Things Fall Apart. Again. (Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn)

"jupiter going retrograde in scorpio"Life comes to a stop sometimes.

Or it’s that everything at once feeling.

I was talking about this with my sister who reported the same thing and this was definitely my week or the last two weeks and I am thinking about Saturn retrograde and how things fall apart.

We just can’t hold it together in the same way. So we hold it together in different ways. Or we don’t hold it together at all. Your mileage may vary.

And there I was talking Saturn retrograde in a previous post giving us a BREAK from BUILDING. True.

But also this: things fall apart. The structures spring leaks. The good thing is that we are indeed noticing these leaks or rusty floorboards so we can ponder the “problem” and plan fixes for when Saturn goes direct again in the fall. Fix the roof THEN.

My other advice: don’t flail around. Your wings are your wings.

"the little book of saturn"

In other news: 
I am nursing a bacterial infection and trying a different antibiotic today which I hope will be easier on my system. And then yesterday my book showed up in the mail, a small box, the copies that are mine until I give them away and two of them shall be given away (I’m running a giveaway on Facebook).

That moment will get its own blog post. Thoughts on surrendering to the process. Book publishing actually is a collaborative process. Coming home to see the box. How it felt. Weiser was a name on my shelf and now my name is on my shelf. I talk about this a lot. I was a poet. A playwright. Got my MFA from Iowa in my early 20s. And it took over two decades to meet my publisher. How life is slow like that. It’s a Saturn story. Life goes in circles.

Do you have a Saturn story? Have your mountain climbs taken decades? Lifetimes?

What to us seems SLOW, here on earth school, is not so slow at all. Just our perception. How we experience time is not the same as time in the invisible worlds. Something to think about. So it took me decades to get to this one particular mountain stream. And for you? What are you waiting for? Do you think it may not happen until your next incarnation? I don’t say that in a gloomy way but to show you reality.

Make sense?