Sad Sky & Venus Square Saturn


This sky feels crazy difficult to me so I figured I better come here and blog. This sky feels like loss, feels like mourning. I wrote this on my Facebook timeline:

It would be surprising if you didn’t feel at least a little bad right now under this sky. These are sad transits. Even with Venus now officially direct this has been a greater season of loss than I could’ve imagined. So where does the redemption come in? Is it possible? If you need to cry, you should cry. Don’t hold it in and don’t wait for a better time. This is the time.

It’s this Venus Chiron conjunction square Saturn. About as brutal as it gets.

The only advice I have right now is to let go of perfection. Let go of the dream of perfection. That you’ll get it all figured out, ever. That your budget will stay balanced. That all your friendships will survive. That your house will not accumulate too much dust and dirt over and over and over. Life is this process of over and over and over.

Live small for the next few days. Live small. And maybe you will say to me: but MoonPluto I already DO live small.

I was at church tonight and I didn’t like it. The Great Vigil wasn’t so great to me. Discontent. How I missed the solemnity of the previous days of Holy Week. All this happiness felt out of step with Venus Chiron square Saturn, you know?

And right now I think to myself: maybe no one in that room felt anything resembling happiness at all and yet we were all there, gathered together, to create this THING. Everyone mattered. Even my small role, back of the church, last pew, mattered. As a witness to this time, this day, mattered.

And yet this sky — is it a death sentence or a life sentence? Listen: we need some guidance for this week. We need some advice. The Venus Saturn square won’t even be exact until next week and we can’t STAY here, in this space. We can’t. I can’t. So I’ll do what I do and draw a few cards for surviving the week ahead.

I do think the Sun entering Taurus WILL help but we need more.

Our advice for the week ahead? What will give us strength, if strength is what we need? Page of Pentacles. Work. Tend to the body. Tend to the books. Feels like normal life and this also feels like TODAY is the hard day and things will ease up. Will slip back into normal life as the days pass and the aspect nears its perfection.

Pages are messages. Pages are messengers. Pages are angels. I know this card is all about small steps and grounding but if you feel at a loss, then call out. Doesn’t matter what you believe. Let the earth be your witness. Patience. Commitment. Even if all you’re committed to is another day here.


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