The House Is The Honey (When The Sun’s In Cancer)

For a Cancer, letting someone into your house is like having sex with them.

That may sound like hyperbole to you but I’m making a point.
About the privacy and intimacy and sacredness of the Cancerian home.
And maybe you feel the same.
Maybe you have a heavily aspected Moon or 4th House planets.
Or maybe you just feel the same.

Last year I was dating (for lack of a better word) this Taurus…

and after it ended he told me how (in backhanded compliment way) he likes a “nice room” —
and was uncomfortable in my apartment (because he likes a nice room lol) and how it was a testament to ME, how awesome I am, that he was even able to tolerate it at all, that I made it okay. My awesomeness was stronger than my shithole of an apartment apparently.
And how it was “good for him” to experience that.

I had let this person into my body and dear reader it was a sexual connection beyond the likes I’d ever experienced (our Mars conjunct). He had no complains about *that* house.

Cancer Season + Saturn transiting my 4th House:
Saturn = BOUNDARY.
4th House = home, your inner self, Cancer, the Moon, where the Soul enters.

And the sky is a Saturn square Neptune sky. This square is VERY much still active. It has not been clear who to let in, who NOT to let it. It’s becoming painfully clear under this square. 

There was a time in my glorious delusional Neptune self when I couldn’t picture kissing anyone but that Taurus. I really liked him. But now I’m on the other side of it. I will never let him in my new house, my beautiful old new house, my chamber, my hive, my honey. He offered a few weeks ago. To come see me. Once I got settled. No, I said.

The house is the honey and the honey is the hive and I used to share it pretty freely, if I wanted to. Not sooo self-protective if I liked you. But I’ve learned that… the more I like you, the MORE I need to self-protect, not less.


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