Kiss The Boy (Or Girl) Anyway: More Advice For Eclipse Season

"new moon eclipse in pisces" Finishing some Email Readings and thinking about life. That even when we feel at our most hopeless, pointless (and that Viktor Frankl paperback is out of reach), it’s important to kiss the boy (or girl) anyway. Sometimes this is a metaphor. Sometimes it isn’t.

What is the kiss? The kiss is hope itself.

Despite the square (tension) from Saturn (discipline, lack), I am hopeful about this Eclipse.

Why? Because Jupiter. I’m going with Jupiter on this one.

Yes I know Jupiter in the sign of the secretary (i.e. VIRGO) is picky and critical and about as UN-Jupiter as it gets but…

Jupiter in Virgo has the proof and will show you that your Piscean pipe dream isn’t a dream at all.
Or, at the very least, how to make it happen.
You, yes you, under this Eclipse, can access the map of your Pisces House. You can see it. You can read it. Jupiter in Virgo is very VERY particular.

Jupiter is travel to the most far away place but Jupiter in VIRGO? The details are there too. It’s not just optimism and a promise. It’s a list in a language you understand, with good grammar and great handwriting.

So fear not the t-square! Fear not Saturn squaring Jupiter and the New Moon in Pisces.

I recommend making your own map. We did this in a class once. Time to do it again. And if you were in that class, time to review that map, from way back when.

Where are you now?