Jupiter Square Pluto: More Power For You

The expansion this week is not sooo comfortable.

I’m not bringing you bad news but the expansion this week is not so comfortable and it’s a repeater. Repeat people. Repeat scene. Venus is retrograde, remember. All kinds of do-overs.

Jupiter will square Pluto again and Jupiter is retrograde as well so this is why the echo and the repeat and when Jupiter goes direct and we get it for the third and last time. It’ll be all sewn up then.

What you have to do, of course, is find Pluto, by transit, in your chart, which is at 19 degrees Capricorn. That house. RIGHT THERE is where the expansion feels a little bit dirty. Pluto is dirty and more than a little bit and Jupiter in Libra (partnership) comes along to push it open so this is definitely a partnership transit but.. and I’m trying to find the right words here…

-some of these partnerships may be criminal
-some may be unwelcome
-some may be unhealthy for you or others
-some may be HOT
-some may be ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends
-some may be power struggles. Wait. ALL of these situations will be power struggles because we are talking Pluto here but of course the house really truly matters.

And by power struggle I mean… YOU WANT SOMETHING (and so does he or she or they) and you are figuring out how to get it, whether you are aware of this or not.

What do you want from this situation? Be honest with yourself.  Do you know? I am asking myself this very question. Because I am having, I realize, a Jupiter square Pluto situation and it is right on time. What do I want? What do I want from this situation? What do I truly truly want NO SHAME WHAT DO YOU WANT.

I have a client for whom Pluto is moving through the Fifth House and Jupiter is by transit in her Second House and yes there are indeed issues of sex and money and self-worth and romance and desire and art and did I mention SELF WORTH? and THIS IS NOT A SIMPLE TRANSIT. YOUR PLUTO IS GROWING.

And this:

You have MORE POWER than ever before in your Capricorn House around 19 degrees and you need to realize this and use it to your advantage. Now I’m not telling you what to do. Maybe “your advantage” is to serve soup at the soup kitchen. You have to make up your own mind but I would take note of this for sure. It’s exact on Thursday, March 30th.


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