And She Will Make You Her Bitch: Full Moon in Virgo (March 12th)

"moon conjunct pluto"
The Full Moon in Virgo is this weekend, Sunday the 12th, and NOT AN ECLIPSE — “just” a Full Moon — 22 degrees.

Got something at or around 22 in any of the mutable signs? Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces. They will be most affected (at or around 22 degrees) but you know what? It could be good. You could finally put some Virgoan worry to rest or finally make up your mind or finally realize PERFECTION IS IMPOSSIBLE SO YOU MAY AS WELL JUST LIVE LIVE LIVE.

It’s a rough ride, this one. I have to be honest with you, star lovers.

Full Moons themselves can be edgy and emotional and this one is hard, but in a different way. Let me explain:

Virgo Moons tend to analyze, even in their sleep. Analytical, critical. She’s not happy this one. Well, she’s happy with Pluto (Moon trine Pluto) but has it in for Uranus and Chiron and Saturn and Mercury. PISCES WATCH OUT because critical Virgo Moon is out for, well, not blood, because that would be gross. She’s out for… CLEANING.

And I mean this metaphysically and physically. Full Moon in Virgo is on her way to CLEAN UP YOUR DIRTY LIFE and surely you got something in there that needs tidying. Just ask Virgo Moon. She’ll tell you.

And maybe this is good news after all. Maybe you need Virgo Moon precision and effort and ethics and unstoppable CARE. The servant. Virgo SERVES. And yet she will make you her bitch for the duration.

My advice: make her happy. Take an inventory, an accounting of your Virgo House, where that 22 degrees will fall, and take your big fat magical broom and SWEEP and clean and cleanse and prune and clip and dust and remove and release what is impure, extraneous, and incorrect.

Got Virgo? 


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