I still have the same idea in mind –

I want to talk about July and August transits and how they will affect you + Tarot.

I put up your charts. We talk transits in general (why they matter, what they mean) and what they may mean for you!  What story is your chart telling this summer? What challenges? What support can be found?

Just send me an email if you have any questions 🙂 and click on the link above for the details from before (still relevant but the dates have changed).

AND the June Special on Readings continues – I am doing these mega offers this summer – a different one each month. In September? Well, in September things will probably change…