HEAVY WEIGHT: This Week Is Dark & Here’s Why & What To Do About It

"mars conjunct pluto"
You may say:

but Aliza, Venus is in Gemini now! Isn’t that fun and flirty and witty? Clever! They’re smart, right? YES Venus in Gemini is all that stuff and more

BUT Venus in Gemini will scatter its love energies hither and yon like birdseed on the lawn. Who are you feeding? The birds? Squirrels? Rats? Surely not rats. Venus in Gemini may not notice. At first. Let’s cast a net, says Venus in Gemini. Not that Venus in Gemini is gently sweetly crocheting some awesome net to catch you. And you. And you. It just happens. They’re that charming and disarming and CUTE.

So you may feel unfocused. 
You may feel scattered. 
You may feel social! Yay! 
You may feel like reading and writing and crossword puzzles for everyone! 
You may get BORED with whatever, whoever, you are doing. 

Keyword: multi-task.
Keyword: variety.
Keyword: I dated a Venus in Gemini once. No, twice. Wait. No. Two different people. And of course TWO PEOPLE doesn’t equal EVERY VENUS IN GEMINI IN THE WORLD BUT…

They get bored.

Will all Venus in Gemini get bored?
(And don’t even talk to me about a Mars in Aries/Venus in Gemini combo don’t even go there!)

But this: you need the intellect to keep them interested. Don’t be too quiet. Or intense. Banter! Keep it light, bright, sexy. Not toooo heavy.
Gemini = WORDS. Use yours.

Also this week (and of course Venus in Gemini lasts for more than a week):

MERCURY SQUARE SATURN = depressing. Pessimism. Numb. Melancholy. SILENT TREATMENT with shades of NO MOTIVATION.

MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO = Mars Pluto exists on a continuum. From frustration to atomic RAGE.

Pluto is retrograde so it’s the SAME OLD ISSUE BACK AGAIN.

You never solved it. IT IS STILL THERE POKING AT YOU laughing at you hurting you.

And with Mars there, this Pluto is turned up a notch and another and another and another and you are ready to seek and destroy whatever, whoever, stands in your way YES THIS IS A GOOD WEEK TO CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES I mean your FEARS.

It’s an EXCELLENT week to crush your fears if the Mercury Saturn square (Mercury is direct in Aries) doesn’t crush you in its depressive grip.

That’s what it feels like. Being strangled. Mercury = words.
Your voice squared by Saturn = no words.

It’s not an easy week. And we end things with an emotional Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday.

What to do? WATCH ME HERE.


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