The Stars Next Week: MENTAL

Not everyone will be susceptible, not everyone, to the MENTAL in the air next week–

Forget for a moment about the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun entering Cancer (big news) and instead let’s focus on MERCURY, your mind. Check this out.

Fluttery Mercury in Gemini next week does these tricks 🙂 

1. opposes Saturn (FIRM)
2. squares Neptune (WET)
3. squares Jupiter (HUGE)
4. inconjuncts Pluto (OBSESSED)
5. inconjuncts Mars (ANGRY)

Think about it.

How Mercury is *briefly* transformed, how your brain, your interactions, your communications will be briefly transformed by hard contacts to each of these energies.

Neptune will muddy. Saturn will LAW. Jupiter may excite!!! Pluto and Mars make a Yod and honestly I LIKE THIS because I think you think your way through a seemingly intractable moment.
And then there’s the Mercury Uranus trine. PROBLEM SOLVED.

How many of us will NOT be all over the place?????
When Mercury is wild like this? AND in Gemini (not the most grounded of energies)…

Indeed the birds are flying but in what direction?