Mercury Square Saturn And What To Do About That (March 14th)

"mercury square saturn" I’m not crazy about tomorrow.

I do like a Gemini Moon (my 10th). I’m usually busy and not sad. I like both of those. Some Moons are sad Moons but not Moon in Gemini for me. Moon of the Busy Mind.

But tomorrow we have an exact Mercury Saturn square and an exact Venus Mars square and some squares from the Gemini Moon.

It’s just not a smooth day despite some other, more helpful aspects (Mercury sextile Pluto, Moon sextile Uranus).

Mercury square Saturn can be a harsh inner critic — and/or a mind  that has to work SO HARD THIS HARD to get the job done. You may stop before you start. Saturn screws with your thought processes and your beliefs, your perceptions too, may slow everything down to a fine disturbing depressing sludge and could be the reason why you feel kind of crappy today. Or always, if you have this in your natal. This aspect is building now.

Venus square Mars isn’t as bad by transit (a square from Saturn is always worse one would think) but still lacks harmony. Venus in Pisces is dreamy romantic Queen of Cups and Mars in Sagittarius leaves, making Venus in Pisces cry. Hmm maybe it is just as bad. DO NOT GET MARRIED THIS DAY I BEG YOU DO NOT.

I drew a card of advice for y’all and got the Fool! Mars in Sagittarius wins! But notice that Saturn wins too. Saturn is in Sag! So you have to do both. Take a calculated risk, a planned adventure. Stray but not too too far. Don’t make her cry.