Saturn Through My 4th House During Cancer Season

I love this house. She has needs but we all do.

Saturn through my 4th House during Cancer Season. Cancer is an expert at needs – having them and responding to them.

It’s Thursday morning as I write this. Been here almost a month and what a trip it’s been. Happy to see my Solar Return 2015 leaving. Did you know your Solar Return can be felt even THREE MONTHS prior to your birthday? Did you know the month before is the transition month? I love ideas like this. Out with the old and in with the new. I also love underarm sweat stains in the Florida heat. I went out to the farmer’s market yesterday in a short sleeved grey t-shirt and thought I saw that half moon of sweat under each arm as I caught my reflection in a store window. At first I was surprised. Then I felt embarrassed, wondered if I saw right.

Then I thought: well alright. I’m an earthy sexy sweaty Florida lady who doesn’t shave under her arms and if she wears deodorant at all it’s gonna be some wimpy Tom’s of Maine.

Florida. The state with the prettiest name (wrote Elizabeth Bishop). Smell me.

What transits are you watching? 


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