This Trip You’re On: Saturn Goes Retrograde (March 25th)

"saturn retrograde" I need a lot of extra sleep these days and not because I’m physically tired.

I’m preparing for the next part of my journey – this is mental, emotional, spiritual preparation which does not require effort. Meaning, what’s happening to me happens effortlessly but still requires deep rest, deep sleep. Kinda like the tarot Death card. It’s happening without you trying. The process. Moon in Virgo today. Process.

I imagine a sleep work sleep work sleep work eat shit sleep work schedule over the next few days as I gather in. And be very quiet so I settle the way sand settles to the bottom. Nutrient. Fortify root chakra.

And this morning I drew the Queen of Swords for my day, the cutting and the wisdom. The emotional preparations are done. It’s clear.

I tend to open my sacral chakra before readings these days and I can feel that for this journey I’ll be opening them all. Let ’em spin, wide-eyed.


A big week, my friends.

The Eclipse of Letting Go. It’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Libra and 100% I am telling you it is time to let go of the past. Memories. I know there is a memory of someone you are holding. It’s a bad memory or a good memory. It’s 1000 scrapbooks, cascade of images, it’s part of you but not for much longer. Bad memories are part of us. Trauma. Bullshit. Let it go. Ramble along and let go. Effortlessly. Ride. Don’t try. Don’t think. But don’t resist either. It wants to come out like a vicious splinter. The Full Moon sextiles Mars in Sagittarius and the Sun trines it. This makes it EZ. Eclipse medicine. Eclipse magick.

And then on Friday Saturn goes retrograde, which is weird because Mars is so very forward in Sag at this time so WHICH WILL IT BE? What journey are you on? What part of the journey? Separation? Initiation? Return? Uncertain? It’s a relaxation of the rules. Less Saturn = more freedom. See?

That’s what Saturn in Sagittarius is about, you know. The trip. This trip you’re on. And who came to patch your flat tire and who left you alone on the highway, scared and alone. That’s what this Saturn in Sagittarius is about. Friendship and hope.

But now Saturn goes back with Mars still moving forward and something has changed. Yes, you can still trust who you have discovered you can trust but…

This theme here. This theme of automatic. Effortlessness. The ride.

You’re not stuck. You’re definitely not stuck. There is a difference between stuck and resistance. Go WITH the energy. Observe it and don’t resist.

And now to get up and greet the day. Have a great day everyone.