Saturn Return? Other Hard Saturn Transit? This Is For You


I continue to learn so much about hard transits. Yay me! Yay you too, no doubt. As long as we are alive, the planets move and we experience them, the good, the bad, the neutral, the ugly.

I’m under a hard Saturn transit now and I’ve been writing about this here and there, on Facebook, on Twitter, in blood on the mirror. That was a joke. I haven’t been writing in blood but it wouldn’t surprise me if my Saturn transit took me down some dark and twisty roads because this is a dark one, and I don’t want to get too specific about *my* particular chart — just know that if you are under a Saturn square or opposition or conjunction, THIS POST IS FOR YOU. If you are having your Saturn Return, this post is for you.

go with the energy of Saturn. When you try to fight it, you don’t gain vitality. You lose it. It’s like pushing against a concrete wall. Now this doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself in your doom and gloom room and hide under the covers until Saturn is done wringing your neck but I’ve been talking about how this transit is the low and slow transit. Dark, low, and slow.

I’ve been thinking about death A LOT. Not in the Pluto way. Pluto has a kind of glamor, you know? And I do not mean to minimize the brutalism of a Pluto transit but something about Saturn… something about Saturn… SOMETHING ABOUT SATURN MAKES YOU WANT TO DIE. Saturn also rules death — not just Herr Pluto.

And it’s dark and low and slow (you can feel this, that you are descending) and it doesn’t have the PING of transformation. It’s not juicy. With Pluto there’s a high chance for these juicy revelations and healings and depth and Saturn may just make you feel like an old piece of wood, rotting and molding.
Flat. It’s not sexy. Yeah maybe you CAN fuck your way out of a Pluto transit. Not so with Saturn. Saturn is cold. Saturn is dry.

Semi-Hopeful Thought 

There is something solid about this place if you can let yourself go there. If you can let yourself descend to the dark and low and slow and realize that’s how you need to BE and make it solid, keep it solid. Not insecure, not fearful, not wavering. SOLID. Picture solid things. Picture solid people. Eat solid food. Go for walks. NO HOLES. SOLID. SHORE UP.

EASIER SAID THAN DONE. If you have support (the older or wiser people, Saturn people) who will support you when you’re in the throws of the Saturn freak-out. What is the Saturn freak-out? Like with ALL the hard transits: you feel you cannot do what life is asking of you — but with Saturn you feel old and you feel tired and you feel I CANNOT — and with Saturn and its dark, low, and slow style you may feel it’s a failure of your very essence to gather around you what you need to survive, but with Saturn transits it’s there!  IT IS THERE. They will show up for you. Your good karma has made it so.

Now you may not smile a real smile, a carefree smile for the duration of this transit. It’s not your fault. Saturn has come to crush you. This isn’t about transformation. This is about being brought dark and low and slow. WHY? You’ll find out later. You will not understand WHY THESE LESSONS until later. You’re swinging on the porch swing of hell, whistling away. You’re at the crossroads asking: which way? Do it dark and low and slow. Even when you feel like you’re burning up and have to choose ,go dark and low and slow.

I wrote on my Facebook the other day: I am bitter and angry and I am going to feed it like a fire until it consumes me. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. This is a NORMAL reaction to any hard Saturn transit.

What Also May Help 

The grown-up stuff. As best you can, try to be in charge of your life, doing your homework, doing things that make you feel competent, taking responsibility, making those calls to get your affairs in order. Doing the right thing. And knowing, remembering, how old you are. If you have kids, then knowing YOU are the grown-up. When you have to deal with other adults, then knowing, remembering, you too are a grown-up, are a Saturn. Fake it ’til you make it. Make those Saturn moves as best you can. Believe it or not others will see you that way (authoritative Saturn) even if you don’t feel it at all.

And This 

Saturn is not emotional. The scream inside you is going to fester. You may find yourself crying LESS. The tension/panic/anxiety/FEAR is going to build. It’s inside you and it can’t stay there. At some point you have to let it out. Exercise helps. Sweat helps. Screaming helps. Like that scene in Cabaret when our heroes scream under the train. Do that. Or SING. Speak. Talk to people. Don’t isolate. Yes you need your dark, low, and slow times but then come up for air and talk, sing, scream, sweat about it. You have to save your own life.

That’s all for now. More later.

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